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CNBC Is a Global Warming Denialist Propaganda Mill

Unbelievable (boldface mine): How badly does cable news network CNBC want to deny the existence of global warming? For a network with an embarrassing history of fudging the science around climate change, one CNBC booker apears to have made a … Continue reading

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Senator Warren Shows How One Responds to Very Serious Corporate ‘Democrats’

By doing the Washington equivalent of punching them in the nuts–that is, go after their bankrollers (and I do mean bankrollers; boldface mine; from here): Dear Mr. Dimon, Mr. Moynihan, Mr. Corbat, Mr. Stumpf, Mr. Blankfein and Mr. Gorman:.. …As … Continue reading

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Genomics on the Subway? (Genomicists of the World Unite! You Have Only Your Flow Cells to Lose!)

No, this isn’t some wacky microbiome study. I recently observed this at Cambridge’s Kendall Station: I especially like the pseudo-populist angle. Though I have a better slogan: “E-llumina is E-litist!” Or maybe: Sequencing For All! Genomicists of the World You … Continue reading

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How Not to Write a Science Press Release

If you follow the genomics bloggysphere, you might have heard about the 100K Genome Project, which focuses on sequencing the genomes of food-borne disease microorganisms. I’ve attended a couple of the planning symposia, so I’m partial to the project–it’s a … Continue reading

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Movement Conservativism Never Fails, Only Movement Conservatives…

…who are then no longer part of movement conservatism (just ask Bruce Bartlett). The editorial page of The Wall Street Journal, a bastion of conservatism, pens an editorial, with the following graphic. Can you see what’s missing? That’s right: they … Continue reading

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Winning the Public’s ‘Hearts and Minds’ But Losing the Progressive Pundits’: The ARRA Edition

In response to the claim by Ryan Cooper, a Washington Monthly writer, that people don’t like the stimulus and don’t want to hear about the ARRA (‘stimulus package’). According to Cooper, one progressive colleague said: “People don’t want to hear … Continue reading

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The Economist Gets Hacktacular and Data-Free About Education

Anytime you read the phrase “radical centrist politics”, especially when education is under discussion, for your own sanity, you should just stop reading. I’m telling you this because I didn’t do that, and wound up reading this dreadful piece in … Continue reading

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Why Did Fox News Rip Into Paul Ryan?

If you haven’t heard, Fox News published a piece by Sally Kohn, in which she had this to say about his GOP convention speech (boldface mine): On the other hand, to anyone paying the slightest bit of attention to facts, … Continue reading

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We Should Eliminate the Tax Deduction for Charitable Giving and Exemption for Religious Organizations

I don’t want to do that, because I think we should encourage people to give. But the basic problem is that too many ‘charities’ are political organizations masquerading as do-gooder entities. And tax deductions always favor the rich over the … Continue reading

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Crony Capitalism: Neo-Liberal, Third Way Style

Chicago-style corruption isn’t what it used to be. Former Obama chief of staff and current mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel has developed an ‘infrastructure trust’ to repair Chicago’s roads, rails and schools. Naturally, needless rent extraction by private entities is … Continue reading

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