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Some Thoughts on “Die, Selfish Gene, Die”

I’m often reluctant to get involved in online debates over the philosophy of biology as they usually shed more heat than light. That said, I’m going to do something stupid and comment on David Dobbs’ recent Aeon article “Die, selfish … Continue reading

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What’s More Disturbing…

…a sitting U.S. senator who thinks global warming is due to “sunspots” or whose staffers think the correct answer to ‘does he believe in evolution?’ is ‘no’? I say, why choose? Here’s what happened when a constituent tried to find … Continue reading

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Two Disturbing Carbapenem-Resistance Observations

I’ve discussed before the serious problem of carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae (‘CRE’): these are common disease-causing bacteria that have evolved resistance to all penicillin derivatives, and usually are resistant to all other commonly used antibiotics* (and in some cases, every antibiotic). So … Continue reading

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Some Truisms About Large-Scale Research Projects

In light of the recent ENCODE data release and paper blizzard, I’ve decided to provide this list of truisms about large-scale biological research projects to make it easier for everyone the next time around: 1) The most pollyanish, expansive interpretation … Continue reading

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Fabulous Friday Fish Phylogenetics

If you haven’t been to the Harvard Museum of Natural History in a while, they’ve recently revamped the fishes exhibit. It still is full of all sorts of weird fish, but now it actually discusses evolution (TEH DARWINISMZ! AAAIEEE!!). Without … Continue reading

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Creationism and Education ‘Reform’

When it comes to STEM education in grades K-12, one of the great failures of the U.S. educational system is the complete lack of exposure to even the basics of evolutionary biology in science courses. This isn’t just an academic … Continue reading

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Science State Standards Signify Success: Alabama Versus Massachusetts

Fortunately for you, dear reader, I couldn’t figure out how to have every word in this post begin with the letter S. Anyway, onto to science education. I would take the education reformers more seriously if they would face up … Continue reading

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