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Campbell’s Law Hits the Big Time

Campbell‘s, which economists refer to as Goodhart’s Law, seems to have hit the big time, and is applied by NY Times columinst Eduardo Porter to education (boldface mine): In this heated debate, however, it is important not to lose … Continue reading

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Throwing Buckets of Money At the Wrong Schools

One of the dumber things I’ve ever heard is the aphorism “You can’t solve problems by throwing buckets of money at them.” This is idiotic: there are plenty of problems that can be solved with buckets of money. Usually when … Continue reading

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The Trouble With Tenure

A short while ago, I saw some Twitter ire (such as it is) directed at tenure by biologists. I understand where it comes from: right now, the biology job market is really tight, and there are structural barriers making far … Continue reading

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One of the Pitfalls of School Choice: Providing Misinformation

One problem with school choice–the idea that giving parents the ability to choose schools would cause ‘bad’ schools to close, as if there were some sort of marketplace–is that those who need better schools the most often choose schools based … Continue reading

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PARCC, New Jersey, and A Harsh Lesson About the First Amendment

Over the weekend, the education bloggysphere was all atwitter (‘abuzz’ is so old media…) about Bob Braun’s revelation that Pearson, the creator of the PARCC-Common Core aligned tests, was monitoring test takers’ social media accounts without their knowledge (boldface mine): … Continue reading

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The Thing I’ve Never Understood About the Adjunct Crisis

Let me be clear: the absolute shit wages adjunct professors are paid is disgusting. That said, this seems relevant (boldface mine): The one thing I don’t understand about long-term adjuncts is why people do it. Why let yourself be exploited … Continue reading

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Gov. Cuomo and the Glengarry Glen Ross-ification of Teaching

You should read the whole thing, but Lance Mannion kills it (boldface mine): People who love money don’t become teachers. People who do things because it will make them lots of money don’t become teachers. People who will become teachers … Continue reading

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