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Take the Best Poll EVAR!

It looks like Shatner and Walken are running neck and neck. Vote here.

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Who Should Recite Palin’s Trump-Endorsement Word Salad?

On Wednesday, half-term governor and failed vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump in what can only be one of the more bizarre endorsement speech, well, ever. Here’s a small taste (anything more could induce psychological distress): Are you ready … Continue reading

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The Perfect Rebuttal to Donald Trump

If you’re at work, you’ll want headphones for this:

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A Very Serious Foreign Policy Question

Vote here (and, no, I’m not going to rickroll you. This time).

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The Money Train: Potential Movie Plot

We read this with some amusement: Sarah writes, “I was waiting for a Silver, Orange, or Blue train at Federal Center SW around noon yesterday, and a no passenger train went through. The first car was very bizarre looking and … Continue reading

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Good News

Or at least honest news:

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A Very Helpful FAQ

From the Congressional Cemetery website, this is masterful understatement: That is an important requirement. I suppose in that business it helps to have a sense of humor.

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