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But How Did the South Afford Air Conditioning?

This weekend, Paul Krugman argued that the South grew largely due to air conditioning. While that probably played a role (though it shouldn’t be overestimated), it’s odd that he ignores the massive Keynesian stimulus the South received–and continues to receive. … Continue reading

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A Modest Economic Stimulus Proposal: Viking Marauders

“Fuck a helicopter drop! Let’s just pillage and loot!” (from here) One of the more frustrating things–especially, if let’s say, you want to fix all the broken things–is the belief that the federal government operationally can run out of money. … Continue reading

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When Will We Realize the U.S. Has a Gentry Class?

By way of Brad DeLong, we realize we missed an article about whiny well-to-do people, a topic we have discussed before. So let’s outsource this to David Leonhardt (and when Leonhardt sounds populist, you know you’ve entered the ridiculous zone; … Continue reading

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Once a Nation of Secretaries, Now a Nation of Truck Drivers

Over at NPR, there’s a map with the most common job by U.S. state from 1978 to 2014. What interesting is that, in 1978, we have a geographically diverse workforce: By 1988, secretaries seem to be skyrocketing: Then, from about … Continue reading

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Will SCOTUS Force Republican States to Govern With the Rhetoric They Use to Gull the Rubes?

Right now, the Supreme Court (‘SCOTUS’) is weighing a decision to gut some of the ACA (‘Obamacare’) healthcare tax subsidies. What’s staggering is how much this will cost (boldface mine): This provides a way of approximating just how much money … Continue reading

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First They Ignore You…

The Krugman (boldface mine): Right now, the most obvious manifestation of money madness is Senator Rand Paul’s “Audit the Fed” campaign. Mr. Paul likes to warn that the Fed’s efforts to bolster the economy may lead to hyperinflation; he loves … Continue reading

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Yes, We Live in a Gilded Age

This table from EPI pretty much says it all: Basically, the 2014 income of the top one percent in most states is essentially identical to that in 1927, before the Great Depression. At some point, things will equalize.

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