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Benevolent Dictator

It would appear that poisoning the children of Flint and letting students attend schools infested with rodents and mold in Detroit is even too much for Republican Governor Rick Snyder, since state-appointed Emergency Manager Darnell Earley has finally been fired. … Continue reading

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“Just a Few IQ Points”

When the story of the Flint, MI mass poisoning broke, it was clear, based on existing research, just how much of a future educational catastrophe this will be for an already stressed community (boldface added): To put this in context, … Continue reading

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Learning the SATs

A former, very-high priced SAT tutor notes the following about ‘beating the exam‘ (boldface mine): I’ve spent a decade tutoring the SAT. In that time, I’ve developed a reputation for efficacy. My students routinely improve their scores by more than … Continue reading

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Failing Water and Failing Schools

Flint, Michigan is another predominantly black city in the U.S. whose local government has been replaced by a governor-appointed dictator (usually given the benign title of ‘manager’). This is usually in response to budget deficits and other monetary woes. However, … Continue reading

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Federal Funding and Equalizing Educational Resources

Real education reform would entail making sure every child has the teachers, books, aides, and resources he or she needs, not a byzantine testing regime designed to replace older teachers with younger TFA members. Instead, with charters, in some cases, … Continue reading

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Close Reading of Non-Fiction Is a Misuse of the Concept

And fortunately, it is being enshrined in the Common Core (boldface mine): Close reading was definitely intended for fiction. The close reading that David Coleman [head honcho of the Common Core] espouses comes out of the New Criticism literary tradition, … Continue reading

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Two Schools of Thought on Education

One, admittedly old school: Another neo-liberal interpretation (boldface mine): But Tillerson articulates his view in a fashion unlikely to resonate with the average parent. “I’m not sure public schools understand that we’re their customer—that we, the business community, are your … Continue reading

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