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Would You Like Norovirus With That Subway Sandwich?

Though it could just be the summertime version of winter vomiting disease! A Subway employee in Freeport, Texas claims she was fired after she became so ill that sympathetic workers at a nearby restaurant called 911 to care for her. … Continue reading

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BL-3 and BL-4: Mistakes Will Always Be Made

The difference between smart students and not-so-smart students is that the not-so-smart students will screw up in predictable ways, while the smart ones will screw up in completely novel and unexpected ways (of course, we never screwed anything up…). With … Continue reading

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In Iraq, Freedom Is On the March!

Did I write freedom? I meant polio and measles (boldface mine): With the humanitarian crisis in Iraq, the World Health Organization (WHO) is working with local and international partners in Iraq to meet the urgent health needs of populations affected … Continue reading

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What Recreating the Spanish Flu Really Risks: Credibility

NIAID-funded researchers at University of Wisconsin are recreating the influenza strain that caused the 1918 global influenza pandemic. Needless to say, some microbiologists think this is a fucking stupid idea (boldface mine): “The work they are doing is absolutely crazy. … Continue reading

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Why Antibiotic Resistance Is a Worse Crisis Than Climate Change

A couple of weeks ago, a Nature article argued that the antibiotic resistance crisis is on a par with global warming. I think the resistance crisis is worse than the global warming crisis. Here’s why: if I were appointed El … Continue reading

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A Misogynist Asshole Without a Gun Is Just a Misogynist Asshole

Unfortunately, mass murder is so commonplace that we can develop standard reactions to it. One thing we should learn is that understanding the psyche of a shooter mere hours after the shooting is difficult at best, and often subject to … Continue reading

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When Epidemiology Conflicts With Rapid Diagnosis: Whither/Wither Clinical Genomics?

What Scary Disease Lady (aka ‘Maryn McKenna’) wrote a couple of weeks ago about the clinical shift from culturing microorganisms to rapid diagnosis that removes the need to grow the disease-causing critter is very important (boldface mine): To get diagnoses … Continue reading

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The Physiology of Poverty

Poverty has an effect on young children: This might be reflected in various social outcomes. It might also be necessary to control for this when assessing the heritability of various cognitive traits.

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How to Worsen America’s Health (No, This Isn’t an Onion Story)

From Nashville, Tennessee (boldface mine): According to WKRN, on the way back from a field trip around 100 students from the Nashville School of the Arts were dropped off about eight-tenths of a mile from school. The students, the station … Continue reading

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The ‘Culture of Poverty’ Canard Is Murderous

Last week, Republican Congressman Paul Ryan, who was once thought of as a serious policy maven, made some utterances laden with dog whistles about our social safety net (boldface mine): House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) previewed his upcoming legislative … Continue reading

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