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We Have Done the Obvious Healthcare Experiment, and the U.S. Has Failed

Over at Naked Capitalism, Lambert Strether notes what should be obvious but is obfusicated by calls for ‘evidence-based debate’ in what passes for our political discourse: To put this another way, since the mid-70s, when Canada adopted its single payer … Continue reading

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We Do Not Get to Have Nice Things: The French Healthcare Edition

Many moons ago, when healthcare reform was but a dream, I wondered why healthcare plans always required reinventing the wheel (which usually wound up square) rather than just copying another country’s system: What I’ve never understood about the entire healthcare … Continue reading

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The Burden of Being a Dirty F-cking Hippie: The Single Payer Edition

For those who don’t know the inside joke, that (Dirty Fucking Hippies) is what the left sarcastically called ourselves, in large part due to the automatic recoil by ‘sensible people’ (including the Very Serious People) when confronted with liberal policy … Continue reading

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Healthcare Insurers and How to Possibly Corrupt a Wonk

So Ezra Klein wrote something at the Washington Post that puzzled me about health insurers: Yet the problem with the Affordable Care Act isn’t the insurance industry. In fact, the main benefits of nationalized health care can be achieved in … Continue reading

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The Cost of the U.S. Healthcare ‘System’

If you don’t have healthcare insurance, obviously the most important healthcare issue is getting some. But, to channel my inner Reagan, many people have health insurance. What has always puzzled me is why healthcare reformers haven’t tried to sell significant … Continue reading

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Yes, Medical Tourism Is Still a Really Bad Idea

Every so often, someone will argue that Americans, faced with high healthcare costs, should embrace medical tourism–going abroad for cheaper healthcare. I’ve argued before that this is a really bad idea from an infectious disease perspective. This story from Boston … Continue reading

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I’m Now Blue in the Face: It’s Not the Premiums, But the Co-Pays and Deductibles

I’ve written this many times before, but maybe people will believe it now that the NY Times writes about it (boldface mine): For months, the Obama administration has heralded the low premiums of medical insurance policies on sale in the … Continue reading

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The ACA Foul-Up: The Difference Between “We Can Do That” Versus “We Could Do That”

I’ve stayed away from commenting on the actual details of how got so screwed up, largely because details–as opposed to guesses–have been scarce. But a recent NY Times article on the subject is very revealing (boldface mine): The prime … Continue reading

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So Who’s the Pragmatist Now, Asshole?

Because I’ve had a hectic week, it has taken me a while to catch up on all the internets. This has allowed me to consume an entire week’s worth of dismay and panic over the rollout (with New Improved … Continue reading

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The Problem With Obamacare Isn’t the Premiums

This graphic from The Nation unintentionally demonstrates who gets hit hard by the ACA: In a display of historically odd comity, it’s not the “potential losers” section that’s in trouble, but the blue and the gray. What everyone seems to … Continue reading

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