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The Conservative Predilection For Making Welfare Bureaucracies

In an effort to triangulate against Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton attacked Sanders’ proposal to make college tuition free: I disagree with free college for everybody. I don’t think taxpayers should be paying to send Donald Trump’s kids to college. This … Continue reading

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Your Regular Reminder That Reformers Didn’t Suffer Through Education Reform Themselves

A former classmate of Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, reminds him of what their educations were like (boldface mine): Yesterday, I was alarmed when a friend of mine sent me a post from your own Facebook page endorsing “personalized” learning, … Continue reading

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On the Meaninglessness of ‘Proficient’: The Vermont Edition

Last week, I argued that the new Common Core-aligned tests are setting ‘proficiency’ and ‘college ready’ at ridiculous levels, such that the majority of Europeans and 46% of Japanese students wouldn’t be considered ‘proficient’–which is, of course, ridiculous. Which brings … Continue reading

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Obama and The Department of Education Are Missing the Point About Testing

A couple weeks ago, President Obama gave a speech and also a wrote on open letter about his supposed change of heart regarding testing. It’s actually not a change of heart–he’s always said he’s opposed to punitive testing (and his … Continue reading

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This Is Not Education, But Child Abuse

Amy Frogge, Nashville Board of Education member (boldface mine): Here, precisely, is why I have become very upset and frustrated about Nashville Prep: Nearly two years ago, a parent approached me after a board meeting, crying. She had come to … Continue reading

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The Impact of Social Impact Bonds: Predictable and Predicted

No one could have seen this coming (boldface mine): It was, in the vernacular of corporate America, a win-win: a bond that paid for preschool for underprivileged children in Utah while also making money for investors. Goldman Sachs announced last … Continue reading

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Charters As Last-Resort Private Schools

A while ago, I noted that there is a urban hierarchy of schools: If there’s a reason why charter schools are popular in some quarters–and they can be especially divisive in the inner city–it’s because they are viewed as ‘public … Continue reading

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