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Massachusetts Is Doing Defense Spending Wrong

I’ve never liked massive defense spending. In the best case scenario, the stuff we purchase ends up never being used, and, in the worst case, Little Lord Pontchartrain decides to invade the wrong fucking country. As macroeconomic policy, it creates … Continue reading

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The Other Problem With the State of the Union

While noting the contributions of injured servicemen has become a staple of State of the Union addresses, the way Cory Remsburg was treated struck a bad chord with me. I couldn’t quite find the appropriate words to describe why it … Continue reading

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60th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry

I’ve shot this flag on Acorn Street (Beacon Hill, Boston), but I never realized that it is the a flag of the 60th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, which only existed from 1864 – 1865 (no, that’s not a typo): The … Continue reading

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Old School Sex Ed

Thankfully, they don’t make ‘em like this anymore–for a lot of reasons: Stay away ladies….

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Why the Pentagon Doesn’t Understand Rape (It’s the Predation, Stupid)

After reading about the hearings on military rape, it’s pretty clear that the U.S. military leadership, like too many men, is very confused about rape. Even among men who aren’t flat-out misogynist assholes (the assholes are self-explanatory), the motivations of … Continue reading

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In Memoriam

One flag for each resident of Massachusetts who died in war from the Civil War on (Boston Common): On Commonwealth Ave., a smaller memorial:

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Mental Trauma and a Different Kind of War

B. Christopher Frueh and Jeffrey Allen Smith ask this about mental trauma and the Civil War: One would assume that the physical price paid by the men who fought in the war would have a rough equivalent in the mental … Continue reading

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The Con Isn’t Confined to Religious Zealotry

In an interesting post about the F-35 strike fighter $500 billion to $1 trillion boondoggle (yes, those figures are not typos), Gary Becher notes that one of the staunchest defenders of this program, Republican Congressman Mike McCaul, is a real … Continue reading

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On Mali, Some Sanity From the Nominee for Defense Secretary

A while ago, I mentioned that regarding any possible intervention in Mali, no one is discussing the obvious historical parallels of following France into a country without clear objectives. It appears that Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel is thinking along … Continue reading

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A Vietnam Myth

The supposed hatred by the Left of Vietnam veterans was one of the foundational critiques against the Left, and Charles Pierce calls bullshit on it (boldface mine): Back in 1982, when I was a baby alternative journo, I was in … Continue reading

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