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My Commenters Are Smarter Than I Am: The Salad Delivery Drone Edition

In response to “The Internet of Boring Things“, becca describes a brilliant startup bidness concept: Boring? Are you kidding? I have been trying to figure out why no one is using all this data mining to sell me a service … Continue reading

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Charters, Tenure, and Hungry Kids

So it appears a principal at a charter school was fired because she didn’t want to humiliate low-income children who needed food: Former Peak to Peak elementary principal Noelle Roni said Sunday she was fired by the Lafayette charter school … Continue reading

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Two More Reasons Why We Need a National Sick Day Policy

I’ve discussed the astonishing lack of self-interest in opposing a sick day policy before, but two CDC reports make it clear why we need a national sick day policy. Reason one (boldface mine): Twenty percent of workers said that they … Continue reading

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New Chicken Microbial Survey Reveals Very Little That’s New

Before I get into the meat of the post (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?), let me state for the record that I think the U.S. needs to do much more in terms of limiting antibiotic use in agriculture, especially since … Continue reading

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Observed at the United States Botanical Garden, Washington D.C.: Probably worth reminding people about the impending Chocolate Wars…

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The Resource War No One Expects?

Well, this does not bode well (boldface mine): The world will officially run out on October 2, 2020… Confectionery giants revealed there are just not enough cocoa plantations across the globe to feed the demand. They warned we would need … Continue reading

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What Really Worries Me About the Salmonella-Chicken Outbreak

In the midst of all of the Republican debt ceiling/government shutdown lunacy, one of the casualties has been the CDC’s inability to respond to a Salmonella outbreak that has currently sickened hundreds of people in twenty states and territories throughout … Continue reading

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Missing the Point on Working While Sick

CNN has a piece “Why you shouldn’t go to work sick” that really doesn’t get the reality of the workplace. While there’s some good advice (notably, try to avoid going to work and making everyone else sick), it misses the … Continue reading

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An Abomination Unto the Lord

With all of the hard times traditional Jewish delicatessens are facing, it’s good to read this about Katz’s in New York City: The pickle barrels no longer line Ludlow Street (they now occupy a storage room inside Katz’s). The corned … Continue reading

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SoWa Market and Art Walk in Boston Today

Boston has a pretty good farmers’ market scene. Today, the SoWa farmers market, one of the better ones and located at 460 Harrison Ave. in the South End, opens. Usually, the opening day of the market is pretty good, even … Continue reading

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