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Some Good Funding News About Drug-Resistant Bacteria

If the proposed Congressional deal goes through, funding to study antimicrobial resistance will increase from $471 million to $774 million. Unfortunately, AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality), which studies hospital and medical interventions, will be cut from $364 million … Continue reading

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Going Manhattan Project on Science’s Ass: You Get the Science You (Don’t) Pay For

I’ve argued before that the funding structure of science hurts our ability to conduct experiments at the appropriate scale, and that this should be fixed by ‘going Manhattan Project on its ass.’ Here’s what I mean (boldface added): What I’ll … Continue reading

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Who Gets Screwed By Funding Changes: RFAs and Anti-Conservatism

Last week, I detailed my problems with a report that provided a whole mess of inane recommendations on how to make science funding better. DrugMonkey makes a good point about how RFAs, requests for admissions, which call for proposals to … Continue reading

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In A Zero-Sum Funding World, Proposals To Aid Some Should Also Describe Who Gets Hurt

Otherwise, you’re a jackass. Recently, eLife published a report about a workshop held at the University of Wisconsin, “Strategies from UW-Madison for rescuing biomedical research in the US“. The title tells most of what you need to know: it is … Continue reading

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The Judean People’s Front Microbiome Initiative

Or is it the People’s Front of Judea’s Microbiome Initiative? All kidding aside, we learn, by way of Ed Yong, about two proposed initiatives to support microbiome research: the Unified Microbiome Initiative (UMI) and the International Microbiome Initiative (IMI). I … Continue reading

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Paul Ryan And The Long-Term Game

With Republican Congressman Paul Ryan likely to be House Speaker, it’s worth noting if he can keep the Insane Beserker wing of his party under control (that’s not a trivial if), he could be an incredibly effective Speaker–and that’s really … Continue reading

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Remediation In the Era of PARCC Exams

From Politico‘s morning roundup (boldface mine): Critics say the Ohio State Board of Education is practicing some fuzzy math on the Common Core, having voted earlier this week to depart from general benchmarks on the PARCC exam. Students who are … Continue reading

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