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Crazy Ants and the Hidden Collapse of Scientific Infrastructure

One of the ridiculous things about many depictions of science in TV and movies is the notion that there’s this huge infrastructure: shiny labs (which are always neat and spacious), high-tech this and that, and an army of workers to … Continue reading

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Moving Day

For some ants, that is: (observed in Cambridge) So what’s the ant equivalent of leaving a ratty old sofa out on the curb?

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Be Very, Very Quiet, I’m Hunting…

…elm bark beetles. Observed at the corner of Exeter Street and Commonwealth Ave.: According to the Boston Parks Department: The traps consist of 18.5″x 28″ green plywood boxes mounted approximately 15 feet off the ground on trees located at least … Continue reading

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Some Good Citizen Science: Calbug

Calbug, which attempts to harness the general public to improve nine Californian insect and spider collections, came across the transom: Calbug is an effort to digitize terrestrial arthropod-specimen records with a focus on California. The project represents a collaboration among … Continue reading

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Things We All Know, Yet Are Not True: The Colony Collapse Disorder Edition

You’ve probably heard of Colony Collapse Disorder (‘CCD’), where workers from a bee colony suddenly disappear (SPACE ALIENZ?!?). Given the importance of pollination by bees to agriculture (while birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it, plants … Continue reading

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Butterflies of the Week

Observed at the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum: I tried them all and they taste great! (I kid–I didn’t eat the butterflies…)

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Praying on Exeter Street

Or perhaps I mean…preying (BWAHHAHAH!!!). Observed on Exeter Street, Back Bay, Boston: My experience has been that six-inch long insects are a rare occurrence around these parts.

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Say Hello to My Little Friend

No, it’s not a gun. It’s a butterfly from the National Museum of Natural History which has landed on my jacket collar: Here’s a big-ass moth (“big-ass moth” is not a common species name…) Mealtime

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Neonicotinoids, Colony Collapse Disorder, and ‘Bee Medical Research’

Peter Dorman, who writes one of my favorite economics blogs, raises two problems with Carl Zimmer’s recent NYT article about neonicotinoid pesticides and their possible link to colony collapse disorder (‘CCD’). First, Dorman states: There followed comments from four of … Continue reading

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Ramblin’ Hercules Beetle Style

From the Insect Zoo at the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum, we bring you this speedy Hercules Beetle: Well, speedy is a relative term…

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