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Who Decided O’Malley Is a ‘Serious’ Candidate and Sanders Isn’t?

There’s an excellent post by Beverly Mann at Angry Bear about how Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley is probably farther to the right on policing issues than Hillary Clinton. The post is worth a read, but it also implies that … Continue reading

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The Clinton Conundrum

Two posts illustrate the problem for what passes for the left in the U.S. First, Charles Pierce (boldface mine): If she is elected, she unequivocally will accept the science of anthropogenic climate change and treat it as a crisis. This … Continue reading

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With 570+ Days of Presidential Campaign To Look Forward To…

…a little satire is just what I need (boldface mine): Hillary Clinton’s Announcement Paves Way for Progressives to Abandon Principles Very Early in 2016 Election Hillary Clinton’s long-anticipated announcement that she will run for president in the 2016 election paves … Continue reading

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D.C. Has Mechanisms To Provide Affordable Housing. Inexplicably, It Doesn’t Use Them

Ryan Cooper makes some good points about gentrification in D.C.–though the missing ingredient in all of the discussion about gentrification is the rise of the gentry class. But I digress (boldface mine): Liberal Democrats are in charge of most major … Continue reading

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They Really Did Believe Their Own Bullsh-t

So this is depressing, if it’s true (boldface mine): The original premise of Obama’s first presidential campaign was that he could reason with Republicans—or else, by staking out obviously reasonable stances, force them to moderate or be exposed as extreme … Continue reading

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This Man Needs a Pork Pie Hat

It seems Harry Reid is going with a new look: (Ok, he’s really wearing the glasses because he’s had an eye injury). I think the next time Reid holds a press conference, the entire Democratic delegation should wear shades. Just … Continue reading

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Have Democratic Voters Changed, Or Just the Available Slate of Candidates?

Elias Isquith describes how the Democratic Party has moved left (boldface mine): Of course, as encouraging as Emanuel’s stumble is to the left wing of the Democratic Party, it’d be the height of folly to declare victory over the “third … Continue reading

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