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Biden: A Uniter, Not a Divider?

For reasons not entirely clear to me, parts of the Democratic Party establishment seem to be quietly freaking out about Clinton’s campaign and is desperately casting about for other candidates. One of the names that has been floated is vice-president … Continue reading

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Dear NYT: When the GOP Is Your Assignment Editor, You Miss Real Stories

Last week, much of the political bloggysphere was ranting about discussing the NY Times’ erroneous reporting which claimed Hillary Clinton was the subject of a request for a criminal inquiry into her email practices while she was secretary of state … Continue reading

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Clinton Needs To Be Questioned Very Hard on Social Security

I think Lambert Strether is absolutely right–we need to follow the money. Because Hillary Clinton’s call for GRAs (guaranteed retirement accounts) is very troubling–though not for her bundlers and heavy hitter donors (boldface mine): Check out this beat sweetener for … Continue reading

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Observed outside the Women’s National Democratic Club, at the corner of New Hampshire and Q Streets, Dupont Circle, D.C.:

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Municipal Socialism

Or as we say, “People have to like this crap.” Todd Gitlin on Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (boldface mine): He [Sanders] won by making good on promises. One example: A few years after Mr. Sanders left Burlington’s city … Continue reading

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NIH Budgets and Zero Sum Games

The ridiculous belief that the government can run out of money–which then leads to stupid austerity policies such as spending caps–is really harmful to scientific research. I’ve also described how Republicans have used these imaginary austerity constraints* have been used … Continue reading

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Keeping The Powder Dry

Five to ten years ago, it was all the rage among Democratic Party establishment types to tell the rank-and-file–a fair number of whom desperately needed better policies–to keep our powder dry. That is, don’t act like real Democrats so much … Continue reading

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