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People Have to Like This Crap: The Senior Edition

While Democrats gnash their teeth (not very good for the teeth!) and wail about how seniors–well, white ones anyway–are a staunchly Republican cohort, it appears some of them might not just be old, mean, and crotchety (or bigoted), though surely … Continue reading

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The Failure of New Democrat ‘Progressivism’

Over eight years ago, I noted that what self-described progressives stood for was simply not being out of their fucking minds–and that is not enough: When trying to stop Bin Laden, you should not invade the wrong country, particularly when … Continue reading

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One Problem With a Lockstep Batshitloonitarian GOP Is…

…when Democrats defend their home state industries at the possible expense of the nation as a whole, there’s no sane Republican to counteract them. While the linked article discusses the medical device tax, this applies to many issues: I expect … Continue reading

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Democrats Fail to Reach Their Low-Information Voters

One thing political junkies tend to forget is that people have a lot to worry about, and many people view politics and policy discussion as equivalent to root canal. This can lead to some problems (boldface mine): Countless pixels have … Continue reading

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Professional Democrats Are the Rank-and-File’s Worst Enemy

With friends like these, who needs Republicans? (boldface mine) Although basically every Democratic woman candidate is petrified to speak publicly about EMILY’s List’s shenanigans, I’ve heard from candidate after candidate the same exact details for years. For example, when EMILY’s … Continue reading

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The Green Lantern Canard: Max Speak, You Listen

Max Sawicky nails the problem with the ‘Green Lantern’ critique–arguing that presidential critics are being unrealistic, because presidents, unlike the Green Lantern, can’t simply will things to happen (boldface mine): While presidential power can be exaggerated, so too can the … Continue reading

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So What Are Liberals Supposed to Do? Cry ‘Green Lantern’ and Let Slip the Dogs of Meh?

Whenever liberals and lefties are unhappy with the Obama Administration, there is a chorus of pundits and political scientists who raise the specter of Green Lanternism: the belief that the president, if he only wanted to do something, could (it … Continue reading

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