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The Soon Scandal Is Very Spiro Agnew

And for those of you who don’t know who Spiro Agnew was, this is what I’m referring to. Recently, I asked this about the scandal enveloping climate change denier Dr. Willie Soon and the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophyics: …what the … Continue reading

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When the Security State Collides With the National Zoo

The National Zoo in D.C. has decided to increase security on “high access days” (boldface mine): Security in any large urban environment today is challenging. The Zoo faces particular problems during high visitation periods, including March and April, when the … Continue reading

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Building Museum

The National Building Museum in D.C. is a really neat building–and they usually have a couple of good exhibits as well. But the 75 foot (23 m) high pillars are worth the visit alone:

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Quiescit Anima Libris

Finding rest at Dumbarton Oaks, Georgetown, D.C.:

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The Cost of Misunderstanding How Money Works: So Long Invertebrate House

Like most people–and I’ve been a supporter of the National Zoo in Washington DC for nearly a quarter century–I was shocked to learn that the Invertebrate House will be shuttered for good this Sunday, June 22. Why? Budget cuts: The … Continue reading

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Phabulous Phasmids

Observed at the Insect Zoo at the Natural History Museum, Washington D.C.–can you find the two members of Phobaeticus serratipes, the Giant Malaysian Stick Insect? Each of them was about fourteen inches long–here’s an easier angle: Don’t worry, they’re plant … Continue reading

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Waiting in the Rain

Observed at the Museum of Fine Arts stop, Boston:

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