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Who Gets Screwed By Funding Changes: RFAs and Anti-Conservatism

Last week, I detailed my problems with a report that provided a whole mess of inane recommendations on how to make science funding better. DrugMonkey makes a good point about how RFAs, requests for admissions, which call for proposals to … Continue reading

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In A Zero-Sum Funding World, Proposals To Aid Some Should Also Describe Who Gets Hurt

Otherwise, you’re a jackass. Recently, eLife published a report about a workshop held at the University of Wisconsin, “Strategies from UW-Madison for rescuing biomedical research in the US“. The title tells most of what you need to know: it is … Continue reading

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The Judean People’s Front Microbiome Initiative

Or is it the People’s Front of Judea’s Microbiome Initiative? All kidding aside, we learn, by way of Ed Yong, about two proposed initiatives to support microbiome research: the Unified Microbiome Initiative (UMI) and the International Microbiome Initiative (IMI). I … Continue reading

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Did Trump Just Declare War on the NIH?

This does not end well (boldface mine): A few days ago Donald Trump called into Michael Savage’s radio show. Savage suggested that if Trump wins, he would like to be appointed head of the National Institutes of Health. Trump responded: … Continue reading

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NCBI To Rename Incorrect Genomes…

…microbiologists everywhere rejoice. I spent part of last week at the ASM Conference on Rapid Next-Generation Sequencing and Bioinformatic Pipelines for Enhanced Molecular Epidemiologic Investigation of Pathogens, which for obvious reasons is also referred to as ASMNGS. Lots of good … Continue reading

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How to Make a Bad Idea Worse: Privatize It!

The science bloggysphere is all atwitter–in a bad way–about the proposal by two House Republicans to give out prizes instead of grants for research to the tune of $80 million per year. Steven Salzberg lays out all of the reasons … Continue reading

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A (Very) Partial Solution to the Orphan Diseases Problem

Like many, I found this article by Brian Vastag, who is suffering from an orphan disease, heartbreaking. And like the Mistress of the Animals, I also realize, given ideological constraints, the NIH budget is a zero-sum game (boldface mine): But … Continue reading

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