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Yes, Curriculum and Pedagogy Matter (Maybe)

This week’s NY Times Magazine has an article “Why Do Americans Stink at Math” that breathlessly focuses on the need for changing how we teach math and what math we teach–that is, pedagogy and curriculum. While the article, perhaps so … Continue reading

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How You Know the Philosophy of Education ‘Reform’ Is Bankrupt

Because this is clearly the fault of teachers unions and low expectations (boldface mine): In November 2013 the Texas State Board of Education adopted new science standards for its textbooks that will bring evolution into the Texas public school classroom… … Continue reading

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The Summer of Our Educational Discontents

Jeff Bryant, at the Educational Opportunity Network, correctly concludes that the chattering classes are missing the story on the backlash to education ‘reform’ (boldface mine): Among those “issues,” are recent “50 year anniversary recognitions of past court decisions that were … Continue reading

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Technobrats, Beware Campbell’s Law

David Leonhardt is all excited about the growing movement to measure the effectiveness of gummint programs! And yet there is some good news in this area, too. The explosion of available data has made evaluating success – in the government … Continue reading

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How For-Profit Publishing and the Common Core Hurt Kids

Like the majority of Americans, I think that a common curriculum would be a good idea, since it would help students who move from school to school (and these students are disproportionately poor). My major quarrel with the Common Core–and … Continue reading

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Traumatizing Children in the Name of Education Reform

I’ve written previously about the harm high-stakes testing is inflicting on children. Tragically, we read this from a mental health professional in Texas (boldface mine): Dissociation is how children often cope with stress which they are developmentally unprepared to process. … Continue reading

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SATs, Standard Variation, and Pseudo-Meritocracy

Wherein we are a traitor to our SAT percentile. We recently stumbled across this article about the relationship between family income and SAT scores. The College Board conceded that there’s a very strong income effect: Here’s the tricky thing though: … Continue reading

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Those Who Can’t Teach…

…go into the education reform biz. It certainly pays better: reports on some of the finances of Michelle Rhee’s StudentsFirst and StudentsFirst Institute, based on the 990 tax form that her group is required to file. During the fiscal … Continue reading

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U.S. Teachers Have Worse Working Conditions Than Teachers In Other Countries

No doubt we should blame TEH TEACHERS UNIONS! for this (boldface mine): Nearly two-thirds of U.S. middle-school teachers work in schools where more than 30 percent of students are economically disadvantaged. This is by far the highest rate in the … Continue reading

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We’re Not Even Waiting for Teachers to Enter the Classroom Before Assessing Them

This is absolutely surreal (boldface mine): A Chicago based company, TeacherMatch, claims to use algorithms to predict the effect that a teacher candidate will have on value added student test scores…. The creators of TeacherMatch have boiled down a teacher’s … Continue reading

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