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The Closing of Microbial Genomics Data?

This post will have to be a little vague, but from my vantage point, I’m seeing two disturbing trends in terms of microbial genomics. For those who aren’t the cognoscenti, the weird thing about open access data arguments for anyone … Continue reading

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Maybe All That Complaining About Infectious Disease Does Some Good

While I’m under no illusions that Paul Krugman reads this crappy blog, it’s nice to see people worrying about infectious disease, especially antibiotic resistance (boldface mine): Paul Krugman: If you look at the long sweep of history, global integration has … Continue reading

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Gaming and…TB?

This is arguably one of the weirder microbiology articles of 2014 (boldface mine): Local area network (LAN) gaming centers (variant of cyber cafes) have proliferated over the past 2 decades. Patrons sometimes spend considerable time playing multiplayer computer games at … Continue reading

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The Costs of a 100 Percent Ebola Solution

A while ago, I noted that there are costs to a 100 percent ‘zero tolerance’ Ebola prevention strategy, ranging from exhaustion of trained personnel to misallocating research and healthcare resources. Speaking of healthcare resources…. Well, the CDC has just released … Continue reading

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Why Infectious Disease Microbiologists Will Never Be Out of Work

Because people are fucking morons. Overhead by the DCist: Attention people who think abstinence-only education is the way to go At the Gallery Place/Chinatown Metro station: Group of mid-20-somethings are walking through the fare gates. Girl to group: “I can … Continue reading

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The Norovirus Demagoguery Starts Here

In light of Republican efforts to stoke fear over Ebola, I have decided to become the Czar of All Ebolas. OK, not really. But I figure, if conservatives can use an imaginary, non-existent threat to affect policy and politics, then … Continue reading

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Norovirus and the Anti-Worker Id

I’ve never understood the opposition to sick leave, especially by those who can afford to eat out: do you want someone who is sick handling your food? ‘Makers versus takers’ bullshit aside, one would think self-interest would kick in. Yet … Continue reading

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