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Security Theater: 153 Guns Got Through Airport Security

This recent failure of airport ‘security’ demonstrates how it’s really just ‘security theater‘ (boldface mine): The authorities say that on Dec. 10, while 1.7 million other passengers were being routinely screened for weapons at security checkpoints in airports around the … Continue reading

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The Unaccountability of Security State Decisions

Charles Pierce makes a very chilling observation (boldface mine): For the past two weeks, on two different fronts, we have been confronted with the unpleasant fact that there are people working in the institutions of our self-government who believe themselves … Continue reading

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Why Not Raise the Entry Bar for the Police?

It’s weird: one group of heavily unionized public workers is under a constant barrage of claims of being underqualified, while another, with much lower educational standards, gets a free pass on those grounds. I’m referring to teachers and police officers … Continue reading

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Respect Is Hard-Earned, But Fear Is Cheap

The longer version (boldface mine): And so, yesterday, following a New York grand jury’s failure to indict New York City police officer Daniel Pantaleo for choking 43-year-old Eric Garner to death in July, Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a statement. “[W]hile … Continue reading

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I’m the Mad Biologist, and I Support This Message

Observed on 12th Street, between M and N, Logan Circle, D.C.:

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A State of Fear

Despite a continuous drop in violent crime over the last several decades, fear of crime shot up in 2002 and has remained high ever since. While that stupidity serves as a never-ending source of blog fodder, said stupidity does have … Continue reading

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Connecting Two Stories

It’s hard to believe that police departments which have a predilection for shooting unarmed black men will prosecute campus (or ‘regular’) rape effectively. Incompetence, bias, and prejudice are usually not contained phenomena. Have a nice day.

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