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A Liberal Idea Isn’t Taken Seriously Until a Conservative Echoes It

A good post, “Rand Paul Stole The Idea To Demilitarize The Police From Democrats“, lays out how Democrats were calling for the demilitarization of police forces–and trying to pass legislation to that end–months before Rand Paul and the Libertarians did … Continue reading

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Ferguson Church Is Harassed and the Christian Right Is, Oddly, Silent

Maybe you find this hard to believe; I know I do (boldface mine): The St. Louis County Police showed up at the St. Mark’s Church nearby Ferguson, which the community has been using as a “safe space” for Ferguson and … Continue reading

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Life Begins at Contraception and Ends at Honduran

Or something. When the right wing started caterwauling about the hordes of undocumented immigrant children, I asked “Where Do We Want Honduran Children to Die?” and referred to Barbara O’Brien: Unfortunately I don’t see a real solution that wouldn’t require … Continue reading

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Surprisingly, The Targets of Our Militarized Police Are Being Forgotten

I recently tweeted this: Discussion of police militarization is shifting to ignore *who* is disproportionately target of said militarization. Odd, that— MiketheMadBiologist (@mikethemadbiol) August 17, 2014 Unbeknownst to me, Steve M. was thinking the same thing (boldface mine): The “left” … Continue reading

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The GOP Isn’t Like the Rest of Us: The Immigration Edition

Perhaps Republicans think if they utter really stupid things about immigration, people will forget all of the stupid things about women? Anyway, Republican Rep. Steve King (R-This Guy Got Elected? Really?) along with full-bore wackaloon Republican Michele Bachmann really did … Continue reading

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Raging, Raging Against the Dying of the Right

Yes, they are not like the rest of us (boldface mine): Let me break it to the Republicans of Alabama, Mississippi and the like: your culture and your worldview aren’t the majority culture and worldview in America. They aren’t even … Continue reading

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Nothing in Movement Conservativism Makes Sense Except in the Light of Creationism: The Anne Arundel County Edition

Amidst all of the blather about the ‘libertarian moment‘ and the ‘reformicons’ (DOES REIHAN SALAM TURN INTO A FIGHTER JET?), it’s worth remembering that conservatism isn’t defined by what some high-end reporter or pundit thinks it is, conservatism is defined … Continue reading

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