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A Very Bizarre Outcome of Big Sh-tpile: The Snow Shoveling Edition

The collapse of Big Shitpile, aka the housing fraud that occurred between 2000 – 2007 give or take, has had many horrid effects: massive unemployment, millions of households saddled with the worst kind of debt, people losing their homes, the … Continue reading

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The Limits of Green Lanternism As an Excuse

A popular theme among the technobratacy is ‘Green Lanternism’, the mocking of the argument that Obama could have done more on a variety of issues. That is, if Obama had only exerted more will (how the comic book hero the … Continue reading

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No One Could Have Predicted the Securitization of Rental Properties Would End Badly

I mean, is this the biologically incorrect black swan, or what? (boldface mine): Big Money investors decided to buy up all the foreclosed properties their pals at the banks created during the financial crisis, and rent them out to many … Continue reading

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Big Sh-tpile Just Keeps Rolling Allonge

SEE WHAT I DID THERE? Perhaps not, because you might not be familiar with allonges. An allonge is an additional document that allows additional signatures to be attached to a document. Boring. Unless you’re bundling mortgages. Then it’s very exciting! … Continue reading

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Apparently, Shared Sacrifice Means Sixteen Cents on the Dollar

I have no idea what these retirees are supposed to do (boldface mine): Allen and his colleagues are among 30,000 Detroit city workers, past and present, who are about to learn what will happen to their pensions and healthcare if … Continue reading

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The Breakdown of Property Law: The Boca Raton Squatter Edition

I always suspected that when I posted about the breakdown of property law that accompanied the collapse of Big Shitpile (aka the housing crisis) some readers thought I was being a little over the top. Well, it turns out this … Continue reading

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So I Really Did Get Overcharged for a Saline IV

By now, you might have come across this Time article by Stephen Brill about the completely ridiculous price scheme in our medical non-system. Here’s one example (boldface mine): The top billing categories were $73,376 for Scott’s room; $94,799 for “RESP … Continue reading

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