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Surprisingly, A GOP Bill Claims One Thing and Then Does the Opposite: The COMPETES Act Edition

Consider the NSF is a government agency, this is pretty harsh language about the COMPETES Act (boldface mine; emphasis original): H.R. 1806 (Section 102) recognizes that “the Foundation has made major contributions for more than 60 years to strengthen and … Continue reading

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Firing Faculty and Lack of Agency

Recently, an Iowa legislator proposed a ‘Hunger Games’ scenario for faculty retention: A bill circulating in the Iowa State Senate offers a novel (and cutthroat) way to hold professors accountable: putting their fates into students’ hands, Survivor-style. Every year the … Continue reading

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Some Doubts About the Proposed NIH Doubling

Former Republican congressman Newt Gingrich recently proposed a doubling of the NIH budget. To provide some context, from ~1994 – 2003, the NIH budget was doubled. Then the music stopped, funding plateaued, and even declined in real dollars, leading to … Continue reading

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The Scientific Cost of Reflexive Ass-Covering

Or to use the term of art, proactive crisis management (rinses vomit out of mouth; boldface mine): If they [NIH researchers] want to leave, though, to meet with scientists around the world at scientific and medical conferences, they spend their … Continue reading

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Postdocs of the World, Unite!

By way of the Mad Biologist’s far-flung global network of correspondents, we come across this depressing postdoc-related story about the University of Maryland (boldface mine): Beginning postdoctoral students at this university could see a title change due to a University … Continue reading

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The Importance of Surveillance

I really do like Bill Gates’ recent NYT op-ed. But, at the same time, this section makes my head get a little explodey: To begin with, most poor countries, where a natural epidemic is most likely to start, have no … Continue reading

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Public Services and the Gentry: The Rahm Emanuel Edition

Maria Moser asks a good question: How on earth could something as silly as neighborhood public schools bedevil Rahm Emanuel right out of his incumbent throne as mayor of Chicago? The answer (boldface mine): Here’s what happened: Rahm systematically attacked … Continue reading

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