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Republicans Embrace Paul Ryan’s Goal to Create Massive Government Bureaucracies

A while ago, when Republican Rep. Paul Ryan was embracing his Inner Compassionate Conservative by releasing his anti-poverty program, which included a “customized life plan” with a personalized contract with benchmarks and timelines, I noted that his idea was liberalism … Continue reading

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The Collapse of Newark’s Leading Education Reformist

One of the ‘state laboratories’ of reform has been the state-controlled Newark, NJ school system. It’s now run by Cami Anderson who has been a huge supporter of both charter schools and value-added testing to evaluate tests (despite the method‘s … Continue reading

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What Some Call Inefficiency, Others Call a Living Wage

Many tech companies are really only ‘TCNO’ companies (‘tech companies in name only’)–the technology exists to lower directly or indirectly lower wages while hoovering up all the profits for the bosses. Same as it ever was. In this article about … Continue reading

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Our Political Betters Do Not Experience Life Like the Rest of Us

Let’s be honest: much of the TSA ridiculousness at airports would vanish overnight if Congress had to suffer through ‘security’ like the rest of us. However, those august solons decided to exempt themselves from the hassle (pat downs are for … Continue reading

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The Conservative Political Con, Elmer Gantry Style

Right wing Republican and perennial presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has an interesting business model (boldface mine): Like many conservative pundits, Huckabee maintains an email list that he uses to generate income. The way it works is that because of his … Continue reading

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Why Not Buy the Team Instead? Stadium Building Run Amok

This has to be the dumbest sports franchise welfare program yet (boldface mine): The D.C. Council put finishing touches Wednesday on plans for a 20,000-seat Major League Soccer stadium, concluding a decade-long search for and months of negotiations over a … Continue reading

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Whatever Firefox Did to Kill Flash, It Is Awesome

One of the banes of the internet is all of the crap that loads in the background: all those damn Flash-driven ads. I’m not sure exactly what’s going on, but the most recent version of Firefox seems to kill most … Continue reading

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