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Urban Jungle

Observed on Corcoran Street, Logan Circle, D.C.:

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The Crabapple of My Eye

Observed in Boston’s Public Garden:

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Sedum rupestre, observed at the U.S. Botanical Garden, Washington, D.C.:

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Heard It Through the Grapevine: More Scientific Infrastructure Problems

Our usual plaint about the state of research infrastructure: One of the ridiculous things about many depictions of science in TV and movies is the notion that there‚Äôs this huge infrastructure: shiny labs (which are always neat and spacious), high-tech … Continue reading

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Bronze Leaf

Observed on Commonwealth Avenue before all of the snow:

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Corn and rice observed at the U.S. Botanic Garden:

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Observed at the U.S. Botantic Garden:

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At this point, the leaves are mostly dead, but here are some images from Back Bay and Beacon Hill to remind you of a warmer fall:

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Another Willow Tree Injured in the Public Garden

I think the willows in Boston’s Public Garden are near the end of their lifespans since they’ve been clobbered by high winds the last few years. The latest casualty:

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Strain Mixups and Retractions

Back when I was a younger Mad Biologist, I received dozens of bacterial strains from a Very Prestigious Lab that were supposed to belong to species A and B. Very Prestigious Lab had published several papers on these strains, and … Continue reading

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