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The Other Thing That Contributes to Rising Housing Prices

In D.C. (not Wor-Shing-Tun, but the District), there has been some coverage of the Urban Institute’s recent study on D.C. housing prices and rents. Here’s the key figure: For those unfamiliar with D.C., Ward 2 contains Dupont Circle and Georgetown, … Continue reading

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The Suburban Ponzi Scheme and Ferguson, MO

Charles Morahn makes a very interesting observation about Ferguson, MO (boldface mine): I’ve spent some time on Google looking at the area where the shooting took place and the QuikTrip that was the flashpoint for events that followed. While this … Continue reading

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Solving Homelessness Isn’t Hard, But Feeling Good About Ourselves While Doing So Is

A while ago, I noted that ending poverty isn’t that hard to do, but we get hung up on pseudo-moral issues that prevent us from doing so. Over at Digby’s joint, thereisnospoon makes a similar point about homelessness and housing … Continue reading

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Yes, Income Inequality Exacerbates Rental Prices

Despite the common claim–one that is partially correct–that urban rental prices are high due to a lack of supply, what goes unsaid (though occasionally implied) is that prices are being bid up by the well-to-do and the wealthy. This is … Continue reading

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So When Do Rental Prices Drop?

Kyle Russell argues that San Francisco’s housing prices are so expensive because there’s too little housing: height and other zoning restrictions make it impossible to have high density. This leads to a bidding up of prices by the wealthy, who … Continue reading

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Yes, A Tax Would Help Lower Urban Housing Costs–But We Need the Right Tax

Last week, the intertoobz were all abuzz with the proposal that San Francisco’s housing problems could be solved with a land tax. Rather than taxing property (i.e., housing), you tax the value of the land, so someone who doesn’t build … Continue reading

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“Now is the time to make an adequate income a reality for all of God’s children”: The Need to Politicize MLK Day

(from here) Consider the above picture when thinking about increasing the minimum wage. Or a living wage. Or treating workers as people. Never forget that King was murdered in Memphis while he was supporting striking sanitation workers. Forty-five years after … Continue reading

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