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The Colicin Plasmid Persistence Problem

Yesterday, I described an interesting paper that provides a potential solution to the plasmid persistence problem–how do bacterial mini-chromosomes that can jump from bacterium to bacterium survive? Not only does this paper shed some light on the ‘plasmid persistence problem’, … Continue reading

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Salmonella, E. coli, and Plasmids, Oh My! Solving the Plasmid Persistence Problem and the Virtues of Open Non-Equilibrium Models

Ed Yong has some very good coverage of a recent PNAS paper that describes how bacterial mini-chromosomes, known as plasmids and that often carry disease-related or antibiotic resistance genes, can jump from bacterium to bacterium at really high rates when … Continue reading

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Some More Thoughts About the German E. coli Outbreak

A very wild weekend.
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Antibiotic Resistance, Information, and the Unyielding Stupidity of the Creationist Movement

“Antibiotic resistance always evolves from a loss of information.” STOOPID, THEY HAZ IT.
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Jonathan Eisen Asks About Finishing Microbial Genomes…and the Mad Biologist Answers

In about a year, we’ll have very little need for complete finishing, unless the biological question specifically requires it.
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About That Slate Antibiotic Resistance Article…

Drug development isn’t the answer; infection control is.
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KPC: The Other Potential Pandemic–And We’re Completely Ignoring It

In the midst of the concern about TEH SWINEY FLOO!, very few people (other than the Mad Biologist), have been discussing the double whammy of influenza followed by bacterial infections. Then add antibiotic resistance to the mix.
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