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What the Political Press Corps Does Not Understand About Voters: Agency

In thinking more about this post as well as this post by Paul Krugman, it seems to me that the political press, whether it’s covering various trade agreements or the Clinton and Sanders campaigns, is incapable of realizing that voters … Continue reading

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When the War on Planned Parenthood Makes People (Very) Sick

A few years back, when the rightwing assault on Planned Parenthood kicked into high gear, I explained why I supported Planned Parenthood: For the younger readers–and by younger, I mean those in their twenties–it’s hard to describe the AIDS-related paranoia … Continue reading

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Maybe All That Complaining About Infectious Disease Does Some Good

While I’m under no illusions that Paul Krugman reads this crappy blog, it’s nice to see people worrying about infectious disease, especially antibiotic resistance (boldface mine): Paul Krugman: If you look at the long sweep of history, global integration has … Continue reading

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A Science Journalism/Blogging New Year’s Resolution

It’s very simple: whenever I see an article or blog post that contains words to the effect of “according to a press release“, as opposed to discussing the actual scientific paper, I will immediately stop reading the offending article or … Continue reading

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The Washington Post Goes Full Hacktacular on Torture

Look at this photo with a Washington Post piece explaining why Democrats are so uncool to oppose torture: That’s a picture of ‘dirty bomber’ Jose Padilla, a fucking idiot who actually believed this is how you build a dirty bomb: … Continue reading

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Ebola and the Trauma of TV

In a recent column, David Brooks made a good point… [throws up in mouth, rinses with water] In a recent column, David Brooks mad a good point [cough, cough] about the role the constant news cycle plays in stoking fear … Continue reading

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Does Teh Stoopid Have an Asymptote?

In response to a National Review article somehow blaming the NFL’s problems on Obama (?!?), over at the Great Orange Satan, Hunter wonders if we will ever reach peak stupid (boldface mine): I keep saying this, and I keep being … Continue reading

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