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Whatever Firefox Did to Kill Flash, It Is Awesome

One of the banes of the internet is all of the crap that loads in the background: all those damn Flash-driven ads. I’m not sure exactly what’s going on, but the most recent version of Firefox seems to kill most … Continue reading

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The Congressional Retirement Plan: The James Risen Edition

One of the few things that I seem to have stumbled across first in the blogosphere is the notion of the Congressional Retirement plan, though I thought even knew this (apparently not; boldface added): …it’s not about the campaign contributions. … Continue reading

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The Subtext of Ridiculous Non-Compete Agreements

You might have heard about the rash of non-compete agreements being inflicted on workers. These prohibit workers who leave a company from working for a competitor for a specific period of time (for the record I oppose these agreements–if you … Continue reading

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A Movement Defined By Disingenuity Can Not Endure

As cranky, if not outright despondent*, as I might get about the political state of U.S. education, I find some small consolation in the notion that reformers are never entirely honest (and sometimes flat-out dishonest) whether it’s fixing class composition … Continue reading

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MAD BIOLOGIST NEWS–Publishing industry sources today revealed that Mike the Mad Biologist has signed a deal to publish Kierkegaard Was a Neurobiologist. Despite certain misgivings, such as the Mad Biologist’s inability to write a paragraph without using the word fuck, … Continue reading

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What Worker Weakness Looks Like: Output Über Alles

No, this isn’t a post about the car service Uber (Aside: if the tech and business press is to be believed, our greatest challenge is being able to easily hail a cab. Perhaps not?). There’s a interesting post about productivity … Continue reading

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Now, They’re Not Even Waiting to Retire Before Cashing In

This is stunning–and demoralizing–to any honest public employee (boldface mine): The former director of the National Security Agency has enlisted the US surveillance giant’s current chief technology officer for his lucrative cybersecurity business venture, an unusual arrangement undercutting Keith Alexander’s … Continue reading

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