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Benevolent Dictator

It would appear that poisoning the children of Flint and letting students attend schools infested with rodents and mold in Detroit is even too much for Republican Governor Rick Snyder, since state-appointed Emergency Manager Darnell Earley has finally been fired. … Continue reading

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The Logic of Brute Force

Erik Cameron, a Chicago resident, describes how he was treated by the Chicago PD on his way home from work (boldface mine): A number of Chicago police officers came around the corner from Rush Street running, weapons drawn. They were … Continue reading

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Cruz, Paul, and Rubio Think Making It Easier To Buy a Gun In D.C. Will Make Us Safer

It will probably do wonders for the tourism bidness as well (boldface mine): The three leading senators pursuing the Republican presidential nomination — Ted Cruz (Tex.), Rand Paul (Ky.) and Marco Rubio (Fla.) — have clashed recently on foreign policy … Continue reading

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Self-Induced Abortions In Texas: No One Could Have Predicted…

And this in part can be laid at the feet of triangulation (boldface mine): Overall, 1.7% of women aged 18-49 [in Texas] reported that they had ever tried to end a pregnancy on their own. As noted above, since women … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of SWATing

For those who don’t know what SWATing is, it’s when someone, as a form of harassment, calls the police and tells them there’s an emergency–often someone with a gun–which then usually results in a heavily armed response against an unsuspecting … Continue reading

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Tracking, Criminality, and Homelessness

In response to the charge that drug arrests for pot possession don’t lead to incarceration, I argued that those arrests can be thought of as ‘pre-criminal tracking’ (as in academic tracking, not surveillance): The good news is that ten percent … Continue reading

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Why Politically-Savvy Lawyers Should Never Be Allowed To Set Data Standards

I didn’t think Obama could appoint an Attorney General worse than Eric Holder. Clearly, that was a failure of imagination on my part (boldface mine): Attorney general Loretta Lynch says the federal government should not require police to report fatal … Continue reading

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