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Keeping Terrorist Sabotage of Our Infrastructure in Context

Or, it’s the natural disasters, stupid (boldface mine): Our energy systems are so big, complex and spread out, that they are doomed to fail on occasion, sometimes in ways that cascade catastrophically through the system. The electrical grid is especially … Continue reading

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Back Bay’s Solar Scooter

Observed on Commonwealth Ave., Back Bay, Boston: As best as I can tell, this thing has an engine (it’s not foot-powered), and it’s solar powered. If so, that means it doesn’t smell like a lawnmower (i.e., fumes) when it goes … Continue reading

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I Guess I’m an Air Conditioning Moderate

Or something. While this Boston Globe piece arguing against the widespread use of air conditioning will get bashed heavily, I did agree with this part: When experts look at A/C use in America, they immediately see a spot of illogic: … Continue reading

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A Question For the Physicists: Is Lockheed’s Hydrogen Fusion Real or Vaporware?

This is way outside of my expertise, but, if real, this seems like a critical technological breakthrough (boldface mine): At Google’s Solve For X, Charles Chase describes what his team has been working on: a trailer-sized fusion power plant that … Continue reading

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Glimpses of Our Dystopian Neo-Liberal Future: Electrical Power in Virginia

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, which knocked out power to parts of Virginia for several days, relatives, having lost their power, decided to get a natural gas-powered generator (their house has a gas line). Sadly, it has become a … Continue reading

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Power, Old School

Coal-based power generation plant, Port Jefferson, NY:

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How Could We Possibly Spend All That Money? The Electrical Grid Edition

If you remember back when the stimulus bill was being discussed, one of the claims made by many, including some so-called progressives, was that it’s really difficult to figure out how to spend a lot of money. Of course, I … Continue reading

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The Problems With Carbon Taxes

Noah Smith has a really good post about the problems with carbon taxes. I want to raise two more. The first involves a slight disagreement with Noah, who writes: 1. Carbon taxes are politically infeasible in the U.S. A few … Continue reading

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Japan Now Has to Create a Third-Best Option for Energy Generation

I’ve described nuclear power as the second-best option. Just to be clear, I don’t like nuclear power, but, in my opinion, decommissioning nuclear power plants should be the last step on the path to renewable energy, not the first. Well, … Continue reading

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The Second-Worst Thing About the GOP Becoming the Batshitloonitarian Party: The Carbon Reduction Edition

Of course, the worst thing about the GOP becoming the batshitloonitarian party is, as I’ve noted before, they are batshitloonitarians. But one thing it also does is transform merely sane, although not very good, options, into ‘liberal’ policies, when, in … Continue reading

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