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Protect Our Prisons from Terrorists

Friends, this is compassionate conservatism we can believe in.
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Saturday Sermon: Post-9/11 Panic Syndrome

“…behind their posturing, Bush, his manly-men cronies and their right-wing cheering section were trembling weenies…”
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Now We Are All Grownups: What I Liked About the Inaugural Address

Finally, a political leader who expects us to act like adults.
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Clean Wastewater and the Naturalist Fallacy

Draining the groundwater aquifers because of a mistaken belief in what is ‘natural.’
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My Suggestion for the New Massachusetts State Seal

Massachusetts needs a new state seal, and the Mad Biologist is willing to help.
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A Nation of Nine-Eleven Ninnies

Tens of millions of U.S. residents believe that they could be the victims of a terrorist attack.
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FOX TV Misinformation About MRSA

FOX TV: doing its part to make the MRSA problem even worse.
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