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Surprisingly, Something Involving Henry Kissinger Turned To Sh-t: The Theranos Edition

I’ve always joked that I would be an excellent company board member, as I’m quite capable of providing minimal, incompetent oversight–and I’ll do it at half-price. What’s terrifying is that when it came to the diagnostics company Theranos, which seems … Continue reading

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The Unasked Question About Sen. Warren’s Opposition To The TPP

President Obama’s recent mansplaining to Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren about the TPP reeks of desperation: if there is one lawyer in the Senate with the brains to understand the Trans-Pacific Partnership (‘TPP) trade agreement, it would be Warren, even under … Continue reading

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Direct-to-Customer Genetic Testing: FDA Overreach and Industry Stupidity

What a fabulous combination. This week, Congress has held hearings on the direct-to-customer (‘DTC’) genetic testing industry. It appears, based on previous statements by FDA officials, that they have publicly contradicted themselves–or been willfully ignorant–about the larger scientific benefits from … Continue reading

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DOJ Argues That Patenting the Sun Is a Bad Idea

The Justice Department argues that gene sequences can’t be patented. About time.
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Rent Extraction + For-Profit Healthcare = Sepsis

Thanks to GPOs, we are getting worse healthcare at higher costs.
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Federal Judge Rules Against Patenting the Sun

The real problem here is that many hospitals and most doctors are not doing simple molecular biology techniques, commonly done in high school laboratories, as part of standard practice.
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“Could You Patent the Sun?”*

Probably not. But genes linked to a high risk of breast cancer? You betcha. The effects of patenting things you didn’t discover.
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