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How Not To Redesign a Crosswalk

If I still lived in Boston and worked in Cambridge, this would probably get me killed: The “High-Intensity Activated crossWalK,” or HAWK, signal installed by city officials outside Biogen Inc. is so complex it requires its own set of directions. … Continue reading

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Transit and Accountability in Boston and D.C.

Having grown up in D.C. and the surrounding area, I, unfortunately, am accustomed to just how inept local government can be (yes Northeasterners, it can be worse. Much worse). This is disastrous in the long run: Like it or not, … Continue reading

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The Deep Implications of Dumb Transit Ideas

Recently, I’ve come across two very stupid transit ideas, both of which demonstrate lazy pessimism. The one you probably haven’t heard about is Boston Councilman Steve Murphy’s proposal for personal travel pods: The Boston City Council tomorrow considers a proposal … Continue reading

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The Tragedy Behind the Trump-Related Beating

By now, you might have heard about the two South Boston men, inspired by Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric, who beat a homeless Mexican immigrant. Here’s the heart-breaking part (boldface mine): The 58-year-old victim, who has requested privacy, suffered a broken … Continue reading

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Boston Dodges the Olympics

It appears, given Mayor Walsh’s refusal to guarantee cost overruns with tax dollars, that Boston has managed to dodge hosting the Olympics. Not only didn’t Boston ‘need’ the Olympics, but hosting the Olympics for a city like Boston would have … Continue reading

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Things D.C. Restaurateurs Say About Boston That I Do Not Think Are True

There’s a sandwich shop opening in D.C. (boldface mine): “Beef n Bread is a fast casual down to earth sandwich shop inspired from living in Boston (what pizza is to New Yorkers, Roast beef is to Bostonians) I lived there … Continue reading

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Scientologists Everywhere I Turn

When I lived in Boston, my apartment was about a eight minute walk from Boston’s Scientology Center. Now, in D.C., I live about an eight minute walk from… They do, however, have some very nice Rhododendrons: They have another facility … Continue reading

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