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Have Democratic Voters Changed, Or Just the Available Slate of Candidates?

Elias Isquith describes how the Democratic Party has moved left (boldface mine): Of course, as encouraging as Emanuel’s stumble is to the left wing of the Democratic Party, it’d be the height of folly to declare victory over the “third … Continue reading

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The Limits of Green Lanternism As an Excuse

A popular theme among the technobratacy is ‘Green Lanternism’, the mocking of the argument that Obama could have done more on a variety of issues. That is, if Obama had only exerted more will (how the comic book hero the … Continue reading

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Cuomo: Still Not Looking Presidential

Between New York Governor Mario Cuomo overreacting by shutting down the New York City subways due to the Great Blizzard, even though traveling during snowstorms was one of the reasons the trains were put underground (we’ll civilly ignore the inconvenient … Continue reading

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Customers of Versus Participants in: The Problem With the U.S. Left

While this is a description of the European left, it also seems relevant to the Democratic Party in the U.S. (boldface mine): But Mair – an expert on the evolution of political parties and party systems – makes a strong … Continue reading

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How to Create A Failing School System

A zombie idea that simply doesn’t not die is that the U.S. educational system is failing, even though students are performing far better on standardized tests than their parents (and younger grandparents) ever did. Well, one way to keep this … Continue reading

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A Hidden Cost of Failing to Fund Mass Transit

Funding for mass transit is always recognized as a cost, as in ‘building that new subway line will cost $X million.’ But what’s typically neglected is the cost if you don’t build mass transit (boldface mine): If [Maryland Republican] Governor-elect … Continue reading

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Torture and the Cost of Looking Forward, Not Back

Jane Meyer in the New Yorker on the Senate CIA torture report (boldface mine): There was a way to address the matter that might have avoided much of the partisan trivialization. In a White House meeting in early 2009, Greg … Continue reading

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