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Agency, the Vanishing Middle Class, and Swinging For the Fences

Felix Salmon asks a question (boldface mine): No Exit, the new book from Gideon Lewis-Kraus, should be required reading for anybody who thinks it might be a good idea to found a startup in Silicon Valley. It shows just how … Continue reading

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Yes, There Is Something That Could Be Done About the Minimum Wage

A while ago, I noted that Obama, through an executive order, could have made the minimum wage for all federal contractors much higher than the $10.10 he has instituted. There is nothing Congress could have done to stop him (and … Continue reading

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University Science As Shopping Mall?

Despite government-funded academic science having far more economic activity than the major U.S. sports leagues combined, Paula Stephan is one of the few (perhaps only) economists to look at that economic sector. Recently, Stephan has argued that government-funded academic science … Continue reading

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There Aren’t Enough ‘Good’ Jobs

A while ago, I noted what should be obvious about poverty-level wages: as long as there is a job that does not pay a living wage, one of us will have to fill it. There’s a flip side to that … Continue reading

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Why We Need to Prioritize Employment: It’s the Fear, Stupid

In moments of anger, I’ve written that tenured economists talking about jobs is like celibate priests talking about sexuality: they don’t live in the same world the rest of us do. This is unfair to some economists: a fair number … Continue reading

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More on the STEM ‘Shortage': The Electrical Engineering Edition

The STEM job market just keeps getting better and better (boldface mine): Despite an expanding use of electronics in products, the number of people working as electrical engineers in U.S. declined by 10.4% last year. The decline amounted to a … Continue reading

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Meet the New Silicon Valley Boss, Same As the Old Boss: Putting the STEM ‘Crisis’ In Context

During the last decade, we’ve heard repeatedly that there is a STEM jobs shortage, even as there is a PhD glut, a stalling out in the biomedical sector with a slight drop in wages, and a refusal to hire older … Continue reading

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Obsolence in Scientific Subdisciplines

Proflikesubstance notes the following (boldface mine): The question of reducing the number of PhDs produced is a complex one and there’s simply no chance that the overall numbers will be reduced evenly across the board. It seems inevitable that certain … Continue reading

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Is Open Access/Science the Biggest Problem We Face? (How About a Different Emphasis For 2014?)

Before the new year, there was a bit of a backlash against boycotting the glamour magz, spurred by Nobel Laureate Randy Schekman’s call to avoid said glamour magz. I like open access and alternative publishing models–hell, I would just as … Continue reading

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Wages and Power

One of my first posts, back on the old blog, was about my estrangement from progressives circa 2006 because they neglected five key issues: What you’ll notice missing from this list are any proposals that would seriously alter the relationship … Continue reading

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