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The Congressional Retirement Plan™ Is Thriving

Long before the cool kids were pointing the phenomenon of lawmakers-turned-lobbyists, a constant theme of this blog–and one which apparently, at the time, was considered novel in the bloggysphere (I thought I was just restating the obvious)–is the corrupting influence … Continue reading

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The Killer App Is John Rockefeller?

Despite all the hoopla and rhetoric to the contrary, much of the ‘new’ economy, the ‘sharing’ economy, and the various other names for it is nothing more than the same old economy, just with more CPUs. With that by way … Continue reading

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Guns and Money

And I thought I was smart to hold on to those Apple shares: No large business is clean, but these guys are literally merchants of death.

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What If Theranos Is Business As Usual? Thoughts on the Bullsh-t Tech Economy

There has been a spate of articles about the rise and possible fall of Theranos, a hot tech company that promised low-volume blood medical analysis. As best as anyone can tell, the actual technology is largely FDA-unapproved vaportech (that is, … Continue reading

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Policy Nudges and Fudges

One thing the technobrat set loves is the concept of ‘nudges’, which are seemingly small changes in policy that cause behavioral changes leading to Utopia better policy outcomes. A few years ago, when ‘nudging’ people to save more for retirement … Continue reading

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Two Schools of Thought on Education

One, admittedly old school: Another neo-liberal interpretation (boldface mine): But Tillerson articulates his view in a fashion unlikely to resonate with the average parent. “I’m not sure public schools understand that we’re their customer—that we, the business community, are your … Continue reading

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Amgen’s Bidness

As we’ve discussed many times in the context of high-stakes student testing, Campbell’s Law is a bitch. That is, any metric to which outcomes are attached will eventually be gamed by those being measured, rendering the metric useless as a … Continue reading

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