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The Uncharacteristic Anti-Keynesianism of ACA Opponents

Sure, those who vehemently oppose the ACA (‘Obamacare’)–conservatives–say they’re not Keynesians, but, in reality, they do love themselves that massive Keynesian stimulus. Which brings us to a point we’ve made many times before–and is stated very clearly by Kevin Drum … Continue reading

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Did Vaccination Just Become a Partisan Issue?

If California is any indication, the answer, tragically, is yes (boldface mine): …many states have since taken up legislation to make it harder for parents to skip vaccines. One such bill in California, SB 277, would remove the “personal belief … Continue reading

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David Brooks: Still a Movement Conservative…

…just one that has been prettied up. I’ve written many times that nothing in movement conservatism makes sense except in the light of creationism (with apologies to geneticist Theodosius Dobzhansky). And NY Times columnist David Brooks’ pedigree is all movement … Continue reading

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What Country Is Rick Perry Running To Be President Of?

As the presidential campaign silly season kicks into high gear, one expects candidates to do all of the corny, ‘jus folks’ idiocy. So it’s not surprising that perpetual Republican presidential candidate and Texas governor Rick Perry had a country singer, … Continue reading

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I Was Joking About the Girl In the Bikini

If that post title isn’t good linkbait, then I don’t know what is. Anyway, after the pool party incident in McKinney, Texas, where a police officer pulled a gun on black teenagers who had been invited to a private pool … Continue reading

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A Ferguson Effect? Not So Much

Last week, Heather MacDonald of the conservative Manhattan Institute argued that there was a ‘Ferguson Effect’ on crime: police officers are reluctant to arrest criminals because they are afraid they’ll be accused of police brutality. Members of the Manhattan Institute … Continue reading

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White Fragility and Politics of the Blood

Josh Marshall (boldface mine): The most dangerous uprising that’s threatening America’s stability isn’t black protests in places like Ferguson or Baltimore. It’s taking place among an aging white majority that is losing its bearing on reality and destroying the gears … Continue reading

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