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CNBC Is a Global Warming Denialist Propaganda Mill

Unbelievable (boldface mine): How badly does cable news network CNBC want to deny the existence of global warming? For a network with an embarrassing history of fudging the science around climate change, one CNBC booker apears to have made a … Continue reading

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Why Antibiotic Resistance Is a Worse Crisis Than Climate Change

A couple of weeks ago, a Nature article argued that the antibiotic resistance crisis is on a par with global warming. I think the resistance crisis is worse than the global warming crisis. Here’s why: if I were appointed El … Continue reading

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Yes, Climate Change Is Unprecedented

For anyone who thinks the climate change of the last century is in any way normal, I give you NASA: Then again, what do they know? Future generations will look back on us as horrible, willfully ignorant people.

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What’s More Disturbing…

…a sitting U.S. senator who thinks global warming is due to “sunspots” or whose staffers think the correct answer to ‘does he believe in evolution?’ is ‘no’? I say, why choose? Here’s what happened when a constituent tried to find … Continue reading

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I Guess I’m an Air Conditioning Moderate

Or something. While this Boston Globe piece arguing against the widespread use of air conditioning will get bashed heavily, I did agree with this part: When experts look at A/C use in America, they immediately see a spot of illogic: … Continue reading

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Infrastructure, Global Warming, and Tourism

The are big scientific meetings and little scientific meetings. Big scientific meetings, where the attendees number in the thousands, are important for cities that have a significant tourism industry. So it’s interesting to read this note from the Society for … Continue reading

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Dear Former Climate ‘Skeptic’: The Coalition of the Sane Does Not Need Your Validation

So go fuck yourself. Seriously. I agree with William Connolley: Muller has done nothing more than re-confirm something which had already been reconfirmed years ago. We knew then global warming is largely due to human emissions of greenhouse gases, but … Continue reading

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A Question for Education ‘Reformers’ About Tennessee’s “Monkey Bill”

Do you give a shit? If you haven’t heard, the Great State of Tennessee, in a effort to inflict reversible (hopefully) mental retardation on the children entrusted to its educational system, has passed legislation that “encourages teachers to present the … Continue reading

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Japan Now Has to Create a Third-Best Option for Energy Generation

I’ve described nuclear power as the second-best option. Just to be clear, I don’t like nuclear power, but, in my opinion, decommissioning nuclear power plants should be the last step on the path to renewable energy, not the first. Well, … Continue reading

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Channeling My Inner Sen. Inhofe: Let’s Just Give Up on Infectious Disease Too, While We’re at It

I am so sick of these fucking Republicants, such as Senator James Inhofe: Well actually the Genesis 8:22 that I use in there is that “as long as the earth remains there will be springtime and harvest, cold and heat, … Continue reading

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