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This Is Definitely Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Definitely presidential pardon territory: Ecoterrorist Rebecca Rubin was sentenced Monday to five years in prison — and to read a book by Malcolm Gladwell. I’m not sure there’s redemption to be found in books by a horrible person either.

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Le Rhinoceros

If I were a crazy rich person–as opposed to a crazy not-rich person–I would buy myself a copy of The Rhinoceros: A Monograph (observed at the Natural History Museum, Washington D.C.): To give you some idea of the size of … Continue reading

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Yet Another Reason Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Observed in the Prudential Center Barnes & Noble bookstore, and noted without further comment:

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After Hurricane Sandy, Children Need Books

What has gone mostly unreported are the many thousands of students who had their libraries, whether public, school, or home, damaged by Hurricane Sandy. The Shanker Institute is organizing a drive to purchase new books for these students: Citizens across … Continue reading

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I Just Finished This Book

Of course, how would you really know: Actually, it’s pretty good, and offers some interesting ideas, my favorite being that even a well-read person hasn’t read most ‘good’ books, but is still expected to know something about them–and does. Although … Continue reading

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Book Review: “How Economics Shapes Science”

With the title, How Economics Shapes Science, there was no way I could pass up Paula Stephan’s book. In short, this is a book that any research scientist or journalist who covers science must read. I’ve lamented the lack of … Continue reading

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