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The Cost of the U.S. Healthcare ‘System’

If you don’t have healthcare insurance, obviously the most important healthcare issue is getting some. But, to channel my inner Reagan, many people have health insurance. What has always puzzled me is why healthcare reformers haven’t tried to sell significant … Continue reading

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Things That Are and Are Not Considered Taxes

People who are opposed to increased government spending because they are afraid of inflation sometimes claim ‘inflation is a tax.’ To help matters, here’s a list of things such people do and do not consider taxes. Taxes: 1) a four … Continue reading

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How Math Illiteracy Hurts Kids: The Colorado Referendum

At the risk of channeling my inner Dean Baker, I can’t help but think the belief that the failed Colorado referendum to increase taxes slightly to provide school funding to underfunded schools is due to numerical illiteracy. Consider this (boldface … Continue reading

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Raise the Capital Gains and Marginal Income Tax Rates. Raise Them Now–The Boston Parking Edition

So this is an item that trundled across the transom (boldface mine): It’s just a crumbling strip of asphalt barely big enough to fit two cars one behind the other — lined by weeds, hard against a brick wall, hemmed … Continue reading

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A Massachusetts Investment Banker Turned Politician Engages in Tax Chicanery. Inconceivable!

Republican Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez of Massachusetts has a slight tax problem (boldface mine): Republican US Senate nominee Gabriel E. Gomez claimed a $281,500 income tax deduction in 2005 for pledging not to make any visible changes to the facade … Continue reading

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A Hypothesis As To Why People Hate Gas Taxes

Gallup recently ran a poll with the following result: When you break it down by demography (unfortunately, there are no crosstabs), what struck me is the economic differences: people who make between $25,000 – $59,000 annually are much more opposed … Continue reading

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Taxes and Massachusetts: Let’s Look at the One Percent

So Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has proposed a $1.9 billion spending plan, about which I’ll say more late. The short version is that I think it’s good overall, but it only partially restores many of the Romney cuts in social … Continue reading

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What Do You Mean ‘Our Taxes’, Kemosabe?

With the sequestration mess rolling on, Republican Congresswoman Martha Roby of Alabama declared: It’s unconscionable to use our military men and women in uniform as a bargaining chip to raise our taxes. I don’t think she realizes that with the … Continue reading

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States, Sales Taxes, and Consumption: When Saving Isn’t an Option

There are days I really am glad I live in Massachusetts. We read in the NY Times that, in many Republican-governed states, there is a movement to shift the tax burden from corporations, estates, and income to sales taxes. Yes, … Continue reading

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State Taxes Make Inequality Worse: Meet the Real ‘Takers’

The Institute on Taxation Policy (yes, I need new hobbies) recently released a report that breaks down the percentage of people’s income that they pay in state and local taxes. What we find is a Republican’s wet dream–the supposed ‘takers’, … Continue reading

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