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Can You Find What’s Wrong With This Article?

Here’s a hint–there are three errors here (answers below the fold):

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The Congressional Retirement Plan Is Alive and Well

As I noted long before it was fashionable (or even acknowledged*): …it’s not about the campaign contributions. If their reluctance to support a public option were based solely on the electoral calculus of campaign donations versus popular support–that is, votes–the … Continue reading

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Tuesday morning, the Washington Post (at least in the online version) had a story about FDA action against a company whose duodenoscopes were very difficult to decontaminate and which have been linked to CRE, carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae, bacteria that are incredibly … Continue reading

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Dear NYT: When the GOP Is Your Assignment Editor, You Miss Real Stories

Last week, much of the political bloggysphere was ranting about discussing the NY Times’ erroneous reporting which claimed Hillary Clinton was the subject of a request for a criminal inquiry into her email practices while she was secretary of state … Continue reading

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What the Political Press Corps Does Not Understand About Voters: Agency

In thinking more about this post as well as this post by Paul Krugman, it seems to me that the political press, whether it’s covering various trade agreements or the Clinton and Sanders campaigns, is incapable of realizing that voters … Continue reading

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When the War on Planned Parenthood Makes People (Very) Sick

A few years back, when the rightwing assault on Planned Parenthood kicked into high gear, I explained why I supported Planned Parenthood: For the younger readers–and by younger, I mean those in their twenties–it’s hard to describe the AIDS-related paranoia … Continue reading

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Maybe All That Complaining About Infectious Disease Does Some Good

While I’m under no illusions that Paul Krugman reads this crappy blog, it’s nice to see people worrying about infectious disease, especially antibiotic resistance (boldface mine): Paul Krugman: If you look at the long sweep of history, global integration has … Continue reading

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