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Our Agricultural Innovation Lags Behind China

One common belief is that, in the U.S., we are encumbered by environmental regulations, while other, supposedly less developed countries gain short-term economic advantages by poisoning their environments. As this article about the environmental damage caused by pig production suggests, … Continue reading

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The Republicans’ Difficult Choice

I’m glad the Democrats forced this choice, but it indicates just how far the Republicans have fallen (boldface mine): House Republicans were forced to pull a controversial spending bill on Thursday because too many lawmakers wanted to preserve the Confederate … Continue reading

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Back Bay’s Solar Scooter

Observed on Commonwealth Ave., Back Bay, Boston: As best as I can tell, this thing has an engine (it’s not foot-powered), and it’s solar powered. If so, that means it doesn’t smell like a lawnmower (i.e., fumes) when it goes … Continue reading

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NYC Eliminates Homicides For Twenty Months (Cleaning the Air Matters)

This will probably disappear into the ether, but this is good news (boldface mine): On Thursday New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that cleaner air is now preventing nearly 800 deaths and 2,000 emergency room visits annually. He was … Continue reading

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Freedom Is an Unregulated Ceiling Fan

Having failed to defend the Republic from the scourge of Invisible Light Bulb Vigilantes, we now observe that Republicans are preparing against the next assault on your freedoms–the regulation of ceiling fans (boldface mine): The Tennessee Republican says new regulations … Continue reading

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A Question For the Physicists: Is Lockheed’s Hydrogen Fusion Real or Vaporware?

This is way outside of my expertise, but, if real, this seems like a critical technological breakthrough (boldface mine): At Google’s Solve For X, Charles Chase describes what his team has been working on: a trailer-sized fusion power plant that … Continue reading

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The Conservative Bias of Our Not-Liberal Media: The Environmental Beat Edition

Recently, I noted that certain policies, even those are quite popular, never get discussed (forget about being enacted into law). One reason is that large scale media outlets have a bias–and it’s definitely not liberal (boldface mine): Peter Dykstra, who … Continue reading

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