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This Is One Reason Why Democrats Lose Elections

Especially during the off-year elections. Miami-Dade County in Florida, in response to a question about the acccesibility of bathrooms for the disabled who are waiting in line to vote (Miami-Dade has had long waiting lines), decided to do this: Earlier … Continue reading

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Neo-Liberals Aren’t Just Incompetent, But Corrupt Too: The Rahm Emanuel Edition

The neo-liberal, technowonk, corporate Democratic wing of the Democratic Party has successfully perpetrated two frauds. One, as we often note, is that they are competent. Sure, maybe the other guy seems better, but we’re the ones who get it done … Continue reading

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Yes, There Is Something That Could Be Done About the Minimum Wage

A while ago, I noted that Obama, through an executive order, could have made the minimum wage for all federal contractors much higher than the $10.10 he has instituted. There is nothing Congress could have done to stop him (and … Continue reading

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Why Does Obama Want to Kill the Post Office?

Recently, historian Adolph Reed has come under criticism for pointing out that the left is a political non-entity (Kevin Drum has also been criticized for making a similar point). What I don’t get about these progressive apologists is that some … Continue reading

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An Arizonan Legal Debate

Hopefully, Arizona Gov. Brewer will come (or will have come) to her senses and veto SB1062, which would allow businesses to not serve people on religious grounds, which translated into English means no gay people served–even rightwing Fox News refers … Continue reading

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Will the Massachusetts Democratic Party Experience Democracy?

Probably not. With Governor Deval Patrick leaving office at the end of this term, Democrats are jockeying to replace him. What’s unfortunate is the selection process for the Democratic nominee (boldface mine): Any statewide candidate who wants to be listed … Continue reading

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(Some) Democrats Are Also the Reason Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Commandante Atrios comments on another failed attempt by the Obama administration to cut Social Security benefits (the chained CPI-indexing; boldface mine): I’m not totally unfamiliar with various people in the White House. As Brian Beutler writes One of the White … Continue reading

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Senator Warren Makes a (Well-Intentioned) Category Error

Bless her, MA Senator Elizabeth Warren is right–we do need to appoint fewer corporate attorneys to the bench. But this strikes me as naive: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on Thursday called on President Obama to nominate fewer judges who have … Continue reading

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Obama’s Executive Order to Raise the Minimum Wage: Symptomatic of His Presidency

If you haven’t heard, last night Obama said he would sign an executive order mandating that all federal contract employees receive a minimum wage of at least $10.10. This isn’t inconsequential: it would raise income for about 600,000 workers. Had … Continue reading

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Welfare Reform Killed Thousands, But Data Be Damned

While a popular neo-liberal and conservative nostrum is that the states are the “laboratories of democracy”, much of the time these labs are cranking out crystal meth. Robert Waldmann explains (boldface mine): So what have we learned from a state … Continue reading

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