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When Corruption and Race Collide

A while ago, I argued that racism and corruption are inseparable–when you find one, the other will follow: In my experience, bigoted and racist local governments are usually the most corrupt: you can’t decide that laws will be applied unequally … Continue reading

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Yes, the Congressional Retirement Plan™ Is the Real Source of Corruption

Six years ago, I wrote a post that was spread hither and yon because it apparently described the real source of political corruption–giving lawmakers cushy jobs after they leave office: If their reluctance to support a public option were based … Continue reading

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Servility and the On-Demand Economy

In a development that no doubt will cause much wailing and gnashing of teeth among the technobratacy, a labor lawyer has the crazy idea that, if the ‘on-demand’ economy treats supposed contractors like employees, then they should receive employee-level compensation … Continue reading

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But, By All Means, Let’s Turn Everyone’s Retirement Money Over to Wall Street

Cuz grifters gotta grift (boldface mine): The Lenape tribe got a better deal on the sale of Manhattan island than New York City’s pension funds have been getting from Wall Street, according to a new analysis by the city comptroller’s … Continue reading

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I Have Your Genomics Killer App Right Here, Pal

When I first saw this TechCrunch article “Genomics Needs A Killer App“, I thought it was April Fool’s Day come early (an aside: how about funding the applied genetics we already know to do? Just asking). But in fact, it … Continue reading

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They Really Don’t Like the Rest of Us

By now, you might have heard that Nazghul, Wisconsin governor, and presidential hopeful Scott Walker appears to have received $1.5 million from businessman John Menard Jr. While this raises all sorts of campaign finance related issues, what I find fascinating–in … Continue reading

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This Does Not Bode Well For U.S Technological Innovation

Noted without further comment: Dominic Barton, a managing director at McKinsey & Co. and a fellow co-chair, said one CEO (names were carefully guarded) captivated the group’s imagination when he admitted his pay structure would actually allow him to make … Continue reading

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