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What Annual Percent Drug Price Increase Means You’re Not a Sociopath?

In retrospect, it’s pretty obvious that biotech vulture capitalist Martin Shkreli is a classic sociopath. From flashy, risky activity to an inability to lay low, combined with his penchant for harassing employees and online critics, not to mention multiple frauds … Continue reading

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Vox Grows Up And Becomes A Gentry-Class Organ

Just the same old Wor-Shing-Tun Shuffle, only with a slightly different flavor. It started when Ezra Klein made serious bank on giving lectures to insurance groups–while he’s a self-styled policy expert on healthcare. Now his partner-in-life and New York Times … Continue reading

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The Skills In Unskilled Work

Ever so often, I tweet something along the lines of this: What really scares me is many of those @ my supermarket who can't figure out the self-service register probably have important jobs in govt — MiketheMadBiologist (@mikethemadbiol) August 3, … Continue reading

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Revisiting the Cost of a $15/Hour Minimum Wage

For new readers, the blog’s position on a minimum wage has always been to increase it dramatically: while we will deficit spend at the drop of a hat, we find no national interest in subsidizing the billions in profits that … Continue reading

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Giving Bowser Credit Where It’s Due: D.C.’s Housing the Homeless Proposal

While I’ve ripped into D.C.‘s Mayor Muriel Bowser several times–deservedly so–she deserves kudos for her plan to end homelessness in D.C. An overview (boldface mine): The mayor said she will ask the D.C. Council to change a city law that … Continue reading

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The Tragedy Behind the Trump-Related Beating

By now, you might have heard about the two South Boston men, inspired by Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric, who beat a homeless Mexican immigrant. Here’s the heart-breaking part (boldface mine): The 58-year-old victim, who has requested privacy, suffered a broken … Continue reading

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