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Some Thoughts on De Facto Ebola Quarantines

With Ebolamania in full swing, a phrase that has really bothered me is ‘understandable fear’, because most of the Ebola-related fears are not understandable at all. Here’s an example of understandable fear. You’re on the subway, and the guy next … Continue reading

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Common Sense As Another Name For Irrational Fear

So this part from a Washington Post story about the Ebola quarantine rules that were put in place has been making the rounds on the intertoobz: “It seems a quarantine would be unnecessary,” said John Ard, an anesthesiologist affiliated with … Continue reading

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So This Is How We’re Going to Respond to the Killer Death Virus?

So two power-hungry, corrupt, thuggish governors, New Jersey’s Chris Christie and New York’s Andrew Cuomo, have decided to enact their own public health Ebola policy. What could possibly go wrong? Well, according to Doctors Without Borders, one of their nurses … Continue reading

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Murphy’s Law of Vaccines

This, from a family physician, about the ‘law of vaccine supply and demand‘: Remember the H1N1 epidemic from 2009? The country was obsessed with the bird flu, like they are now with Ebola. My patients were scared to get the … Continue reading

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The 100 Percent Fallacy and the Costs of Our Ebola Panic

Paul Waldman makes an excellent point about our Ebola hysteria–and it is a panic (boldface mine): But Murphy is right in that Ebola is producing some of the same insane overreactions that terrorism did and continues to do. That “We … Continue reading

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So What Did We Get For All of That Biopreparedness?

After Sept. 11, 2001, a lot of money was dumped into ‘biopreparedness’, something most microbiologists thought would not be very effective. So one would like to think, in light of all of the money spent on bioterrorism/biopreparedness, there would have … Continue reading

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Are We Really Ready for Ebola? The Nurses’ Union Perspective

National Nurses United (‘NNU’) began surveying its members a few weeks ago about Ebola preparedness in the U.S. Here are some of the highlights (or, perhaps, lowlights; boldface mine): In updated preliminary results from nearly 700 RNs at over 250 … Continue reading

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