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People Have to Like This Crap: The Senior Edition

While Democrats gnash their teeth (not very good for the teeth!) and wail about how seniors–well, white ones anyway–are a staunchly Republican cohort, it appears some of them might not just be old, mean, and crotchety (or bigoted), though surely … Continue reading

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(Some) Democrats Are Also the Reason Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Commandante Atrios comments on another failed attempt by the Obama administration to cut Social Security benefits (the chained CPI-indexing; boldface mine): I’m not totally unfamiliar with various people in the White House. As Brian Beutler writes One of the White … Continue reading

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Sen. Warren Is Doing a Good Job But…

…regarding Social Security, I think she needs to change her tune a little. Sen. Warren (boldface mine): Last week, the president and vice-president of the centrist think-tank Third Way accused Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) of ignoring what they call Social … Continue reading

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The Fundamental Divide Within the Democratic Party

Unlike many in punditocracy, I am far less sanguine about the Democrats’ prospects in 2016. Why? Because, as Michael Lind notes, there is a fundamental, unresolved divide in the Democratic Party (boldface mine): Unlike the Roosevelt Democrats of the New … Continue reading

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What Chained CPI Really Means

Yves Smith (boldface mine): To put it more bluntly, no one is willing to talk about the fact that Social Security and Medicare cuts equal having old people die faster and that the proposals to do that are indirect and … Continue reading

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Social Security and the CPI Cuts: A Solution to a Bogus Non-Crisis

Very few scientists or science writers are so wealthy that they can ignore what happens to Social Security, so you might want to read this. Once again, despite its immense unpopularity, our political betters including some Democrats and the Obama … Continue reading

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Social Security and Medicare Are DOOMED! Or Maybe Not

Last week, the Social Security and Medicare Trustees reports were released. As many have noted, the two funds are predicted to have pay out more than their dedicated taxes raise in about two decades. Same as it ever was. Regular … Continue reading

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