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More Bureaucracy: Another Result of Education Reform

Even though I think Massachusetts’ education system should be emulated nationally, the various education reform initiatives, No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top, Put Your Right Foot In, Put Your Right Foot Out, Do the Hokey Pokey and Shake … Continue reading

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The Incompetency of Education Reformers: The Texas Testing Edition

One of the biggest cons going is the belief that education reformers are get-it-done pragmatists. As I noted, regarding Florida’s ridiculous use of test scores, that’s not true: What boggles the mind is that people at the Florida Department of … Continue reading

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Once Again: For Real Education Reform, You Can Just Visit Massachusetts

Although, unlike Finland, it doesn’t have reindeer. I know I’ve beaten this to a pulp, but flogging dead horses is what we do around here: if you want a model for education reform, you don’t need to travel to Finland, … Continue reading

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Wham, VAM, No Thank You Ma’am

File this under ‘why value-added measurement (aka ‘VAM’) doesn’t work in practice’ (boldface mine): Two years ago, I was lauded for my students receiving extremely high state test scores…. Last year, many of my students had had the highest scores … Continue reading

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Common Core For Thee, But Not Me

Before we get to today’s episode of education ‘reform’ hypocrisy, I’ll state for the record, as I have before, that a standardized curriculum would be a good thing, but that the Common Core isn’t very rigorous. That said, a hallmark … Continue reading

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I Thought the Commonwealth Was Smarter About Education Than This

I often sing Massachusetts’ praises when it comes to education, but whoever in the Department of Education decided that four to six year old kids would be tested repeatedly fell out of the goddamn stupid tree and hit every fucking … Continue reading

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I Would Hate School Today

This would have screwed me up as a kid (boldface mine): Because the state’s exams are predictable, they’re deemed easy to game with test prep. But in contrast to their drill-and-kill competition, Moskowitz says her teachers prepped their third-graders a … Continue reading

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Nobody Knows What the Common Core Is

Something Common Core opponents need to recognize is that people like the concept of uniform national standards (as does the Mad Biologist): Opposing national standards per se is doomed to fail, especially in an era where families have to move … Continue reading

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Value-Added Capriciousness

Sorry, I meant value-added measurement. A while ago, I described how value-added testing of teachers went completely off the rails in Tennessee. Here’s a taste: Because there are no student test scores with which to evaluate over half of Tennessee’s … Continue reading

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A Question For the Advocates of Teaching Kids to Code

Over the last couple of weeks, there has been some chatter around the internet about teaching kids to code. In the U.S., Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is not only pushing this initiative, he’s teaching (or learning with) his kids … Continue reading

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