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Conservative Parsing of Rape and Misidentified Moral Agency

There’s an article at Politico about the knots conservatives are tying themselves into over abortion. Nothing particularly new, but this bit with ‘reformicon’ Ramesh Ponnuru is very telling (boldface mine): “The lengthy history of this debate makes pro-lifers nervous about … Continue reading

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Why Cosmo’s Political Reporting Matters

The right wing media, along with a couple of the Very Serious People, are very upset that Cosmo–yes, that Cosmo–has been providing excellent political coverage, especially regarding women’s health and economic issues. Yes, you really did just read that sentence … Continue reading

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Opposition to War Is a Feminist Issue

Reading this horrifying story about a Syrian mother who had to choose between marrying off her young teenage daughters or exposing them to the persistent threat of rape, one thing we, in the U.S., never talk about in our numerous … Continue reading

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The ‘Scalito Five’ Are Right: Contraception Is Different From Most Healthcare

Unfortunately, they think this is a bad thing. But I’m getting ahead of myself. A few years back, Sara Robinson penned the most incisive blog post I’ve ever read about the War on Science and the fundamentalist mindset (far, far … Continue reading

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With Fifty to Hundreds of Applicants For Every Tenure-Track Position, Why Do We Tolerate This Crap?

I don’t get this (boldface mine): …a postdoc (in the same lab), let’s call him Postdoc A, had approached her while she was working at the lab bench, while no one else was around, and asked her out. They had … Continue reading

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Boston’s First Lady, Unconventional But Ordinary

Mind you, Boston mayor-elect Marty Walsh’s personal life won’t matter if he screws up the job, but this is still very interesting (boldface mine): The question hung over the stage where Walsh stood triumphant on election night with Higgins. Walsh, … Continue reading

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Want to Know What Privilege Looks Like? The ‘Tell Someone “No”, Get Called a Whore’ Edition

A while ago, I got an email from a science aggregator offering me a chance to crosspost for…free. To paraphrase the wisdom of the philosopher Tone Loc, I get paid to do the blog thing (actually, that’s not the case … Continue reading

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