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Firing Faculty and Lack of Agency

Recently, an Iowa legislator proposed a ‘Hunger Games’ scenario for faculty retention: A bill circulating in the Iowa State Senate offers a novel (and cutthroat) way to hold professors accountable: putting their fates into students’ hands, Survivor-style. Every year the … Continue reading

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Charter Schools Have Failed as Laboratories

Peter Greene makes an excellent point about the failed promise of charter schools (boldface mine): One of the standard justifications for the modern charter movement is that these laboratories of innovation will develop new techniques and programs that will then … Continue reading

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An Interesting Definition of Character

By way of Atrios, we come across this little slip of the tongue by a director of Democrats for Education Reform (boldface mine): Yet collecting educational data is important for the future of education and can help define the the … Continue reading

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Administrative Bloat at Universities

Recently, the NY Times run an op-ed arguing that increased university administration has led to the incredible increase in college tuition. While the op-ed focuses on the classic neo-liberal phenomenon of looting–administrators who extract lavish salaries and perks from universities–Ed … Continue reading

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NY’s Teacher Rating and Those Stupid F-cking Natural History Facts

Recently, Thomas Kane wrote something very stupid about teacher ratings: he’s part of the chorus, led by New York governor Andrew Cuomo, that claims too many teachers are rated “effective”. Kane: The fact that 96% of teachers were given the … Continue reading

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Do You Really Think This Is Education?

I’ve discussed before the stress that high-stakes testing causes young children (because it’s never too early to teach kids to hate learning). But this NY Times article about Success Academy, headed by Eva Moskowitz, is something else. While the horror … Continue reading

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Finland, Teachers, and the Best and the Brightest

When it comes to denigrating teachers, one of the charges bandied about is that teachers in the U.S. don’t do very well academically (e.g., their SAT scores are low). In light of that claim, how Finland–Blessed Finland!™–selects its teachers is … Continue reading

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