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The Money Train: Potential Movie Plot

We read this with some amusement: Sarah writes, “I was waiting for a Silver, Orange, or Blue train at Federal Center SW around noon yesterday, and a no passenger train went through. The first car was very bizarre looking and … Continue reading

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Good News

Or at least honest news:

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A Very Helpful FAQ

From the Congressional Cemetery website, this is masterful understatement: That is an important requirement. I suppose in that business it helps to have a sense of humor.

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Zelda Couldn’t Figure Out Why Nobody Wanted to Hang Out With Her

From this excellent article by Hannah Waters about the internet of elephant seals: (photo by Michael Fedak)

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Girl Scout Cookie Season

I’ve seen this in several places in the intertoobz (so I don’t know who created this), but this has been cracking me up:

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MAD BIOLOGIST NEWS–Publishing industry sources today revealed that Mike the Mad Biologist has signed a deal to publish Kierkegaard Was a Neurobiologist. Despite certain misgivings, such as the Mad Biologist’s inability to write a paragraph without using the word fuck, … Continue reading

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I Really Hope This Isn’t How Development Works

So Cell published this cover: If this how things work, we should all be dead: 1) In every city I’ve ever been in, the Red Line is always screwed up. 2) The Green Line is always fucked. 3) The Blue … Continue reading

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