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The Physiology of Poverty

Poverty has an effect on young children: This might be reflected in various social outcomes. It might also be necessary to control for this when assessing the heritability of various cognitive traits.

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How to Worsen America’s Health (No, This Isn’t an Onion Story)

From Nashville, Tennessee (boldface mine): According to WKRN, on the way back from a field trip around 100 students from the Nashville School of the Arts were dropped off about eight-tenths of a mile from school. The students, the station … Continue reading

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The ‘Culture of Poverty’ Canard Is Murderous

Last week, Republican Congressman Paul Ryan, who was once thought of as a serious policy maven, made some utterances laden with dog whistles about our social safety net (boldface mine): House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) previewed his upcoming legislative … Continue reading

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Well, This Is Worse Than the Distorting Effects of High-Stakes Testing on Education

I’m serious as a heart attack (boldface mine): In 1989, New York became the first state in the nation to make public the mortality rates of its heart surgeons. Report cards for two different procedures, coronary bypass and angioplasty, were … Continue reading

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Guess What’s Linked to Increased Flu Hospitalizations?

You’ll never guess (boldface mine): “This year’s flu activity has predominantly been H1N1, the same strain that caused pandemic in 2009, and it hasn’t mutated substantially,” said Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the CDC in a press call Thursday. “It’s … Continue reading

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One Way to Lower Drug Overdose Deaths

In light of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s recent drug overdose death, this seems like a good public health initiative (boldface mine): Although opioid overdoses typically take several hours to kill, once breathing has slowed past a certain point, it takes just … Continue reading

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Public Health Changes at Boston’s City Hall

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh is changing how the Public Health Commission fits into Boston’s city government (boldface mine): This week, Walsh named former city councilor Felix G. Arroyo as chief of a consolidated Health and Human Services Department. Walsh’s current … Continue reading

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No, Medical Tourism Is Still Not a Solution to the U.S. Healthcare Crisis

I’m hoping Dean Baker wrote this in a Swiftian modest proposal sort of way, but he’s actually raised this many times before, so I’ll take it seriously: Just as people in the United States can benefit from buying cheaper steel … Continue reading

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Christie’s Retribution and Post-Partum Depression

This is sinking pretty low, even by Gov. Chris Christie’s standards. Apparently, Christie took out his frustrations at former New Jersey Gov. Codey by cutting this program: What has been the most significant of those “slights”? The most significant probably … Continue reading

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Two More Reasons Why We Need a National Sick Day Policy

I’ve discussed the astonishing lack of self-interest in opposing a sick day policy before, but two CDC reports make it clear why we need a national sick day policy. Reason one (boldface mine): Twenty percent of workers said that they … Continue reading

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