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Natural History, Sociology and Economics

A while ago, I came across a Krugman piece where he made comparisons between economics and various fields of biology. I’m not an economist, but he opened that door, so here’s what I concluded (boldface added): But biologists aren’t only … Continue reading

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People Have to Like This Crap: The Larry Summers Edition

Even Larry Summers gets it (boldface mine): The world is said to progress, but things that would once have seemed easy now seem hard. The Rhine is much wider than the Charles, yet Gen. George S. Patton needed just a … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Couldn’t Elect Someone Worse Than Sen. James Inhofe, Right?

Wrong. Very, very wrong. Suffice it to say, the new kid on the block isn’t a Keynesian or MMT/MMR sympathizer (boldface mine): Oklahoma Senator-elect James Lankford says his “biblical worldview” will guide his actions in the upper chamber. “Budget, for … Continue reading

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The Wealth of Sh-theads

Amidst all of the discussion about Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century, which describes how inequality will continue to rise, this is an issue I haven’t seen raised, but, snark aside, seems rather important: This might not be a … Continue reading

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How Republican Craziness Is Undermining the South’s Massive Keynesian Stimulus

One of the great ironies of U.S. politics is that the region which is the most ‘fiscally conservative’ and which opposes government spending–the South–is actually the largest beneficiary of federal deficit spending: In many years, the South possesses much of … Continue reading

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Technobrats, Beware Campbell’s Law

David Leonhardt is all excited about the growing movement to measure the effectiveness of gummint programs! And yet there is some good news in this area, too. The explosion of available data has made evaluating success – in the government … Continue reading

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Saturday Sermon: “[Economic] Depression Is a Choice”

Steve Randy Waldman makes a point probably familiar to regular readers (boldface mine): We are in a depression, but not because we don’t know how to remedy the problem. We are in a depression because it is our revealed preference, … Continue reading

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