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D.C. Makes Some Good Parking Policy

Since I highlight the myriad and diverse ways in which the local D.C. government screws things up, I should be fair and note when it does something right: Currently, developers constructing new residential buildings in DC must build a certain … Continue reading

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Our Long-Term Crisis Isn’t the Gentrified City But the Unsustainable Suburb

Something that’s lurking in the background of the U.S. economy, and which will erupt with a fury in ten years or so is the need to replace suburban infrastructure: underground wires, pipes, and so on. This is something new that … Continue reading

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Tracking, Criminality, and Homelessness

In response to the charge that drug arrests for pot possession don’t lead to incarceration, I argued that those arrests can be thought of as ‘pre-criminal tracking’ (as in academic tracking, not surveillance): The good news is that ten percent … Continue reading

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Gentrification Can’t Happen Without a Gentry

One of the things that always seems to go missing in discussions of gentrification and its effect on housing prices is, well, the existence of a gentry class. It’s not just the top 0.01 percent or even one percent that … Continue reading

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Giving Bowser Credit Where It’s Due: D.C.’s Housing the Homeless Proposal

While I’ve ripped into D.C.‘s Mayor Muriel Bowser several times–deservedly so–she deserves kudos for her plan to end homelessness in D.C. An overview (boldface mine): The mayor said she will ask the D.C. Council to change a city law that … Continue reading

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Sunday Sermon: De Facto Versus De Jure Segregation

Richard Rothstein describes the agency underlying segregation (boldface mine): The federal government led in the establishment and maintenance of residential segregation in metropolitan areas. From its New Deal inception and especially during and after World War II, federally funded public … Continue reading

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The Tragedy Behind the Trump-Related Beating

By now, you might have heard about the two South Boston men, inspired by Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric, who beat a homeless Mexican immigrant. Here’s the heart-breaking part (boldface mine): The 58-year-old victim, who has requested privacy, suffered a broken … Continue reading

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