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Those Budget Cuts Certainly Didn’t Help Our Preparedness

The state of our public health infrastructure is, well, kinda like the rest of infrastructure (boldface mine): But here at home, two programs that deal directly with emergency preparedness for hospitals have been cut. The CDC’s emergency preparedness program, which … Continue reading

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How Republican Craziness Is Undermining the South’s Massive Keynesian Stimulus

One of the great ironies of U.S. politics is that the region which is the most ‘fiscally conservative’ and which opposes government spending–the South–is actually the largest beneficiary of federal deficit spending: In many years, the South possesses much of … Continue reading

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Even With the ACA, the U.S. Healthcare System Is Still F-cking Stupid

So, at the new job, I’ve been suffering through all of the orientation stuff, and what I’ve noticed, regarding healthcare, is that the ACA (Obamacare) notwithstanding, I’m still facing the same idiocy I did seven years ago when I switched … Continue reading

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Meet the New Rent Extractors: Healthcare CEOs

Roy Poses makes a key observation about the recent coverage of healthcare CEO salaries that I haven’t seen elsewhere (boldface mine): We just saw examples of non-profit hospital CEOs making over $1 million to over $6 million in total compensation. … Continue reading

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We Have Done the Obvious Healthcare Experiment, and the U.S. Has Failed

Over at Naked Capitalism, Lambert Strether notes what should be obvious but is obfusicated by calls for ‘evidence-based debate’ in what passes for our political discourse: To put this another way, since the mid-70s, when Canada adopted its single payer … Continue reading

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We Do Not Get to Have Nice Things: The French Healthcare Edition

Many moons ago, when healthcare reform was but a dream, I wondered why healthcare plans always required reinventing the wheel (which usually wound up square) rather than just copying another country’s system: What I’ve never understood about the entire healthcare … Continue reading

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The Burden of Being a Dirty F-cking Hippie: The Single Payer Edition

For those who don’t know the inside joke, that (Dirty Fucking Hippies) is what the left sarcastically called ourselves, in large part due to the automatic recoil by ‘sensible people’ (including the Very Serious People) when confronted with liberal policy … Continue reading

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