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Education Reformers Have Lost the Upper-Middle and Gentry Classes

For the record, I don’t oppose a national curriculum or annual testing: as I’ve written repeatedly, I do think we should be using Massachusetts’ curriculum and tests (including the importance–not so important–that used* to be granted to them). But the … Continue reading

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The Puzzling Thing About Race and Achievement

In reading this Boston Globe piece about a discrimination lawsuit filed against Harvard by Asian-Americans who claim Asian-Americans with excellent records are less likely to be admitted to Harvard, it occurred to me that there’s a very interesting subtext about … Continue reading

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Current Testing Regimes Are Managerial, Not Pedagogical: Why NY Fears Opt-Out

Despite what some might think, I’m not the biggest Diane Ravitch fan. She’s a Johnny-Come-Lately (albeit an influential one), and her ability to assess quantitative data is somewhat limited. That said, as a historian, she does have a good grasp … Continue reading

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Firing Faculty and Lack of Agency

Recently, an Iowa legislator proposed a ‘Hunger Games’ scenario for faculty retention: A bill circulating in the Iowa State Senate offers a novel (and cutthroat) way to hold professors accountable: putting their fates into students’ hands, Survivor-style. Every year the … Continue reading

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Charter Schools Have Failed as Laboratories

Peter Greene makes an excellent point about the failed promise of charter schools (boldface mine): One of the standard justifications for the modern charter movement is that these laboratories of innovation will develop new techniques and programs that will then … Continue reading

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An Interesting Definition of Character

By way of Atrios, we come across this little slip of the tongue by a director of Democrats for Education Reform (boldface mine): Yet collecting educational data is important for the future of education and can help define the the … Continue reading

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Administrative Bloat at Universities

Recently, the NY Times ran an op-ed arguing that increased university administration has led to the incredible increase in college tuition. While the op-ed focuses on the classic neo-liberal phenomenon of looting–administrators who extract lavish salaries and perks from universities–Ed … Continue reading

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