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Zika, Rubella, and the Procedure That Shall Not Be Named

By way of Scary Disease Lady (aka ‘Maryn McKenna’), we come across the CDC’s recommendations for pregnant women who might have been exposed to the Zika virus, which has been linked to a twenty-fold increase in microcephaly. This is the … Continue reading

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Obama/RomneyCare Still Leads to “Crushing Debt”: Predictable and Predicted

When it comes to Obamacare, I’m not an ogre: I realize that it’s improved a lot of people’s lives. But too many of the defenders ([cough]Krugman[cough]) fail to acknowledge that, for too many people, healthcare is still unaffordable, even though … Continue reading

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Yes, High Health Insurance Deductibles Are Still A Problem

When the PPACA (‘Obamacare’) was being debated, I noted six years ago that the high deductibles made healthcare no more affordable (in fact, I noted this about Romneycare in 2008). This was not only predictable, but predicted. Which brings us … Continue reading

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Ebola and Electronic Hospital Records

As part of my day job, I work with infectious disease specialists who are experiencing the shift to electronic record keeping. So this doesn’t surprise me at all (boldface mine): “The lack of complete history taking, particularly travel history assessment, … Continue reading

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NIH Budgets and Zero Sum Games

The ridiculous belief that the government can run out of money–which then leads to stupid austerity policies such as spending caps–is really harmful to scientific research. I’ve also described how Republicans have used these imaginary austerity constraints* have been used … Continue reading

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A Lack of Gratitude: The ACA Edition

I’m not sure what to make of this (boldface mine): Atlanta resident Ted Souris, 62, describes himself as an “arch-conservative” who initially opposed the health law. He said he had mixed feelings about the ruling. He receives what he calls … Continue reading

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The Uncharacteristic Anti-Keynesianism of ACA Opponents

Sure, those who vehemently oppose the ACA (‘Obamacare’)–conservatives–say they’re not Keynesians, but, in reality, they do love themselves that massive Keynesian stimulus. Which brings us to a point we’ve made many times before–and is stated very clearly by Kevin Drum … Continue reading

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