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A Movement Defined By Disingenuity Can Not Endure

As cranky, if not outright despondent*, as I might get about the political state of U.S. education, I find some small consolation in the notion that reformers are never entirely honest (and sometimes flat-out dishonest) whether it’s fixing class composition … Continue reading

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MAD BIOLOGIST NEWS–Publishing industry sources today revealed that Mike the Mad Biologist has signed a deal to publish Kierkegaard Was a Neurobiologist. Despite certain misgivings, such as the Mad Biologist’s inability to write a paragraph without using the word fuck, … Continue reading

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What Worker Weakness Looks Like: Output Über Alles

No, this isn’t a post about the car service Uber (Aside: if the tech and business press is to be believed, our greatest challenge is being able to easily hail a cab. Perhaps not?). There’s a interesting post about productivity … Continue reading

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Now, They’re Not Even Waiting to Retire Before Cashing In

This is stunning–and demoralizing–to any honest public employee (boldface mine): The former director of the National Security Agency has enlisted the US surveillance giant’s current chief technology officer for his lucrative cybersecurity business venture, an unusual arrangement undercutting Keith Alexander’s … Continue reading

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Olympian Class Warfare

The Norwegian people decided that these demands by the International Olympic Committee were not worth the ‘privilege’ of hosting the Winter Olypmics (boldface mine): They demand to meet the king prior to the opening ceremony. Afterwards, there shall be a … Continue reading

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When Does Goodell Go ‘IBGYBG’?

Which is short for ‘I’ll be gone–you’ll be gone‘: …what douchebag hedge fund managers say to each other when they create an investment mechanism that makes both of them rich while fucking the American public. Why should they care? They’ll … Continue reading

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This Defines Toothless Regulation

Those from the mighty heights of American bidness are always quick to sound the alarm of ‘Too Much Regulation.’ And then we read this about the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (boldface mine): The agency has also not made full … Continue reading

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