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Snow Days For Adults

Yves Smith argues that the massive snow shutdowns represent a change for the worse in the U.S. (boldface mine): But even with the worst of the snowstorm now hitting further north, were the extreme safety measures justified? Drivers have been … Continue reading

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Does Electronic Surveillance Stop Terrorism? Not If We’re Stupid About It

One of the most frustrating things about our ‘War on Terror’ is the widespread belief that all of our intrusive surveillance actually does something. In reality, it often misses actual terrorists, in part because it is focused on non-violent left-wing … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on a Boston Olympics

I’ve waited a week to see if the overwhelming negative reaction to the possibility of hosting the 2024 Summer Olympcs by Bostonians changed. As far as I can tell, it hasn’t. Not only is requiring an Olympic games as a … Continue reading

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Year in Pictures Link Roundup: The Boston Edition

Here are some links to the year in pictures, the Boston version: Hose and Ice Aftermath Algonquin (Nearly) Unplugged My Own Private Pool Pictures From Boston’s Recent Snow Event Bronze Leaf Red Wreaths Dartmouth and Commonwealth

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Does WMATA Serve Its City’s Needs Better Than the MBTA?

While reading Dead End: Suburban Sprawl and the Rebirth of American Urbanism by Benjamin Ross (it’s a very good book), I came across this (boldface mine): As much as the subways of the seventies were a reaction against urban expressways, … Continue reading

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“Rider Frustrations”: People Have to Like This Crap

D.C.’s Metro system has a problem–costs are going up while ridership has leveled off (boldface mine): The problem may be summarized in simple terms: Metro’s operating expenses are increasing while its revenues are not, largely the result of declining rail … Continue reading

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Dear D.C. Council, Getting People to Clear Their Sidewalks Isn’t Hard

The D.C. Council is trying to figure out how to make people shovel their sidewalks after it snows. While this might seem ridiculous in D.C., it does snow here, and about half of city residents walk partially (mass transit) or … Continue reading

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