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If A Major Studio Doesn’t Buy the Rights to This…

…then you know Hollywood is run by idiots:

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So About This Noah Movie…

I have no desire whatsoever to see the movie Noah, but this plot element perplexes me: Noah’s daughter-in-law is played by Emma Watson. During one of the battle scenes, just as a grubby ruffian is about to brain her with … Continue reading

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Belated Movie Review: Contagion

Between Netflix and the inability of modern Americans to behave in public places, I don’t really see a lot of movies in the theater (unless I can manage to catch a weekday late afternoon showing). So I’m often late to … Continue reading

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A Quick Thought on the Netflix-Quickster Split

Netflix announced that it will spin off its DVD rental service into a company called Qwikster. I realize we’re all supposed to be Steve Jobs and imagine where the market will be and so forth, but I’m not sure this … Continue reading

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How Technology Can Make Movies Obsolete

Movies that would have never been filmed today due to technological advances.
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Roger Ebert Whacks Expelled

It’s good to have Ebert back defending science.
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