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The Killer App Is John Rockefeller?

Despite all the hoopla and rhetoric to the contrary, much of the ‘new’ economy, the ‘sharing’ economy, and the various other names for it is nothing more than the same old economy, just with more CPUs. With that by way … Continue reading

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Federal Funding and Equalizing Educational Resources

Real education reform would entail making sure every child has the teachers, books, aides, and resources he or she needs, not a byzantine testing regime designed to replace older teachers with younger TFA members. Instead, with charters, in some cases, … Continue reading

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A Deficit of Perspective For Tonight’s Democratic Debate

Given the still historically low employment rates for 25–54 year-old men*, with glaring human and physical infrastructure problems (e.g., roads, schools, research), and ridiculously low inflation rates, we need to stop worrying about ‘how to pay for it’–that is, balanced … Continue reading

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Suburban Sustainability: The Rockford Files Edition

And I mean Rockford, IL (boldface mine): Rockford is located about 85 miles west of Chicago, was chartered in 1852, and currently has a population of about 150,000. An industrial giant in its heyday, Rockford faces the challenge of reinventing … Continue reading

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Policy Nudges and Fudges

One thing the technobrat set loves is the concept of ‘nudges’, which are seemingly small changes in policy that cause behavioral changes leading to Utopia better policy outcomes. A few years ago, when ‘nudging’ people to save more for retirement … Continue reading

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Why Krugman’s Sort of Pessimism Is Right For the Wrong Reasons

Paul Krugman observes this about the pace of technological innovation (boldface mine): You see, I got my Ph.D. in 1977, the year of the first Star Wars movie, which means that I have basically spent my whole professional life in … Continue reading

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The Other Reason Il Trumpe Is Doing Well

Il Duce was an appalling fascist, but he did make the trains run on time. Which is to say, like most demagogues, he realized that he had to not only deliver psychological benefits, but also tangible ones (to some people … Continue reading

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