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Why We Need Teacher Tenure: Because Protecting Children Shouldn’t Be a Firing Offense

A while ago, I wrote about how elementary school teachers in Holyoke, MA were being told to use public disclosure of test scores to ‘encourage’ better performance. Because humiliating children is a great way to make kids hate learning. Or … Continue reading

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‘Reformers’ Force Ohioans to Choose Between Creationism and Crappy Math and Reading Curricula

A while ago, I gave Ohio kudos for ditching the shitty Common Core standards* and adopting Massachusetts’ standards, based on the notion that we should adopt standards used by one of the best education systems in the world, rather than … Continue reading

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Here’s an Advantage of a College Education: Better Mental Health

There has been much wordsmithing in the bloggysphere about whether college is worth the cost. Well, there seems to be a correlation–a positive one–between college education and mental health: “Percentage” is the population-adjusted percentage (go figure) of those who are … Continue reading

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Finally, Some Sense About Educational Standards: Ohio Is Copying Massachusetts

Since the Common Core was first proposed, I’ve been arguing that, rather than reinventing a square wheel, states should just adopt the Massachusetts state educational standards. After all, Massachusetts has one of the best educational systems in the world (hopefully, … Continue reading

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About That Cato Institute Education Chart

In the education bloggysphere, there has been a pissing match between the Cato Institute and the Shanker Institute over the legitimacy of claiming that, even as education costs have risen dramatically, NAEP test scores have essentially remained unchanged. I was … Continue reading

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By Their Friends Shall You Know Them: The Students First Edition

It’s hard to believe Education First, the anti-teacher union ‘reform’ group founded by Michelle Rhee, really cares about students, especially minority students, when they actively support bigoted legislators. From the Great State of Georgia (boldface mine): Remember the Georgia state … Continue reading

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Finally, Someone Accurately Describes Our Schools

Good for Catherine Rampell (boldface mine): Few consistent tools are available to measure the quality of U.S. education over time; the best we have is probably the National Assessment of Educational Progress test, first administered in 1971. And believe it … Continue reading

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