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How Many Hertz Do These Computers Clock In At?

Some old school computers, observed at the MIT Museum, Cambridge MA: For surveyors: Some Mickey Mouse:

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Dear Tim Cook, Whatever You Do, Don’t Listen to Carl Icahn

By way of Matthew Yglesias, we learn that corporate raider Carl Icahn wants Apple to spend more of its cash reserve on buying back stock. I’ve been a long-term Apple shareholder and I think this is a dreadful idea. For … Continue reading

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The First Computer Bug

I had forgotten the origin of the term ‘computer bug.’ Here it is:

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1980s Video Sprite or Chimu Culture Hanging?

You decide: The Museum of Fine Arts tells me that this is from the north coast of Peru and was made between 1000–1476 by the Chimu Culture. I think it’s an homage to 1980s video graphics object-oriented programing code.

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With ‘Progressive’ Wisdom Like This, Our Economy Is Doomed: Thoughts on Apple’s Future, and Development Versus Production

Progressive wunderkinder Matthew Yglesias demonstrates he doesn’t have a clue as to what it takes to actually manufacture a consumer good: What I think is interesting, however, is a scenario that we can be completely confident won’t be next for … Continue reading

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Are High-Tech Workers Also Like “Milk Cartons”?

Anthropologist Ashley Mears decided to learn more about the fashion industry and how it treats models by becoming one. Here’s one thing she learned: The catch is that there simply isn’t much time to invest; the older a model gets, … Continue reading

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Will the Cloud Save Genomics?

We will be spending a lot more money on software and people than sequencing, cloud or not.
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