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How Republican Craziness Is Undermining the South’s Massive Keynesian Stimulus

One of the great ironies of U.S. politics is that the region which is the most ‘fiscally conservative’ and which opposes government spending–the South–is actually the largest beneficiary of federal deficit spending: In many years, the South possesses much of … Continue reading

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Technobrats, Beware Campbell’s Law

David Leonhardt is all excited about the growing movement to measure the effectiveness of gummint programs! And yet there is some good news in this area, too. The explosion of available data has made evaluating success – in the government … Continue reading

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Saturday Sermon: “[Economic] Depression Is a Choice”

Steve Randy Waldman makes a point probably familiar to regular readers (boldface mine): We are in a depression, but not because we don’t know how to remedy the problem. We are in a depression because it is our revealed preference, … Continue reading

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First Things, First: Jobs, Everything Else Is a Second Order Concern

Or as we like to say around here, people have to like this crap (boldface mine): Dirty secret number two: This is a bogus recovery—and it’s going to poison society, unless we are wise enough to recover from the recovery. … Continue reading

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The Cost of Misunderstanding How Money Works: So Long Invertebrate House

Like most people–and I’ve been a supporter of the National Zoo in Washington DC for nearly a quarter century–I was shocked to learn that the Invertebrate House will be shuttered for good this Sunday, June 22. Why? Budget cuts: The … Continue reading

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Agency, the Vanishing Middle Class, and Swinging For the Fences

Felix Salmon asks a question (boldface mine): No Exit, the new book from Gideon Lewis-Kraus, should be required reading for anybody who thinks it might be a good idea to found a startup in Silicon Valley. It shows just how … Continue reading

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Solving Poverty Isn’t Hard: Feeling Good About Ourselves While Doing So Is

Consider this Macrobusiness post by Rumplestatskin a corollary of my Uncle Harry’s dictum, “rich or poor, it’s always good to have money” (boldface mine): Poverty is a social issue that usually attracts the label ‘tough problem’. Sometimes, when a bit … Continue reading

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Budgets Versus Culture War and What That Means for the War on Science

Chris Pickett of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology notes the difference between rhetoric and budget allocations for science (boldface mine): For instance, while on the Hill, we asked legislators to support a funding level of $32 billion … Continue reading

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Why I’m Somewhat Optimistic About Zoetis’ and Eli Lilly’s Response to Agricultural Antibiotic Restrictions

Short version: the rents have already been extracted. John Tozzi writes (boldface mine): The Food and Drug Administration announced plans to stop antibiotics from being fed to farm animals to make them grow faster late last year. The goal was … Continue reading

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Yes, Income Inequality Exacerbates Rental Prices

Despite the common claim–one that is partially correct–that urban rental prices are high due to a lack of supply, what goes unsaid (though occasionally implied) is that prices are being bid up by the well-to-do and the wealthy. This is … Continue reading

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