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Antiracism and Action

John McWhorter, in “Antiracism, Our Flawed National Religion“, makes a very good point (boldface mine): For example, in the “Conversation” about race that we are so often told we need to have, the tacit idea is that black people will … Continue reading

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Social Justice Tuba

If nothing else, this superb trolling of a Klan rally makes me want to learn how to play the tuba (watch at least the first 0:45):

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The Republicans’ Difficult Choice

I’m glad the Democrats forced this choice, but it indicates just how far the Republicans have fallen (boldface mine): House Republicans were forced to pull a controversial spending bill on Thursday because too many lawmakers wanted to preserve the Confederate … Continue reading

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Listening While Ashkenazi

Dear David Brooks, Your Friday column-cum-letter to Ta-Nehisi Coates has shocked me and led me to reconsider and reflect. In particular, I wonder how Yale would let someone like you piss away a course’s worth of student tuition by letting … Continue reading

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Texas Schools Go Neo-Confederate

A flag goes down, historical revisionism soars (boldface mine): Five million public school students in Texas will begin using new social studies textbooks this fall based on state academic standards that barely address racial segregation. The state’s guidelines for teaching … Continue reading

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Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Christies

Republican governor of New Jersey and inexplicable presidential candidate Chris Christie on the land of opportunity (boldface mine): We are who we are because the oppressed faced the unknown and came here to start a new life. It was so … Continue reading

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Sometimes History Does Repeat

No, really. This catch by historian Peter Shulman from the Portland Oregonian will seem very familiar in light of recent events (image below the fold; boldface mine): Major I.B. Brown, deputy secretary of internal affairs of this state, and a … Continue reading

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