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This Isn’t The Way To Prevent Antibiotic Misuse

From a NY Times article about companies that are jacking up the prices of generic drugs: Doxycycline, an antibiotic, went from $20 a bottle in October 2013 to $1,849 by April 2014, according to the two lawmakers. Deoxycycline is a … Continue reading

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Gawker Inadvertently Reveals the Real Shocker

Like many, I’m disgusted by Gawker’s outing a married mid-level executive who attempted to hire a gay escort (and who is a relative of a very prominent former official), when there is no reason to do so. The argument Gawker … Continue reading

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The Problem With the Marc Rubio Non-Scandal

As it’s campaign season, our political press corps has decided to focus on what’s really important: Republican candidate and senator Marc Rubio’s personal finances. The mainstream story line–which attempts to gin up scandal by arguing Rubio’s profligate ways (he bought … Continue reading

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The Mandatory Sentence in the LaCour Coverage That Matters

So the science Twitterz and bloggysphere is being roiled by the LaCour scandal, which involves a whole lot of scientific fraud along with ridiculously shoddy oversight. But what I keep reading in every story–and then which is dropped like a … Continue reading

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Pro-Choice and Pro-Abortion

Because, sometimes abortion is a blessing. Valerie Tarico (boldface mine): I am pro-abortion like I’m pro-knee-replacement and pro-chemotherapy and pro-cataract surgery. As the last protection against ill-conceived childbearing when all else fails, abortion is part of a set of tools … Continue reading

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The Conservative Con Rolls On

You might have heard of the Duggar family, pictured above, who are part of the Quiverfull fundamentalist movement (boldface mine): You’ll find Quiverfull families in nearly all types of churches in every community. Quiverfull is simply the “pro-life” idea that … Continue reading

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Politicizing This Day

(from here) A couple of years ago, I argued that Martin Luther King Day needs to be ‘politicized’, even if that makes it a day that is not for everyone. I think the post has held up nicely, since it’s … Continue reading

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