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Does WMATA Serve Its City’s Needs Better Than the MBTA?

While reading Dead End: Suburban Sprawl and the Rebirth of American Urbanism by Benjamin Ross (it’s a very good book), I came across this (boldface mine): As much as the subways of the seventies were a reaction against urban expressways, … Continue reading

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“Rider Frustrations”: People Have to Like This Crap

D.C.’s Metro system has a problem–costs are going up while ridership has leveled off (boldface mine): The problem may be summarized in simple terms: Metro’s operating expenses are increasing while its revenues are not, largely the result of declining rail … Continue reading

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Dear D.C. Council, Getting People to Clear Their Sidewalks Isn’t Hard

The D.C. Council is trying to figure out how to make people shovel their sidewalks after it snows. While this might seem ridiculous in D.C., it does snow here, and about half of city residents walk partially (mass transit) or … Continue reading

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Ebola and the Trauma of TV

In a recent column, David Brooks made a good point… [throws up in mouth, rinses with water] In a recent column, David Brooks mad a good point [cough, cough] about the role the constant news cycle plays in stoking fear … Continue reading

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This Is What a Real ‘Sharing Economy’ Looks Like

From Boston’s North End (boldface mine): Have you ever circled around the North End neighborhood looking for a parking spot? Ever have your car towed due to street cleaning? A new App designed by a North End resident aims to … Continue reading

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Why School Teachers Need Tenure

Keep in mind, teacher tenure only means that a teacher can’t be fired at will, not that he or she can’t be fired. As a recent scandal resulting in the firing of three school administrators at the elite Boston Latin … Continue reading

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A Bizarre Boston Sidewalk Ramp Clash

I never got around to discussing this while I lived in Boston, but during the last couple of years that I lived there, there was a huge fight between the residents of Beacon Hill and the City of Boston over… … Continue reading

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