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Trump Is the Republicans’ Own Fault

I don’t just mean that he’s embracing the politics of the blood (fascist historian XXX’s phrase to describe Mussolini), but also that Republicans had a chance to kill off the issue of immigration entirely–and flubbed it (boldface mine): So here’s … Continue reading

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Trump Is Still the Sarah Palin They’ve Been Waiting For

Paul Waldman writes (boldface mine): Both parties are drawn to populist appeals, but they come in different variants. The Democratic version tends to be both performative and substantive — they’ll rail against the top one percent, but also offer policy … Continue reading

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Someone Needs to Ask Jeb! Bush About Pinellas County Schools

There’s a very tragic story about the collapse of the Pinellas County, Florida public schools that is a must-read article. There’s too much in there for me to do it justice, but two things come to mind: 1. We can’t … Continue reading

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Nothing in Conservatism Makes Sense Except in the Light of Creationism: The Trump Edition

As always, with apologies to Theodosius Dobzhansky. It’s worth noting that Trump is essentially the Sarah Palin they’ve been waiting for. Consider this: While people have described Palin as engaging in identity politics, that sells identity politics short. Palin along … Continue reading

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Rewriting the First Draft of History: The GOP Debate Edition

So Fox News released a ‘transcript’ of last week’s debate. The reason I put transcript in scare quotes is that at least two parts of the debate have been scrubbed from Fox News’ transcript. First, Jeb! has ties to the … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Last Night’s GOP ‘Debate’

Three serious thoughts, then some tweets: 1) The debate represents the triumph of Palinism. 2) Trump didn’t beclown himself, or no more than anyone else. 3) Walker comes out of this looking very weak. Onto the tweets (by yours truly): … Continue reading

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Dear NYT: When the GOP Is Your Assignment Editor, You Miss Real Stories

Last week, much of the political bloggysphere was ranting about discussing the NY Times’ erroneous reporting which claimed Hillary Clinton was the subject of a request for a criminal inquiry into her email practices while she was secretary of state … Continue reading

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