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‘New’ Democrats Don’t Realize Their Party Has Changed

Charles Pierce on the failure to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership fast-track approval (boldface mine): You can’t really understand what happened—or appreciate what may happen next—without taking into account the transformative effect of the economic collapse of 2008 on our politics. … Continue reading

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In a ‘World-Class City’, Buying the Mayor Should Cost More (and I’m Considering Doing So)

The title is largely for the Boston readers (though I’ve seen the phrase ‘world class city’ used elsewhere), since a subset of Boston politicians are incredibly concerned about Boston being a ‘world class city’*; in my experience, use of the … Continue reading

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Another Discussion About Teaching Versus Research That Ignores Overheads

I wish I was a Thought Leader so I could write thinkful and thoughty pieces that aren’t grounded in reality. Which brings us to this post by Clay Shirky about how professors, like it or not, are going to do … Continue reading

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Slavery, ‘Progressive’, and The TPP

The proposed (sort of, as no one has actually seen it) Trans-Pacific Partnership (‘TPP’) agreement contains a slight contradiction (boldface mine): The President does not want an anti-slavery provision in what he calls the “most progressive trade deal of all … Continue reading

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The Ugly Underpinning of the Gentry Class

A recent NY Times expose about the wage slavery in the nail salon business has been making the rounds. But what’s important to note is that many low-wage workers are screwed by their employers. This screwing over is important in … Continue reading

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The Unasked Question About Sen. Warren’s Opposition To The TPP

President Obama’s recent mansplaining to Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren about the TPP reeks of desperation: if there is one lawyer in the Senate with the brains to understand the Trans-Pacific Partnership (‘TPP) trade agreement, it would be Warren, even under … Continue reading

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The Opacity of Healthcare Billing Is a Feature, Not a Bug

A couple of years ago, I noted that a medical bill I received had some really bizarre prices: While my health insurance covered just about all of the cost (minus $50 for a co-payment*), the bill worked out to $2,725.79. … Continue reading

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