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People Have to Like This Crap: The Working Class Vote Edition

Admittedly, Democratic politicians and political operatives almost uniformly fell out of the stupid tree and banged their heads on every damn branch on the way down, but one might think that even for these hapless fools enlightened naked self-interest would … Continue reading

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Opposition to War Is a Feminist Issue

Reading this horrifying story about a Syrian mother who had to choose between marrying off her young teenage daughters or exposing them to the persistent threat of rape, one thing we, in the U.S., never talk about in our numerous … Continue reading

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Oddly Enough, Democrats Are Less Likely to Vote When Their Party Doesn’t Help Them

Or as we like to say, people have to like this crap (boldface mine): Median household income among all Americans is still lower than before the recession, which ended five years ago, according to economic consultant Sentier Research. Key Democratic … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Timothy Geithner

Matt Stoller notes the following about former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner autobiography (boldface mine): At Dartmouth, Geithner portrayed himself an “unexceptional and uninspired student,” finding economics dreary and political consulting boring. He didn’t even remember voting in 1980. Yet over … Continue reading

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One Possible Way to Increase Democrats’ Odds in 2014: Fire Ed. Secretary Arne Duncan

After thirty years of ‘New Democrats’, I’m no longer surprised when Democratic politicians adopt policy positions that the Democratic rank-and-file detest, such as the asinine attempts to cut Social Security. Another issue, one that in terms of mainstream political commentary, … Continue reading

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More Trauma-By-Testing

Kindergarten teacher Shelley Hess (boldface mine): He looked at me with sadness and confusion. “I don’t know what to do, Mrs. H.,” he said with frustration that was bringing him to tears. “It says to read this but I don’t … Continue reading

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This Is One Reason Why Democrats Lose Elections

Especially during the off-year elections. Miami-Dade County in Florida, in response to a question about the acccesibility of bathrooms for the disabled who are waiting in line to vote (Miami-Dade has had long waiting lines), decided to do this: Earlier … Continue reading

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Neo-Liberals Aren’t Just Incompetent, But Corrupt Too: The Rahm Emanuel Edition

The neo-liberal, technowonk, corporate Democratic wing of the Democratic Party has successfully perpetrated two frauds. One, as we often note, is that they are competent. Sure, maybe the other guy seems better, but we’re the ones who get it done … Continue reading

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Yes, There Is Something That Could Be Done About the Minimum Wage

A while ago, I noted that Obama, through an executive order, could have made the minimum wage for all federal contractors much higher than the $10.10 he has instituted. There is nothing Congress could have done to stop him (and … Continue reading

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Why Does Obama Want to Kill the Post Office?

Recently, historian Adolph Reed has come under criticism for pointing out that the left is a political non-entity (Kevin Drum has also been criticized for making a similar point). What I don’t get about these progressive apologists is that some … Continue reading

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