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The Norovirus Demagoguery Starts Here

In light of Republican efforts to stoke fear over Ebola, I have decided to become the Czar of All Ebolas. OK, not really. But I figure, if conservatives can use an imaginary, non-existent threat to affect policy and politics, then … Continue reading

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Norovirus and the Anti-Worker Id

I’ve never understood the opposition to sick leave, especially by those who can afford to eat out: do you want someone who is sick handling your food? ‘Makers versus takers’ bullshit aside, one would think self-interest would kick in. Yet … Continue reading

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Your Daily Dose of DOOM! The Polio Vaccine Edition

Well, this isn’t good news: In 2010, a large outbreak of poliomyelitis with unusual 47% lethality occurred in Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo. Vaccine-mediated immunity against the outbreak virus was never investigated. A wild poliovirus 1 (WPV1) isolated from a … Continue reading

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The Within-U.S. Ebola Response As a Public Health Success

Leaving aside the dismal policies put in place by many state governors (and, here, the failures and few successes are bipartisan in nature), Paul Waldman notes that the federal level response to Ebola has been pretty good (boldface mine): Imagine … Continue reading

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Irony, Thy Name Is Bill Gates: The Surveillance Edition

So Bill Gates had this to say about infectious disease surveillance (boldface mine): Most needed, Mr. Gates said, is a better system of global disease surveillance. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Gates Foundation have invested … Continue reading

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Let’s Not Forget That Bacteria Kill Too: The Jordanian Edition

What with Ebolanoia at full tilt, we should remember that there are other, equally serious microbiological problems we face. Such as antibiotic resistant bacteria (boldface mine): “We’ve been noticing an organism, E. coli,” Bakri said. “Many patients come with urinary-tract … Continue reading

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Predictable and Predicted: A “Chilling Effect” on Ebola Volunteers

Sadly, the warnings by we few, we Dirty Fucking Hippies infectious disease and public health experts were not heeded (boldface mine): Mandatory quarantines ordered by some U.S. states for doctors and nurses returning from West Africa’s Ebola outbreak are creating … Continue reading

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