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How to Create A Failing School System

A zombie idea that simply doesn’t not die is that the U.S. educational system is failing, even though students are performing far better on standardized tests than their parents (and younger grandparents) ever did. Well, one way to keep this … Continue reading

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If Reformers Really Cared About Teaching, They Would Listen to Finland

One comparison education reformers like to make is the comparison between the U.S. and Finland (Finland does better than the U.S. as a whole on international comparisons). I’ve discussed some of the problems with that comparison before. Nonetheless, it gets … Continue reading

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The Collapse of Newark’s Leading Education Reformist

One of the ‘state laboratories’ of reform has been the state-controlled Newark, NJ school system. It’s now run by Cami Anderson who has been a huge supporter of both charter schools and value-added testing to evaluate tests (despite the method‘s … Continue reading

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The Rule of Base Ten Numbers and New York’s Teacher Evaluation Insanity

Many moons ago, I defined the Mad Biologist’s Rule of Base Ten Numbers: …the Mad Biologist’s Rule of Base Ten Numbers is a pithier way of describing how certain numerical estimates or quantities are chosen based on little or no … Continue reading

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Giuliani Blames Teachers Unions For Eric Garner’s Death

St. Rudy 9/11 crapped out this turd (boldface mine): He then turned his fire on teachers unions, claiming they are to blame for the problem of poor schools in black neighborhoods. “Maybe all these left-wing politicians that want to blame … Continue reading

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One Way to Guarantee All of Your Graduates Will Attend College

Get rid of the ones who can’t. I’ve written before about the charter school scam: how charters wind up with far fewer learning disabled and English-as-a-second language students, and then they have very high expulsion rates. It’s easy to claim … Continue reading

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Why Not Raise the Entry Bar for the Police?

It’s weird: one group of heavily unionized public workers is under a constant barrage of claims of being underqualified, while another, with much lower educational standards, gets a free pass on those grounds. I’m referring to teachers and police officers … Continue reading

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