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The Politics of Obama’s New Education Secretary

As I’ve noted several times, you can’t understand Obama’s domestic policies without reference to his allies, the Pritzker family, who, among other things, are staunch education ‘reformers.‘ So, on the one hand, it’s not at all surprising that he appointed … Continue reading

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Misunderstanding “Proficiency”

The NY Times describes how one of the promises of the Common Core, the ability to compare educational outcomes among states, is failing, since states are defining student proficiency is different ways (boldface mine): Ohio seems to have taken a … Continue reading

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Remediation In the Era of PARCC Exams

From Politico‘s morning roundup (boldface mine): Critics say the Ohio State Board of Education is practicing some fuzzy math on the Common Core, having voted earlier this week to depart from general benchmarks on the PARCC exam. Students who are … Continue reading

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The Cost of Testing, Accountability, and Transparency

With ‘accountability’ being all the rage, it’s worth noting the difference between accountability and transparency: Accountability proposals, when applied to lower level employees, have a tendency to backfire due to Campbell’s Law. If there’s an unsolved shooting attempt with no … Continue reading

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Reliability and VAM

One of the problems of using value-added measurement (‘VAM’) to assess individual teachers is the imprecision of these estimates. Brad Lindell explains the problem in testimony in a New York case challenging teacher assessment: If the same test-retest reliability from … Continue reading

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How You ‘Pre-Treat’ Your Data Really Matters (It’s Not the P-Hacking)

There’s an 538 article “Science Isn’t Broken” that’s winding its way through the tubes of the internet. It has a cool ‘p-hacking’ interactive feature, which is probably why most of the associated commentary has focused on the problem of p-hacking … Continue reading

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VAM-Based Teacher Evaluation Collides With the Legal System

And if the judge’s questions are any indication, VAM-based teacher evaluation gets hit and dragged a couple hundred yards (boldface mine): Lederman’s suit against state education officials — including John King, the former state education commissioner who is now a … Continue reading

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