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The Paradox of Open Access

Vaughn Cooper makes an excellent point about open access (boldface mine): The paradox is therefore that the students at an institution that can most benefit from OA, and complain about lack of access, don’t appear to want to publish in … Continue reading

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Plagarism and Open Science

While I’m on the fence regarding the calls for open data* (most recently by PLoSOne), this point by DrugMonkey is something that’s always bothered me (boldface mine): The second incident has to do with accusations of self-plagiarism based on the … Continue reading

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One More Reason to Despise Supplemental Methods Sections

I’ve mentioned before how much I hate supplemental methods–where key parts of the methods are relegated to a secondary ‘paper’*. Because it’s not like we don’t have enough issues with reproducibility. But here’s one more reason (boldface mine): I have … Continue reading

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Maybe We Should Give Up on Peer Review and Just Dump Everything in ArXiv

I kid, but consider this abstract, “Peer-review practices of psychological journals: The fate of published articles, submitted again”, that came trundling across the transom (boldface mine): A growing interest in and concern about the adequacy and fairness of modern peer-review … Continue reading

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Scientific Writing Is Really Boring

And that’s a problem. No, I’m not talking about science journalism, but actual science papers. I’ve been slowly (very slowly) working my way through the Dreaded Stack–the papers that you printed out in the vain hope that you’ll get around … Continue reading

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The Other Casuality of Scientific Publishing

While there has been a great deal of discussion about open access publishing, in part due to the tragic death of Aaron Swartz, there is another problem with scientific publishing that has receded into the background: who controls how scientists … Continue reading

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Open Access Advocates, Welcome to Liberalville

Because you too get to experience the awesomeness of sweeping incrementalism! By now, you might have heard about the White House’s new policy to make most federally funded research publications publicly available 12 months after publication. This is an improvement, … Continue reading

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Open Access: It’s the Funding, Stupid

Related to a point I made about funding and open science, DrugMonkey explains how the real stumbling blocks to open access publishing are funding agencies (boldface mine): This whole thing is getting ridiculous. I don’t have the unfettered freedom to … Continue reading

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The Grey Lady and David Brooks Made a Typo

While my take on the NY Times‘ David Brooks is that one should read his columns for the pictures–and since there are no pictures in his columns, you would be better off not reading them at all, I did find … Continue reading

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Weirdest Retraction EVAH!

In the past, there has been some debate in the science bloggysphere about who should and should not be authors on scientific articles (e.g., this). Nonetheless, I think there is a low bar on which we can all agree. Consider … Continue reading

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