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So What Did We Get For All of That Biopreparedness?

After Sept. 11, 2001, a lot of money was dumped into ‘biopreparedness’, something most microbiologists thought would not be very effective. So one would like to think, in light of all of the money spent on bioterrorism/biopreparedness, there would have … Continue reading

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Are We Really Ready for Ebola? The Nurses’ Union Perspective

National Nurses United (‘NNU’) began surveying its members a few weeks ago about Ebola preparedness in the U.S. Here are some of the highlights (or, perhaps, lowlights; boldface mine): In updated preliminary results from nearly 700 RNs at over 250 … Continue reading

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When Fear and Preconception Meet Ebola: The Rand Paul Edition

By way of No More Mister Nice Blog, we read that Republican Senator Rand Paul, who is a sorta licensed ophthalmologist, had this to about the Ebola virus (boldface mine): Glenn [Beck] interviewed Senator Rand Paul on radio today to … Continue reading

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Cover Your Cough

And wash your damn hands! (observed at the D.C. Convention Center):

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Next Time, Just Spit in the Food

The fast food chain Jimmy John’s doesn’t realize how fortunate they are (boldface mine): The government is ordering a Jimmy John’s franchisee to rehire workers who were fired after putting up posters suggesting that the people making customers’ sandwiches could … Continue reading

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Dear U.S. Government, Please Stop Using Health Workers As Covers

This time it’s not polio vaccination, but AIDS/HIV (boldface mine): An Obama administration program secretly dispatched young Latin Americans to Cuba using the cover of health and civic programs to provoke political change, a clandestine operation that put those foreigners … Continue reading

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Would You Like Norovirus With That Subway Sandwich?

Though it could just be the summertime version of winter vomiting disease! A Subway employee in Freeport, Texas claims she was fired after she became so ill that sympathetic workers at a nearby restaurant called 911 to care for her. … Continue reading

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