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Some Thoughts on Charter Schools

So Monday’s post seemed to set off the charter school advocates. I’ll blame instructor error, but the little Twitter storm that erupted didn’t seem to deal with the larger–and factually accurate–claim that Massachusetts built one of the best educational systems … Continue reading

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The Faith in the Not Seen Evidence For Education Reform

To use a phrase. One of the most infuriating things regarding education reform has been its ongoing and slow-motion implementation in Massachusetts. Massachusetts, certainly circa 2010, had an educational system worth emulating nationally–something I repeatedly have argued for: adopt the … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Regains Sanity Regarding Teacher Licensure

A while ago, we discussed the stupidity of a Massachusetts proposal to tie teacher licenses to teacher evaluations. Not employment at a particular school, but the ability to teach anywhere. Good news: the state pulled the proposal. Again, it’s worth … Continue reading

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The Educational Crisis of Absenteeism

We’ve discussed before how missing school has a significant effect on student achievement, which can be greater than teacher effects. Not surprising–not only can’t a teacher teach when the student isn’t there, but chronic absenteeism often suggests health problems or … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Continues to Dismantle Its World-Class Educational System

When we last checked in on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (God save it!), we observed that teachers were being drowned in administrative work and subject to ridiculous teacher evaluation procedures. Well, now we learn that Massachusetts is proposing to pull … Continue reading

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Are Race To The Top and Other Reforms Killing MA’s Education System?

While I often laud Massachusetts’ education system, I’ve also worried that, in the attempt to get Race to the Top money by embracing various education ‘reforms’, Massachusetts will have harmed its world class system. Well, according to some teachers in … Continue reading

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Why We Need Teacher Tenure: Because Protecting Children Shouldn’t Be a Firing Offense

A while ago, I wrote about how elementary school teachers in Holyoke, MA were being told to use public disclosure of test scores to ‘encourage’ better performance. Because humiliating children is a great way to make kids hate learning. Or … Continue reading

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