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Solving the Urban Housing Crisis Requires a Suburban Solution

One of the many annoyances when urban policy is discussed is the conflation of cities with metropolitan areas. Sometimes, commentators will mean the city sensu stricto, while, at other times, city actually means metropolitan area (Richard Florida does this far … Continue reading

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One Way to Lower High Housing Prices

Two recent articles decry the stratospheric cost of housing in London. That’s not just a problem for London, but cities like New York and Miami, where high end properties are more an investment vehicle than a place to live. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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The Downside of All That Cheap Housing

More than a few technobrat pundits (and Joel Kotkin) have opined about how Houston, unlike older cities, has lots of cheap housing thanks to the absence of regulation. There’s a flipside to that coin: There are a lot of citizens … Continue reading

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D.C. Has Mechanisms To Provide Affordable Housing. Inexplicably, It Doesn’t Use Them

Ryan Cooper makes some good points about gentrification in D.C.–though the missing ingredient in all of the discussion about gentrification is the rise of the gentry class. But I digress (boldface mine): Liberal Democrats are in charge of most major … Continue reading

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More Hidden Costs of Parking

I’ve written about the hidden costs of parking before (long before the cool kids were doing it!). But we can also think of parking as an invisible sales tax (boldface mine): Whether you drive or not, you are paying a … Continue reading

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The Aging–and Unsustainable–Suburbs

A while ago, I noted this about Fairfax County, VA (boldface added): When I look back at the Northern Virginian county in which I grew up–and which, at that time and still today, is one of the wealthiest counties in … Continue reading

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The Missing Element of Gentrification

One of the things technobrat pundits love to discuss–because it directly affects them–is the high cost of housing in urban areas. One cause that goes missing is income inequality (boldface added): Much of technobratacy echoes Sarah Palin as to the … Continue reading

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