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People Have to Like This Crap: The Healthcare Deductible Edition

As always, it’s worth noting this was not only predictable, but predicted (boldface mine): Although more Americans have health insurance coverage, 25 percent of non-elderly Americans don’t have enough liquid assets to cover the deductible on their health insurance plan, … Continue reading

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Chait Misses a Very Important Reason Why Republicans Will Never Have a Real Health-Care Plan

In a good article, Jonathan Chait lays out seven reasons “Why Republicans Will Never, Ever Have a Real Health-Care Plan”: 1. It has been a truism of American politics for decades that American voters are symbolically conservative and operationally liberal: … Continue reading

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Will SCOTUS Force Republican States to Govern With the Rhetoric They Use to Gull the Rubes?

Right now, the Supreme Court (‘SCOTUS’) is weighing a decision to gut some of the ACA (‘Obamacare’) healthcare tax subsidies. What’s staggering is how much this will cost (boldface mine): This provides a way of approximating just how much money … Continue reading

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Republicans Embrace Paul Ryan’s Goal to Create Massive Government Bureaucracies

A while ago, when Republican Rep. Paul Ryan was embracing his Inner Compassionate Conservative by releasing his anti-poverty program, which included a “customized life plan” with a personalized contract with benchmarks and timelines, I noted that his idea was liberalism … Continue reading

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The Consequences of Conservative Lies–And News Media’s Failure to Confront Them

When you read something like this, it’s tempting to blame the victim (boldface mine): Amanda Mayhew is one of the beneficiaries [of the ACA, also known as Obamacare]. She earns little enough to qualify for Medicaid under the new guidelines, … Continue reading

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People Still Seem Confused About What Affordable Means

I’ve discussed many times how the term affordable is misused when describing Obamacare–there is a difference between a good healthcare system and one that is simply better than. Unfortunately, there seem to be quite a few moderate Democratic pundits who … Continue reading

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Obamacare: Better Than Is Not the Same As Good Enough

Five years ago, when very bright people were extolling the virtues of Massachusetts’ Romneycare (the guide to Obama’s ACA), I noted that people wouldn’t be able to afford good healthcare: Because most humans, as opposed to MIT economists, would think, … Continue reading

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