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Lego Library

In the atrium of the Boylston Street entrance to the Boston Public Library is this neat Lego display of the Boston Library:

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A City of Neighborhoods

Starting today at the Central Library of the Boston Public Library is the “Boston: A City of Neighborhoods” exhibit: During the last decade, Boston as a whole has become younger, and more racially and ethnically diverse. However, the neighborhoods that … Continue reading

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Today and tomorrow at the Copley Square Branch, some serious competitive Legoing is going on (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?): The competition takes place at the Copley Square branch of the Boston Public Library, in the library’s changing exhibit room … Continue reading

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Why A Liberal Arts Education Matters: The War on Canadian Science Libraries Edition

So the conservative-led Canadian government decided to digitize historical scientific records and discard the original paper copies. Except it appears they forgot the whole digitization part (boldface mine): Back in 2012, when Canada’s Harper government announced that it would close … Continue reading

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The Good Ship HMS Beagle

Observed in the Boston Public Library’s Map Room, a model of the HMS Beagle, the ship Darwin journeyed on to the Galapagos:

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The BPL Goes Mobile

I’ve wondered when the Boston Public Library (a misnomer of sorts as any Massachusetts resident can get a card) would release a mobile app. Well, we wonder no longer: The Boston Public Library now has a version of our catalog … Continue reading

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In Motion, Frozen

Observed in the courtyard of the Boston Public Library: Thankfully, it’s supposed to warm up….

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Building Boston at the BPL

The Boston Public Library has five linked exhibits, “Building Boston“, which are free and open to the public: Building Boston is a citywide celebration of Boston’s public spaces – the architectural and cultural cornerstones that have provided a place for … Continue reading

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Library in Repose

The Washington Room at the Boston Public Library: It looks almost like a courtroom.

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Disaster Capitalism Meets the Boston Public Library

By way of Universal Hub, we discover that the greatest crisis the City of Boston (God save it!) faces is some excess space in the Johnson Building (aka the ‘New Wing’*) of the Boston Public Library (boldface mine): The first … Continue reading

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