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What Really Worries Me About the Salmonella-Chicken Outbreak

In the midst of all of the Republican debt ceiling/government shutdown lunacy, one of the casualties has been the CDC’s inability to respond to a Salmonella outbreak that has currently sickened hundreds of people in twenty states and territories throughout … Continue reading

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The Colicin Plasmid Persistence Problem

Yesterday, I described an interesting paper that provides a potential solution to the plasmid persistence problem–how do bacterial mini-chromosomes that can jump from bacterium to bacterium survive? Not only does this paper shed some light on the ‘plasmid persistence problem’, … Continue reading

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Salmonella, E. coli, and Plasmids, Oh My! Solving the Plasmid Persistence Problem and the Virtues of Open Non-Equilibrium Models

Ed Yong has some very good coverage of a recent PNAS paper that describes how bacterial mini-chromosomes, known as plasmids and that often carry disease-related or antibiotic resistance genes, can jump from bacterium to bacterium at really high rates when … Continue reading

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Salmonella, Shigella, and Lactose, Oh My!

It’s never made much sense to me why the pathogenic bacteria Salmonella and Shigella (which is really E. coli) have lost the ability to use lactose (milk sugar). Now it does.
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Salmonella Poisoning Is Rampant

In 2008, roughly 48,600 people had food associated Salmonella infections. And that’s an underestimate.
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Salmonella as a Commensal(?!?)

Can Salmonella be a commensal in humans? And how?
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