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Clinton Comes Out As a Deficit Hawk. This Is Not Good

One of the things the left, along with the kinda-left, is trying to figure out is whether Clinton is a neo-liberal at heart, or if she’s going to let her Inner Liberal bloom. Max Sawicky makes a very good point … Continue reading

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Racism, Guns, and Democrats

It goes without saying that any Democratic presidential candidate will be better on gun control than any Republican. But as we often note in the context of healthcare, better than does not mean good. So I have to admit I’m … Continue reading

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What the Political Press Corps Does Not Understand About Voters: Agency

In thinking more about this post as well as this post by Paul Krugman, it seems to me that the political press, whether it’s covering various trade agreements or the Clinton and Sanders campaigns, is incapable of realizing that voters … Continue reading

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‘New’ Democrats Don’t Realize Their Party Has Changed

Charles Pierce on the failure to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership fast-track approval (boldface mine): You can’t really understand what happened—or appreciate what may happen next—without taking into account the transformative effect of the economic collapse of 2008 on our politics. … Continue reading

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People Have To Like This Crap: The Bernie Sanders Edition

Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne, not exactly a socialist firebrand, notes the following (boldface mine): How is it that Democrats forgot about the joys Santa Claus can bring? How is it that Republicans managed to steal the Santa idea from … Continue reading

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Who Decided O’Malley Is a ‘Serious’ Candidate and Sanders Isn’t?

There’s an excellent post by Beverly Mann at Angry Bear about how Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley is probably farther to the right on policing issues than Hillary Clinton. The post is worth a read, but it also implies that … Continue reading

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The Clinton Conundrum

Two posts illustrate the problem for what passes for the left in the U.S. First, Charles Pierce (boldface mine): If she is elected, she unequivocally will accept the science of anthropogenic climate change and treat it as a crisis. This … Continue reading

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