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All of Open Access Publishing’s Gall Can Be Divided Into Three Parts

There has been a recent spate of discussion about open access publishing, much of which seems to ignore a key element, money. For publishing in general, there are three models*: 1) authors pay the costs of publishing, open access or … Continue reading

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University Science As Shopping Mall?

Despite government-funded academic science having far more economic activity than the major U.S. sports leagues combined, Paula Stephan is one of the few (perhaps only) economists to look at that economic sector. Recently, Stephan has argued that government-funded academic science … Continue reading

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Now We Will Lose Fungal Resources: The Infrastructure Hits Just Keep Coming

The next time you hear someone talk about how important science is, you might want to remind them that you get what you pay for (boldface mine): This morning brought another piece of bad news. This concerns a valuable resource … Continue reading

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Some Relief For Scientific Funding

Following yesterday’s depressing report about funding rates, we come across this synopsis of what the latest budget deal means for scientific research: While the appropriations bill gives the National Institutes of Health $1 billion more than what it got under … Continue reading

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The PhD Glut Isn’t Just Biomedical: Welcome to the Sh-tstorm, Chemists

Economist and author of How Economics Shapes Science Paula Stephan notes that there’s a PhD glut in chemistry too (boldface mine): It did not take long, however, for this to change. Faculty quickly learned to include graduate students and postdocs … Continue reading

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Sequestration and Science Funding

I’ve written before about sequestration, the automatic cuts that the Republicans forced through during the debt ceiling hike fiasco (by the way, Republicans are now crapping their pants about sequestration since it’s not just targeting those people hitting programs they … Continue reading

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NIH, NSF, and DOE Could Get Clobbered Thanks to Fiscal ‘Austerity’

This is why all the concern about the fake crisis of the U.S. budget deficit is so harmful–it has real effects on people’s lives, including scientists.
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