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The Math Behind Venture Capital, and the Need for Home Runs

Recently, I discussed how venture capital in the tech sectors is weird: every investor is swinging for the fences. Rachel Chalmers describes the financial incentives (boldface mine): Besides being custodians of the fund and therefore honor-bound to seek the best … Continue reading

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I’m Going With “Economic Elite Domination”

There’s a very interesting post by Larry Bartels about a recent political science paper that examines which groups in the U.S. succeed in the political system. You’ll never guess what happened next! A forthcoming article in Perspectives on Politics by … Continue reading

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The Internet of Boring Things (How the Current VC Mindset Makes No Sense to Me)

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend at a biotech startup who told me that you don’t actually want to make a modest, consistent profit because that means your company is ‘mature’ and you then won’t be able to … Continue reading

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Neo-Liberals Aren’t Just Incompetent, But Corrupt Too: The Rahm Emanuel Edition

The neo-liberal, technowonk, corporate Democratic wing of the Democratic Party has successfully perpetrated two frauds. One, as we often note, is that they are competent. Sure, maybe the other guy seems better, but we’re the ones who get it done … Continue reading

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All Right We Are Two Nations

The right-hand (green) bar represents people in the top 1 percent, the red is the rest of us: Guess which policies our political system responds to more favorably?

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Somehow I Don’t Think the Right Is Going to Push This Welfare Cheat Story

From the Great State of Minnesota (boldface mine): Andrea and Colin Chisholm struggled financially for a decade, depending on welfare checks to pay for food and medical bills and for job training. They and their young son were forced to … Continue reading

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Big Sh-tpile Just Keeps Rolling Allonge

SEE WHAT I DID THERE? Perhaps not, because you might not be familiar with allonges. An allonge is an additional document that allows additional signatures to be attached to a document. Boring. Unless you’re bundling mortgages. Then it’s very exciting! … Continue reading

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Space and Language

In some recent conversations with biotech and venture capital people, I’ve noticed that they like to use the word space–it seems to be quite the fashionable word. Here’s a sample usage: Mike the Mad Biologist is in the ‘calling people … Continue reading

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When Big Data Goes Awry: This Is Worse Than the “Rape Sufferers” List

Yes, some scumbag marketing company really does distribute–for money–a mailing list of probable rape survivors. One might think you can’t get much lower than that, but that’s just demonstrating a lack of imagination (boldface mine): An off-and-on customer of OfficeMax, … Continue reading

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Meet the New Silicon Valley Boss, Same As the Old Boss: Putting the STEM ‘Crisis’ In Context

During the last decade, we’ve heard repeatedly that there is a STEM jobs shortage, even as there is a PhD glut, a stalling out in the biomedical sector with a slight drop in wages, and a refusal to hire older … Continue reading

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