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The Politics of Obama’s New Education Secretary

As I’ve noted several times, you can’t understand Obama’s domestic policies without reference to his allies, the Pritzker family, who, among other things, are staunch education ‘reformers.‘ So, on the one hand, it’s not at all surprising that he appointed … Continue reading

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Why I Am Hesitant About Hillary Clinton

Let me state right out that Clinton would be a better president than any of the Republicans on offer (though that could be construed as damning with faint praise). But what has frustrated me about being a Democrat since Bill … Continue reading

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I Have Never Seen a President This Angry And Frustrated

Sadly, I’m not so young any more, which means I’ve seen a few presidents. I can’t remember any other president–including Bush after Sept. 11th–this publicly pissed off. This is a very good thing (you’ll want to jump to 23:18):

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Clinton’s Campaining Problem

In short, when she ran for Senate against Rick Lazio, a nobody, she only won 55 to 43 (boldface mine): Essentially, no matter how good a president she might or might not be, Hillary Clinton isn’t the greatest candidate. When … Continue reading

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Looking For Political Love In All The Wrong Places

Ed at Gin and Tacos makes an excellent point that I’ve been struggling to put into coherent words (boldface mine): One of the primary criticisms leveled at Sanders’ supporters is their reliance on the logic that while he might not … Continue reading

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Biden: A Uniter, Not a Divider?

For reasons not entirely clear to me, parts of the Democratic Party establishment seem to be quietly freaking out about Clinton’s campaign and is desperately casting about for other candidates. One of the names that has been floated is vice-president … Continue reading

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Dear NYT: When the GOP Is Your Assignment Editor, You Miss Real Stories

Last week, much of the political bloggysphere was ranting about discussing the NY Times’ erroneous reporting which claimed Hillary Clinton was the subject of a request for a criminal inquiry into her email practices while she was secretary of state … Continue reading

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