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Any Police Force That Uses ‘Skunk’ Is Asking For Violence

If U.S. police departments have actually bought this chemical weapon, this is a really bad move (boldface mine): As protestors and police officers clash on the streets of Baltimore and other divided cities, some police departments are stockpiling a highly … Continue reading

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When The Law Is Viewed As Unjust, Running From It Is A Rational Behavior

Regarding the killing of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, I noted: If you believe that the justice system is not just, then the decision to obey law enforcement simply becomes a cost-benefit analysis decision, not a moral or ethical one: running … Continue reading

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When Police Set Policy: The Jaywalking Edition

By way of Commandante Atrios, we come across this LA Times article about zealous jaywalking enforcement in the City of Angels (boldface mine): Hundreds of readers responded to my column about 22-year-old Glendale Community College student-athlete Eduardo Lopez, who was … Continue reading

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Maybe the Riots Were Heard?

Paul Waldman asks a very good question (boldface mine): …police officers getting charged with murder and manslaughter is an extremely rare occurrence, and it forces us to ask a difficult question: Would this have happened if the protests in Baltimore … Continue reading

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But Why Are They Scared All the Time, Senator?

It appears Utah Republican Representative Jason Chaffetz has taken a break from ensuring the citizens of D.C. don’t have democracy so he can demagogue about the Patriot Act (boldface mine): “I don’t think he’s listening to America,” Representative Jason Chaffetz, … Continue reading

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When You Watch Everyone, You See Nothing

A while ago, I finished Bruce Scheier’s, Data and Goliath. This seemed important (pp. 139 – 140; boldface mine): When he was NSA director, General Keith Alexander argued that ubiquitous surveillance would have enabled the NSA to prevent 9/11. That … Continue reading

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PARCC, New Jersey, and A Harsh Lesson About the First Amendment

Over the weekend, the education bloggysphere was all atwitter (‘abuzz’ is so old media…) about Bob Braun’s revelation that Pearson, the creator of the PARCC-Common Core aligned tests, was monitoring test takers’ social media accounts without their knowledge (boldface mine): … Continue reading

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