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WACO Bikers Get TSA’ed

I’ve long suspected the reason why many white people get bent out of shape over the TSA airport security measures is that it’s one of the few times white people get treated like black and brown people–they are presumed to … Continue reading

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This Is Why One Should Never Trust Security Forces

Or, at least, as Ronald Reagan said (over and over and over…), trust but verify. I give you the interim police chief of Ferguson, Missouri (boldface mine): We got a lot of negative notoriety and it all stemmed from Michael … Continue reading

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I Was Joking About the Girl In the Bikini

If that post title isn’t good linkbait, then I don’t know what is. Anyway, after the pool party incident in McKinney, Texas, where a police officer pulled a gun on black teenagers who had been invited to a private pool … Continue reading

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A Ferguson Effect? Not So Much

Last week, Heather MacDonald of the conservative Manhattan Institute argued that there was a ‘Ferguson Effect’ on crime: police officers are reluctant to arrest criminals because they are afraid they’ll be accused of police brutality. Members of the Manhattan Institute … Continue reading

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Any Police Force That Uses ‘Skunk’ Is Asking For Violence

If U.S. police departments have actually bought this chemical weapon, this is a really bad move (boldface mine): As protestors and police officers clash on the streets of Baltimore and other divided cities, some police departments are stockpiling a highly … Continue reading

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When The Law Is Viewed As Unjust, Running From It Is A Rational Behavior

Regarding the killing of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, I noted: If you believe that the justice system is not just, then the decision to obey law enforcement simply becomes a cost-benefit analysis decision, not a moral or ethical one: running … Continue reading

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When Police Set Policy: The Jaywalking Edition

By way of Commandante Atrios, we come across this LA Times article about zealous jaywalking enforcement in the City of Angels (boldface mine): Hundreds of readers responded to my column about 22-year-old Glendale Community College student-athlete Eduardo Lopez, who was … Continue reading

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