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On Duggars and Technicalities

One of the common cultural tropes of the late 1970s and 1980s was the idea that criminals were getting away with crime due to ‘technicalities.’ This notion permeated popular culture–it was essentially a mandatory plot line in any police or … Continue reading

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Sadly, Our Libertarian Overlords Will Not Be Going Galt

More’s the pity. A while ago, I noted the inherent problems with the libertarian dream of starting their own artificial island countries: First, they live in apartment buildings. Like it or not, they’ll need housing codes. For instance, can you … Continue reading

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When Palinism Collides With Infrastructure

I suppose collides isn’t the best choice of words. Anyway, Adam Gopnik has an excellent piece in the New Yorker that points out what drives much of the opposition to mass transit infrastructure, including trains (boldface mine): “The reason we … Continue reading

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The Master of Humility Shifts the Iraq War Goalposts

Very humbly, of course. Recently, David Brooks scribbled a mea culpa about his support for the Iraq War that was heavy on the mea and very light on the culpa. While many people have taken apart Brooks‘ column, there’s one … Continue reading

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Surprisingly, A GOP Bill Claims One Thing and Then Does the Opposite: The COMPETES Act Edition

Consider the NSF is a government agency, this is pretty harsh language about the COMPETES Act (boldface mine; emphasis original): H.R. 1806 (Section 102) recognizes that “the Foundation has made major contributions for more than 60 years to strengthen and … Continue reading

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What I Don’t Understand About the Jade Helm 15 Insanity

If you haven’t heard, a recent poll of Texas Republicans finds that 32% of them think the Jade Helm 15 exercise is an attempt by the federal government to ‘take over Texas’, while another 28% are unsure (pdf). While there’s … Continue reading

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Wyoming’s War on Microbiology

Well, they’re not calling it that, but this Wyoming law is definitely not going to make our water cleaner, or stop the spread of antibiotic resistance genes (boldface mine): …the new law makes it a crime to gather data about … Continue reading

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