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The Cost of Misunderstanding How Money Works: So Long Invertebrate House

Like most people–and I’ve been a supporter of the National Zoo in Washington DC for nearly a quarter century–I was shocked to learn that the Invertebrate House will be shuttered for good this Sunday, June 22. Why? Budget cuts: The … Continue reading

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The Paradox of Open Access

Vaughn Cooper makes an excellent point about open access (boldface mine): The paradox is therefore that the students at an institution that can most benefit from OA, and complain about lack of access, don’t appear to want to publish in … Continue reading

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Budgets Versus Culture War and What That Means for the War on Science

Chris Pickett of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology notes the difference between rhetoric and budget allocations for science (boldface mine): For instance, while on the Hill, we asked legislators to support a funding level of $32 billion … Continue reading

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One Reason to Use a Pseudonym: The K3rning of the Grant

Jon Eisen relates this awful little tale: Got this back in a grant review for a project that I have a minor role in: Outstanding group of individuals, and the organizational and management structure appears sound with clear roles and … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on “Rescuing US Biomedical Research From Its Systemic Flaws”

By way of the intertoobz, we come across this open access PNAS article about the problems facing biomedical by Bruce Alberts, Marc W. Kirschner, Shirley Tilghman, and Harold Varmus, big names all. Before I get to the flaws, it’s worth … Continue reading

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The Heartbleed Hack and Misunderstanding the State of Our Tech Infrastructure

The state is bad. Before we get to the Heartbleed security hack, which was exploited by the NSA, it’s worth revisiting our usual plaint regarding the state of science infrastructure: One of the ridiculous things about many depictions of science … Continue reading

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P-Values and Power of Test: Why So Many Results Can’t Be Replicated

It’s all the rage to argue that science is facing a crisis because so many results can’t be repeated. David Colquhoun has a really nice explanation why replication experiments fail so often. Before we get to his explanation, we’ll have … Continue reading

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No, the U.S. Can’t Run Out of Money (And What This Means for Scientists)

Dylan Matthews, now of Vox, tweeted the obvious: We have taxes to encourage public use of fiat money, control inflation, and discourage harmful behaviors. Not bc we "need" the money. — Dylan Matthews (@dylanmatt) March 27, 2014 To his credit, … Continue reading

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Big Science Stole Your R01: Things Scientists Know Yet Are Not True

Time and time again, we read about the conflict between ‘big science’ and independent researchers. This is often accompanied by the claim that big science is sucking up all the money–if only the centers didn’t take all the money, my … Continue reading

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University Science As Shopping Mall?

Despite government-funded academic science having far more economic activity than the major U.S. sports leagues combined, Paula Stephan is one of the few (perhaps only) economists to look at that economic sector. Recently, Stephan has argued that government-funded academic science … Continue reading

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