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I Say, Give Bank Regulators Tasers

I kid. Mostly. But this about servility in the face of our ever-increasing security state is dead on target: His [Police officer Sunil Dutta] core message is this: Even though it might sound harsh and impolitic, here is the bottom … Continue reading

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Milwaukee Is What the Religious Right Wants Our School System to Be

This is a bad thing, by the way. One of the tells that education ‘reform’ is about everything other than student learning is that most reformers are absolutely silent on the issue of creationism and other religious intrusions into the … Continue reading

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A Liberal Idea Isn’t Taken Seriously Until a Conservative Echoes It

A good post, “Rand Paul Stole The Idea To Demilitarize The Police From Democrats“, lays out how Democrats were calling for the demilitarization of police forces–and trying to pass legislation to that end–months before Rand Paul and the Libertarians did … Continue reading

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Ferguson Church Is Harassed and the Christian Right Is, Oddly, Silent

Maybe you find this hard to believe; I know I do (boldface mine): The St. Louis County Police showed up at the St. Mark’s Church nearby Ferguson, which the community has been using as a “safe space” for Ferguson and … Continue reading

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Surprisingly, The Targets of Our Militarized Police Are Being Forgotten

I recently tweeted this: Discussion of police militarization is shifting to ignore *who* is disproportionately target of said militarization. Odd, that — MiketheMadBiologist (@mikethemadbiol) August 17, 2014 Unbeknownst to me, Steve M. was thinking the same thing (boldface mine): The … Continue reading

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A Nation United By Fear

A while ago, I argued that there is a climate of fear created by our domestic security forces that is slowly corrupting us: But the real question is why did no one else do anything to stop it [TSA agents … Continue reading

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Shorter Supreme Court: Catholicism and Fundamentalism Are OK, But Christian Scientists and Jehovah’s Witnesses Iz Weird

Like Echnide, I can’t really understand the Supreme Court majority’s logic in the Hobby Lobby case: Here’s the part of the majority (the five Conservatives of the Court) opinion which made my teeth hurt: In any event, our decision in … Continue reading

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