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The Kids Are Alright

While I’m always leery of the supposed wisdom of children (kids can be real dicks), these D.C. students seem to have their heads screwed on right when it comes to the shortcomings of the D.C. educational system (boldface mine): A … Continue reading

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Education ‘Reform’ Isn’t About the Kids: The Texas Schoolbook Edition

Here’s something you won’t hear any of the education reformers getting worked up about (boldface mine): During a months-long process, publishers made a number of improvements to their textbooks. Those improvements included removing inaccurate information promoting climate change denialism; deleting … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Regains Sanity Regarding Teacher Licensure

A while ago, we discussed the stupidity of a Massachusetts proposal to tie teacher licenses to teacher evaluations. Not employment at a particular school, but the ability to teach anywhere. Good news: the state pulled the proposal. Again, it’s worth … Continue reading

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A Movement Defined By Disingenuity Can Not Endure

As cranky, if not outright despondent*, as I might get about the political state of U.S. education, I find some small consolation in the notion that reformers are never entirely honest (and sometimes flat-out dishonest) whether it’s fixing class composition … Continue reading

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The Insanity of Our Teacher Evaluation Regime

As I’ve mentioned many times, most professionals wouldn’t tolerate the inanity of teacher evaluation regimes. Consider this from a Minnesota kindergarten teacher (boldface mine): Let’s start with what it means to be a “good teacher.” As the article says: “The … Continue reading

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Too Much Testing In Schools: This Is a Feature, Not a Bug

If education ‘reform’ collapses, the greatest mistake reformers will have made was to inflict their ideas on children who are not poor minorities (boldface mine): ROYAL PALM BEACH, Fla. — Florida embraced the school accountability movement early and enthusiastically, but … Continue reading

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The Educational Crisis of Absenteeism

We’ve discussed before how missing school has a significant effect on student achievement, which can be greater than teacher effects. Not surprising–not only can’t a teacher teach when the student isn’t there, but chronic absenteeism often suggests health problems or … Continue reading

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