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In 2015, This Still Happens Here

Though it is quite a rarity: At a Feb. 10 hearing of UCLA’s student government, four of nine representatives raised concerns that the Jewish background of Judicial Board candidate Rachel Beyda could present a conflict of interest and make her … Continue reading

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Sample Size and Assessment

Matthew Di Carlo provides a very interesting figure comparing year-to-year school proficiency rates in New York City (i.e., how many students at a given school pass a threshold on an assessment exam): Di Carlo (boldface mine): Classes and schools tend … Continue reading

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Teacher Evaluation As Practiced

While I’m very skeptical of teacher evaluation methods, since they are incredibly imprecise, it still blows my mind how stupidly implemented they are. Consider D.C.’s IMPACT system (boldface mine): Under DCPS’s teacher evaluation system, called IMPACT, teachers in affluent Ward … Continue reading

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The Republican War on Universities

I don’t have much to add to the commentary on the Republican War on Universities in North Carolina and in Wisconsin, except to note that a rightwing assault on what they consider a left-wing bastion was not only predictable, it … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Charter Schools

So Monday’s post seemed to set off the charter school advocates. I’ll blame instructor error, but the little Twitter storm that erupted didn’t seem to deal with the larger–and factually accurate–claim that Massachusetts built one of the best educational systems … Continue reading

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The Faith in the Not Seen Evidence For Education Reform

To use a phrase. One of the most infuriating things regarding education reform has been its ongoing and slow-motion implementation in Massachusetts. Massachusetts, certainly circa 2010, had an educational system worth emulating nationally–something I repeatedly have argued for: adopt the … Continue reading

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Education Spending Does Matter

We’ve discussed Kirabo Jackson’s important work that demonstrated how the long-term effects of teachers on ‘life outcomes’ is very poorly correlated with subject matter scores–something that education ‘reformers’ seem to not discuss (odd that). Well, he’s back with a new … Continue reading

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