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There’s Understanding the Limits of Your Data…

…and then there’s New Orleans educational data, which defy both understanding and belief. After Hurricane Katrina, education reformers saw an opportunity to prove that charters were better than regular public schools. Since then, the overwhelming majority of New Orleans’ schools … Continue reading

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Common Core, Science, and Louisiana

For the record, here’s my thoughts on the Common Core: …I don’t oppose a national curriculum or annual testing: as I’ve written repeatedly, I do think we should be using Massachusetts’ curriculum and tests (including the importance–not so important–that used* … Continue reading

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Another Discussion About Teaching Versus Research That Ignores Overheads

I wish I was a Thought Leader so I could write thinkful and thoughty pieces that aren’t grounded in reality. Which brings us to this post by Clay Shirky about how professors, like it or not, are going to do … Continue reading

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What Education Can Learn From the Military

Behold the power of Campbell‘s Law. By way of William Lind, we come across this U.S. Army War College Report, “Lying to Ourselves: Dishonesty in the Army Profession.” One problem that was identified: In 2002, a U.S. Army War College … Continue reading

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Trigger Warnings Aren’t the Problem

Leaving aside the reality of ‘trigger warnings’–they serve as much to prevent class discussions from being derailed by personal stories of trauma as they do to protect students’ feelings (e.g., preventing a rape survivor from having a meltdown during class)–it … Continue reading

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IMPACTing D.C.’s Teachers

This won’t help D.C.’s schools (boldface mine): I worked in a school for students who struggled in mainstream classroom environments due to emotional or behavioral issues, but I had managed to figure out a way to reach them and make … Continue reading

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Mitch Daniels (and Maybe Frank Bruni) Repeats the Education Zombie Myth That Just Won’t Die

As prelude, let’s start with this model by Mark Weber: Anyway, Frank Bruni had an op-ed piece in which he wrote the following (boldface mine): Mitch Daniels, the former governor of Indiana, didn’t wholly disagree. I approached him because he … Continue reading

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