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Life Begins at Contraception and Ends at Honduran

Or something. When the right wing started caterwauling about the hordes of undocumented immigrant children, I asked “Where Do We Want Honduran Children to Die?” and referred to Barbara O’Brien: Unfortunately I don’t see a real solution that wouldn’t require … Continue reading

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So When Will Richwine and the Heritage Foundation Focus on Our Alabama Problem?

Dana Goldstein has a very nice takedown of Jason Richwine, formerly of the Heritage Foundation, who misused of IQ to argue that Latino immigrants should face restrictions as they are low IQ, including this: Richwine recognizes Brigham’s bias toward certain … Continue reading

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Regarding Immigration, We Need More Chaim Yankels

One of the incongruous things about the proposals to focus on high-skilled immigrants is that the forbears of most of the people making these arguments, in most cases, were probably anything but high-skilled. They were, to use a Yiddish phrase, … Continue reading

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Observations on the STEM PhD Immigration Fix

If you haven’t heard, there is a major effort underway to reform U.S. immigration law. One of the proposals is to grant immigrants who have received a PhD or Master’s degree in science, technology, engineering, or math from an American … Continue reading

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Superman Is a Librul!?!?

Superman is an illegal immigrant, which, no doubt, is why he’s spewing all this liberal crap.
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Reconquista! The Best 300 Parody EVAH!

By way of Dave Neiwert comes this hysterical mash up of the movie 300 and the anti-immigrant right.
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Healthcare: A Republican Reader Asks a Serious Question…

and the Mad Biologist attempts to give a serious answer.
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You Don’t Need a Fence to Protect Western Civilization

I’m not the only one bothered by Mudcat Saunders’ article about the Metropolitan Opera Wing of the Democratic Party; maha is too. That post is worth a read, but at the end of the post she makes a very good point about preserving culture.
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“What Is The Real Beef With The Immigration Bill?”

So asks Oliver Willis about the Republican base. The Mad Biologist answers: anti-Latino hatred.
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The SPLC Writes a Letter to CNN’s Lou Dobbs

So Lou Dobbs has been making ludicrous statements about leprosy and illegal immigrants, claiming that 7,000 cases have happened in the last few years as a result of illegal immigration. Actually, we have had 7,000 cases of leprosy–over a thirty year period.
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