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Anonymity and Food-Borne Pathogen Investigations

A while ago, there was a bit of a scandal as the D.C. location of Fig & Olive, a rather expensive restaurant was briefly shutdown due to Salmonella outbreak that sickened dozens. In D.C., a Freedom of Information Act was … Continue reading

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D.C. Seems To Be Driving Itself A Little Bonkers Over the Prospect Of No Tipping

Recently, some of the more prominent D.C. restaurants have considered eliminating tips, which has lead to discussions about tipping. Needless to say, The Washington Post‘s Richard Cohen goes Full Metal Prima Nocta. What I don’t get is why this is … Continue reading

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Foodborne Illness and Naked Self-Interest

Well, we’re nearing winter time, and that means…norovirus! Which is also known as winter vomiting disease and is every bit as fun as it sounds. When it comes to sick leave, I am utterly baffled by conservative opposition to it. … Continue reading

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Clear-Cut Fishing

A few years ago, in a post about a reconstructed fish weir–a fence used to trap fish–I noted that, historically, this was a good strategy: Every year, a fishweir is reconstructed on the Boston Common (more information is available here). … Continue reading

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An Abomination Unto the Lord: The Pastrami Edition

We are damned apikorism (boldface mine): It is possible to wander into Harry & Ida’s Meat and Supply Co., a delicatessen and provisions shop that opened in June in the East Village, with expectations of nothing more than a good … Continue reading

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16th Street NOMS

Observed on 8th Street, between S and T, Shaw, D.C.:

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Our Agricultural Innovation Lags Behind China

One common belief is that, in the U.S., we are encumbered by environmental regulations, while other, supposedly less developed countries gain short-term economic advantages by poisoning their environments. As this article about the environmental damage caused by pig production suggests, … Continue reading

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