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Dawkins and the Unscientific Arrogance of Mansplaining Rape

A recent column by Katha Politt, “Atheists Show Their Sexist Side: What is wrong with the men at the helm of the movement?” reminded me of this idiotic tweet by Richard Dawkins: Date rape is bad. Stranger rape at knifepoint … Continue reading

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They Walk Among Us

A while ago, I proposed one reason why colleges attempt to downplay rape: In a study that surveyed college students, six percent of men admitted* to raping one or more people–two thirds admitted to sexually assaulting multiple people. Let’s say … Continue reading

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Twenty Four Years Later, Nothing Has Changed Regarding Campus Rape

So you might have heard about a rapist list written on female bathrooms at colleges. Here’s the story: At the beginning of the school year, the Brown University library became a repository for information of a most unusual kind: on … Continue reading

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Remind Me What We Fought For Again?

Since the Tsarnaev brothers put the lie to the notion that ‘we’re fighting them over there, so we don’t have to fight them here’, how’s that other justification for the Iraq War doing? No, not weapons of mass destruction you … Continue reading

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The Math Behind Why Harvard and Other Universities Don’t Take Rape Seriously

A recent anonymous letter by a rape survivor at Harvard has been making the rounds. Jill Filipovich asks: Why aren’t schools like Harvard, with their vast financial and intellectual resources, with their leadership position at the very top of higher … Continue reading

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Forget Genomics, Just Do the Genetics That We Know How to Do: The Rape Kit Edition

As genomics becomes cheaper and more accessible, the torrent of articles debating and discussing its effects on human health will only increase. My contribution to this genre is to argue that microbial genomics is also critical, and, in the short … Continue reading

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When Big Data Goes Awry: The “Rape Sufferers” List

Somehow I don’t think this is what either the Big Data triumphalists or the techno-freedomites had in mind: The list is defined as: These rape sufferers are family members who have reported, or have been identified as individuals affected by … Continue reading

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