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Insensitivity to Instruction: How Do We Know If Our Children Is Learning?

To use a phrase. The Texas Observer has a very interesting story about a researcher who testified in front of the Texas Lege about a fundamental problem with that state’s regime of standardized tests (boldface mine): Then Stroup sat down … Continue reading

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NY Times’ Daniel Bergner Gives Diane Ravitch the Dirty F-cking Hippie Treatment

When I first read Daniel Bergner’s puff piece about Eva Moskowitz’s charter chain Success Academies, I just figured it was another garbage piece by a reporter who doesn’t know statistics. This was the part that made me roll my eyes … Continue reading

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Milwaukee Is What the Religious Right Wants Our School System to Be

This is a bad thing, by the way. One of the tells that education ‘reform’ is about everything other than student learning is that most reformers are absolutely silent on the issue of creationism and other religious intrusions into the … Continue reading

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Why School Teachers Need Tenure

Keep in mind, teacher tenure only means that a teacher can’t be fired at will, not that he or she can’t be fired. As a recent scandal resulting in the firing of three school administrators at the elite Boston Latin … Continue reading

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Lies, the Denominator, and Charter Schools

Eva Moskowitz, head of the Success Academy charter schools in New York City, is quite the reformist darling these days (even if she turns her kids into traumatized “test-taking machines”). However, a mole in the NYC Department of Education explains … Continue reading

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The Theocratic Right and Teacher Tenure

As we’ve discussed many times here, that education ‘reformers’ have nothing to say about the infiltration of creationism into school curricula–and even align themselves who those who either cynically abet or outright support the bastardization of our science curricula–is something … Continue reading

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School Reform and Treating Your Kids As a Commodity

One of the things that goes unsaid in the fight over education ‘reform’ is that a lot of people stand to profit by it. In and of itself, that’s not necessarily a bad thing: doing right should be rewarded with … Continue reading

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