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Cover Your Cough

And wash your damn hands! (observed at the D.C. Convention Center):

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Next Time, Just Spit in the Food

The fast food chain Jimmy John’s doesn’t realize how fortunate they are (boldface mine): The government is ordering a Jimmy John’s franchisee to rehire workers who were fired after putting up posters suggesting that the people making customers’ sandwiches could … Continue reading

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Dear U.S. Government, Please Stop Using Health Workers As Covers

This time it’s not polio vaccination, but AIDS/HIV (boldface mine): An Obama administration program secretly dispatched young Latin Americans to Cuba using the cover of health and civic programs to provoke political change, a clandestine operation that put those foreigners … Continue reading

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Would You Like Norovirus With That Subway Sandwich?

Though it could just be the summertime version of winter vomiting disease! A Subway employee in Freeport, Texas claims she was fired after she became so ill that sympathetic workers at a nearby restaurant called 911 to care for her. … Continue reading

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BL-3 and BL-4: Mistakes Will Always Be Made

The difference between smart students and not-so-smart students is that the not-so-smart students will screw up in predictable ways, while the smart ones will screw up in completely novel and unexpected ways (of course, we never screwed anything up…). With … Continue reading

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In Iraq, Freedom Is On the March!

Did I write freedom? I meant polio and measles (boldface mine): With the humanitarian crisis in Iraq, the World Health Organization (WHO) is working with local and international partners in Iraq to meet the urgent health needs of populations affected … Continue reading

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What Recreating the Spanish Flu Really Risks: Credibility

NIAID-funded researchers at University of Wisconsin are recreating the influenza strain that caused the 1918 global influenza pandemic. Needless to say, some microbiologists think this is a fucking stupid idea (boldface mine): “The work they are doing is absolutely crazy. … Continue reading

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