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That’s A Lot of Office Space

In an excellent article about the ongoing ginormousness of the ‘Defense Department’, we stumble across this little factoid: If you happen to peruse the latest Base Structure Report (on the off-chance you haven’t yet), you’ll read that the Department of … Continue reading

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Militarism Is This Unpopular?

By way of Matthew DiCarlo, we find these very interesting data about who should and should not be a teacher: In a country that constantly ‘honors its troops’ (even as it too often doesn’t really support them), approves of torture, … Continue reading

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Highly Trained Gunmen?

Last week, when the awful murders in Paris occurred, there was some blather about how this was a ‘military-style’ assault. I guess military-style assault is like kosher-style deli (boldface mine): Both brothers who carried out the attack against satirical weekly … Continue reading

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When Will We Admit We Have ‘Lost’?

Regarding Syraqistan, a while ago, I defined the word insanity as the U.S foreign and military policy establishment (boldface added): Over the last 20 years, every time (with one exception) we have intervened militarily (and airstrikes are an intervention–just ask … Continue reading

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War Is the Ultimate Big Government Program

To follow up on these posts, one thing I’ve never understood is how conservatives, who constantly proclaim that government can do nothing right (despite evidence to the contrary), when given an opportunity to declare war*, despite our last couple decades … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Is Doing Defense Spending Wrong

I’ve never liked massive defense spending. In the best case scenario, the stuff we purchase ends up never being used, and, in the worst case, Little Lord Pontchartrain decides to invade the wrong fucking country. As macroeconomic policy, it creates … Continue reading

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The Other Problem With the State of the Union

While noting the contributions of injured servicemen has become a staple of State of the Union addresses, the way Cory Remsburg was treated struck a bad chord with me. I couldn’t quite find the appropriate words to describe why it … Continue reading

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