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The Establishment Is Getting Nervous: The Massachusetts Edition

We note this Massachusetts endorsement with interest (boldface mine): A senior member of the Massachusetts House Democratic leadership is breaking ranks with the state’s political establishment and backing Bernie Sanders for president over Hillary Clinton, after supporting her 2008 bid. … Continue reading

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Welfare Reform Reality: The Mississippi Delta Edition

I’ll have more to say about this at some future point, but one of the unspoken influences in the Democratic primary is the use of racist and sexist stereotypes in the 1990s to sell welfare reform–largely for political gain (within … Continue reading

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“My Kind of Misogyny”

Amber A’Lee Frost (boldface mine): And isn’t that the simpler explanation of left dissent from Team Clinton? It’s not that critics of Hillary are largely misogynist or even that they’re obsessed with political purity. It’s that she’s a proven neoliberal … Continue reading

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What Believing Welfare Reform Was Good Means In Reality

And it’s worth noting one candidate supported welfare reform for a very long time–Clinton–and one opposed it, Sanders. The reality, not the rhetoric (boldface mine): A generation earlier, even people in Scott’s situation had advantages that she lacks. They tended … Continue reading

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Three Things I Learned From Ronald Reagan

At least on the Democratic side, most of the auto-erotic punditry seems to be focused on philosophies of governing. Mine in a nutshell is draw real, meaningful distinctions between the parties and try to take back the Congress in 2018 … Continue reading

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Progressives and the Memory Lacuna of the New Democrat’s Heyday

Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, reminds us of the 1990s (boldface mine): If anyone doubts that the mainstream media fails to tell the truth about our political system (and its … Continue reading

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Forgetting History: The New Democrat Edition

Not that my perusing of the internet should be in any way considered an unbiased sample, but I’ve noticed that, among Clinton supporters, there is complete amnesia–or perhaps willful ignorance–about the zenith of the New Democrats from the later 1980s … Continue reading

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