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Warmongering: A Bizarre Form of Privilege

At some point, I’ll flesh this out more, but in looking at my Twitter feed from Saturday night’s debate, I saw several things from my Twitter feed from Clinton supporters like this: I honestly think it’s a waste of time … Continue reading

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Saturday Sermon: On Punditry and Repentance

Peter Beinart, who was a prominent Iraq War supporter, and who now realizes the errors of his ways, writes (boldface mine): I have a fantasy. It’s that every politician and pundit who goes on TV to discuss the Iran deal … Continue reading

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Evidence of Just How Stupid Our Foreign Policy Establishment Is

And it’s a resilient establishment–there is a limited range of opinion, and those outside of it don’t last very long. Nearly two years ago, I wrote this about Our Excellent Syrian Intervention (boldface added): Yes, we might be sending a … Continue reading

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The Master of Humility Shifts the Iraq War Goalposts

Very humbly, of course. Recently, David Brooks scribbled a mea culpa about his support for the Iraq War that was heavy on the mea and very light on the culpa. While many people have taken apart Brooks‘ column, there’s one … Continue reading

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Why Did Obama Even Give Robert Kagan the Time of Day?

As opposed to telling that horribly wrong warmonger to go fuck himself? From Robert Parry, who years ago broke much of the Iran-Contra story (boldface mine): Prominent neocons, including Nuland’s husband Robert Kagan, a co-founder of the Project for the … Continue reading

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When Will We Admit We Have ‘Lost’?

Regarding Syraqistan, a while ago, I defined the word insanity as the U.S foreign and military policy establishment (boldface added): Over the last 20 years, every time (with one exception) we have intervened militarily (and airstrikes are an intervention–just ask … Continue reading

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Even ISIL Has Beloved Idiot Nephews

Despite the horrific ideology and actions of the ISI (also known as Islamic State, ISIS, or ISIL), they can be just as corrupt as the rest of us infidels (boldface mine): If that seems like a great deal of work … Continue reading

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