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The Best Commentary I’ve Heard About Donald Sterling and Racism

I don’t usually post audio or video, since the amount of information versus time spent is usually incredibly low. But this interview with Bomani Jones about Donald Sterling is great (though Ta-Neisi Coates is interesting as well) and worth the … Continue reading

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When Poverty Wears a Black Face

Matt Bruening makes an important point about poverty in the U.S. (boldface mine): Our discourse around poverty, and particularly the so-called “culture of poverty,” often proceeds as if most poor people are black and most black people are poor. Neither … Continue reading

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“The Past Is Never Dead. It’s Not Even Past”–The Colfax Massacre Edition

Observed on the Twitterz: You can read about the Colfax Massacre here. Interestingly, the sign was installed in 1950, possibly as a backlash to the nascent civil rights movement.

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The South Will Rise Again…In Kiev?

One reason I’m leery of foreign entanglements is that they require understanding people in different countries and cultures. Given that many U.S.-ians don’t even understand each other, this seems difficult. However, this photo from Kiev City Hall makes no sense … Continue reading

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“Now is the time to make an adequate income a reality for all of God’s children”: The Need to Politicize MLK Day

(from here) Consider the above picture when thinking about increasing the minimum wage. Or a living wage. Or treating workers as people. Never forget that King was murdered in Memphis while he was supporting striking sanitation workers. Forty-five years after … Continue reading

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Krugman Reminds Us of That Which Very Serious People Shall Not Discuss

The Krugman (boldface mine): No, this story is all about the G.O.P. First came the southern strategy, in which the Republican elite cynically exploited racial backlash to promote economic goals, mainly low taxes for rich people and deregulation. Over time, … Continue reading

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The Problem of Dysfunctional ‘Suburban’ Culture Enters the Mainstream

I’ve discussed before the problem of dysfunctional suburban culture–and we all know what suburban means. Yesterday, Chris Hayes and Cord Jefferson discussed the white culture of violence (and I don’t know how these guys managed to keep a straight face): … Continue reading

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Hookup Culture and the Continuing Decline of Western Civililzation Due to Dysfunctional Suburban Culture

I’ve been busy doing science so I’m a little late to this NY Times story about ‘hookup culture‘–apparently, college students are slutty sluts slutting around, and they’re not happy about it. In a stellar display of top-notch journalism, the story … Continue reading

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At the Intersection of Prejudice and Self-Interest: ALEC and a Dead Young Man

So turns out, despite claims to the contrary, that Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law–pushed by the vile corporate lobbying group ALEC–played a tremendous role in the Zimmerman trial jury’s decision to acquit (boldface mine): The juror’s interview with Anderson Cooper … Continue reading

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So When Will Richwine and the Heritage Foundation Focus on Our Alabama Problem?

Dana Goldstein has a very nice takedown of Jason Richwine, formerly of the Heritage Foundation, who misused of IQ to argue that Latino immigrants should face restrictions as they are low IQ, including this: Richwine recognizes Brigham’s bias toward certain … Continue reading

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