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Meet the Flying Gurnard

The New England Aquarium has finished renovating the Giant Ocean Tank. At the top level of the tank, some small exhibits have been added. One of them features a flying gurnard (a fish). They’re not native to New England, but … Continue reading

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Fishweir on the Common

So there’s a fish weir on the Boston Common for the next few weeks: Here’s the reason why there is a giant fence in the middle of Boston designed to catch fish.

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On Boston’s Fishweirs and the Demise of Coral Reefs

Andrew Revkin, in response to a NY Times op-ed claiming that the coral reefs are doomed, finds some other marine ecologists who disagree. Frank Bruno states: It is scary, but is it true? I don’t think so. I have been … Continue reading

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I Want a Fish Robot

The Harvard Museum of Natural History has one: Stick some laser beams on it and we’re ready to go! Unfortunately, this is the only version I could possibly afford: Not nearly as snazzy-looking.

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Fabulous Friday Fish Phylogenetics

If you haven’t been to the Harvard Museum of Natural History in a while, they’ve recently revamped the fishes exhibit. It still is full of all sorts of weird fish, but now it actually discusses evolution (TEH DARWINISMZ! AAAIEEE!!). Without … Continue reading

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This Patient Is Not Following Orders

So these were the doctor’s orders: And so what does the patient do? Well: Swimming all around the tank? Back and forth, back and forth? Is that what you call rest? Get with the program, pal. I guess balloonfish are … Continue reading

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A Dead Salmon: Bestest Control Experiment EVAH!

That’s one very smart, and very dead, salmon.
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Craziest Looking Fish EVAH!

Imagine a fish with eyes that slide around in its head–which looks like a fighter cockpit.
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Never Go to a Chinese Restaurant…

…and order anything that comes with “assorted meats.” You see…
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Fluoroquinolones: They’re What’s For Dinner?

More scary food news from China: Chinese catfish have been found to contain fluoroquinolone residues. Fluoroquinolones are medically important antibiotics and include ciprofloxacin (“Cipro”) and enrofloxacin (which has been banned from agricultural use in the U.S.). Not only can fluoroquinolones be toxic and cause allergic reactions, but this means that China is probably still misusing these vital antibiotics.
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