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Thinking Like Rich People Does Not Make You Rich

It’s always puzzled me how so many people believe that if they think like rich people (or at least how they perceive rich people think–which isn’t the same thing), they will become a rich person themselves. Edwin Lyngar, a former … Continue reading

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“If They Can Control Your Reproductive Cycle…They Can Control You”

Texan lieutenant governor candidate Leticia Van de Putte–actually, her mother–distills the War on Contraception down to its essence (boldface mine): My mother is 82. Her perspective [on last summer's filibuster] is very different than my perspective. My mom says, “Honey, … Continue reading

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Stop When You Get to the Bad Part

Someone who was busted with Viagra in violation of a plea agreement burbled the following: “Today’s young men are totally supportive of somebody else buying women their birth control pills because make sure the women are — sex is what … Continue reading

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The Conservative Caller Catapults Commie Crapola

And if a liberal political organization did this? Sen. Robert Menendez is asking the Justice Department to pursue evidence obtained by U.S. investigators that the Cuban government concocted an elaborate plot to smear him with allegations that he cavorted with … Continue reading

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Slut Pills and the Scourge of ‘Consequence-Free Sex’

Movement conservative commentator Erick Erickson, who inexplicably used to be paid money by CNN to opine about things, tweeted this about the Hobby Lobby decision, which allows corporations to not cover birth control in the healthcare they provide: My religion … Continue reading

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Shorter Supreme Court: Catholicism and Fundamentalism Are OK, But Christian Scientists and Jehovah’s Witnesses Iz Weird

Like Echnide, I can’t really understand the Supreme Court majority’s logic in the Hobby Lobby case: Here’s the part of the majority (the five Conservatives of the Court) opinion which made my teeth hurt: In any event, our decision in … Continue reading

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Dear Erick Erickson, I Pee Standing Up

I’m pretty certain you didn’t want to know that… Anyway, at this point, movement conservatism can only be thought of as a mass communicable psychotic break (boldface mine): The White House said the decision to cancel the Washington Redskins’ trademark … Continue reading

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The Oddest Movement Conservative Grift: The Maine-CBPP Edition

Maine Governor Paul LePage, who makes Senator James Inhofe look moderate, decided to give a conservative faith tank a no-bid $925,000 consulting contract to examine the state’s welfare and labor policies.Nothing surprising there: grifters gonna grift. But here’s where it … Continue reading

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Republican Pollsters Might Perform Better If They Knew Statistics

This week, House Republican Majority Whip lost to David Brat, who is quite the wingnut. While the real story is that there’s a new political infrastructure undergirding the Republican Party–and Brat was hooked into that–much of the shock resulted from … Continue reading

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The Unmentioned Factor in Cantor’s Loss

Admittedly, there are probably stronerg forces at play in Eric Cantor’s stunning loss to David Brat, including losing touch with his constituents and general rightwing frustration with Congress, but I find it remarkable that this has not been remarked upon … Continue reading

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