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How to Make a Bad Idea Worse: Privatize It!

The science bloggysphere is all atwitter–in a bad way–about the proposal by two House Republicans to give out prizes instead of grants for research to the tune of $80 million per year. Steven Salzberg lays out all of the reasons … Continue reading

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A (Very) Partial Solution to the Orphan Diseases Problem

Like many, I found this article by Brian Vastag, who is suffering from an orphan disease, heartbreaking. And like the Mistress of the Animals, I also realize, given ideological constraints, the NIH budget is a zero-sum game (boldface mine): But … Continue reading

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NIH Budgets and Zero Sum Games

The ridiculous belief that the government can run out of money–which then leads to stupid austerity policies such as spending caps–is really harmful to scientific research. I’ve also described how Republicans have used these imaginary austerity constraints* have been used … Continue reading

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Post-Docs And Overtime Pay

Justin Kiggins makes an interesting observation about Obama’s new overtime pay rules–most post-docs get paid less than the new overtime ceiling of $50,400 (boldface mine): These changes probably won’t affect postdocs who are funded through fellowships like the NRSA F32. … Continue reading

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All NIH Restructuring Proposals Need to Explicitly State Who Gets Culled

My first reaction to this Cell article by Ronald Germain which offers a supposed solution to some of science’s funding problems was, “I love it when the Very Serious Scientists reinvent ideas the riff-raff discarded as unworkable years ago. Genius, … Continue reading

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Some Doubts About the Proposed NIH Doubling

Former Republican congressman Newt Gingrich recently proposed a doubling of the NIH budget. To provide some context, from ~1994 – 2003, the NIH budget was doubled. Then the music stopped, funding plateaued, and even declined in real dollars, leading to … Continue reading

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The Scientific Cost of Reflexive Ass-Covering

Or to use the term of art, proactive crisis management (rinses vomit out of mouth; boldface mine): If they [NIH researchers] want to leave, though, to meet with scientists around the world at scientific and medical conferences, they spend their … Continue reading

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