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A Failure of Governance

While conservatives love to go on and on when government fails at governance, as we continue to deregulate and outsource, corporate governance–the ability of corporations to govern–by default, will become more important (boldface mine): But a far bigger nuisance is … Continue reading

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The Problem With Fighting Corporations

Madame Wev makes a very good point about some of the reaction towards the schmucks who run Hobby Lobby (boldface mine): …Shaker billerina mentioned that some people were making suggestions like filling up a cart with merchandise and then abandoning … Continue reading

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Those Who Can’t Teach…

…go into the education reform biz. It certainly pays better: reports on some of the finances of Michelle Rhee’s StudentsFirst and StudentsFirst Institute, based on the 990 tax form that her group is required to file. During the fiscal … Continue reading

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The NRA Is a Spam Catcher: Target the Real Problem

And it’s name is ALEC, which is short for the American Legislative Exchange Council. With the spate of mass shootings, which shocks even this hardened observer, there is a lot of anger directed towards the National Rifle Association (NRA) and … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Timothy Geithner

Matt Stoller notes the following about former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner autobiography (boldface mine): At Dartmouth, Geithner portrayed himself an “unexceptional and uninspired student,” finding economics dreary and political consulting boring. He didn’t even remember voting in 1980. Yet over … Continue reading

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Meet the New Rent Extractors: Healthcare CEOs

Roy Poses makes a key observation about the recent coverage of healthcare CEO salaries that I haven’t seen elsewhere (boldface mine): We just saw examples of non-profit hospital CEOs making over $1 million to over $6 million in total compensation. … Continue reading

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The Only Thing More Ridiculous Than a National Security State Is a Privatized Security State

As we’ve discussed before, the oft-repeated canard of the tradeoff between security and liberty is fundamentally flawed, since the ‘security’ apparatus is typically aimed at non-violent economic and political dissent, while missing those who perpetrate violence. The only thing dumber … Continue reading

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The Consumer Surveillance State: The Joan Jett Edition

Recently, I got into a pleasant argument with someone about whether Joan Jett, in her early days, was a punk rocker (the argument was pleasant BECAUSE I WON). What this required was the two of us looking at a bunch … Continue reading

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The Final Devolution of the Commonwealth: The Privatization Edition

One of the utterly neglected stories of 2013 was how investment banks are attempting to profit from providing public education. Let’s review (boldface mine): Goldman Sachs is making its second foray into an experimental method of financing social services, lending … Continue reading

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The Math Behind Venture Capital, and the Need for Home Runs

Recently, I discussed how venture capital in the tech sectors is weird: every investor is swinging for the fences. Rachel Chalmers describes the financial incentives (boldface mine): Besides being custodians of the fund and therefore honor-bound to seek the best … Continue reading

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