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Because we need a happy picture after this week (observed at the Martin Luther King Library, D.C.): Bonus fun music! (they definitely don’t make it like this anymore…)

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The Consumer Surveillance State: The Joan Jett Edition

Recently, I got into a pleasant argument with someone about whether Joan Jett, in her early days, was a punk rocker (the argument was pleasant BECAUSE I WON). What this required was the two of us looking at a bunch … Continue reading

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Generation X

I’ve been digging through some old things, and stumbled across this song–the original version–by a band called Generation X. It will probably sound familiar:

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The Most Important Cultural Question EVAR

After watching this funny video from John Oliver’s show about the Eurovision Song Contest (below), a very bizarre question popped into my head: If the U.S. could enter, what would our Eurovision act be? We could enter some high powered, … Continue reading

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The Original Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Whether you love or despise it, Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Want to Have Fun will always be a key part of 80s pop music. What I didn’t know is that Lauper was performing a cover of Robert Hazard’s song of … Continue reading

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Why I Oppose the Comcast-TimeWarner Merger

When it comes to the entertainment industry, it’s always worth listening to former TimeWarner executive Howie Klein. Here’s what he has to say (boldface mine): As Ken pointed out, he’s an East Coast victim of TimeWarner Cable; I’m a West … Continue reading

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The Birth of U.S. Music Recording

David Byrne gives us a history lesson: It goes way back to World War II where this soldier, Jack Mullin, who was a bit of an engineer heard some broadcast from Germany in the wee hours of the morning. It … Continue reading

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