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Vox Grows Up And Becomes A Gentry-Class Organ

Just the same old Wor-Shing-Tun Shuffle, only with a slightly different flavor. It started when Ezra Klein made serious bank on giving lectures to insurance groups–while he’s a self-styled policy expert on healthcare. Now his partner-in-life and New York Times … Continue reading

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The Skills In Unskilled Work

Ever so often, I tweet something along the lines of this: What really scares me is many of those @ my supermarket who can't figure out the self-service register probably have important jobs in govt — MiketheMadBiologist (@mikethemadbiol) August 3, … Continue reading

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Revisiting the Cost of a $15/Hour Minimum Wage

For new readers, the blog’s position on a minimum wage has always been to increase it dramatically: while we will deficit spend at the drop of a hat, we find no national interest in subsidizing the billions in profits that … Continue reading

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Giving Bowser Credit Where It’s Due: D.C.’s Housing the Homeless Proposal

While I’ve ripped into D.C.‘s Mayor Muriel Bowser several times–deservedly so–she deserves kudos for her plan to end homelessness in D.C. An overview (boldface mine): The mayor said she will ask the D.C. Council to change a city law that … Continue reading

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The Tragedy Behind the Trump-Related Beating

By now, you might have heard about the two South Boston men, inspired by Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric, who beat a homeless Mexican immigrant. Here’s the heart-breaking part (boldface mine): The 58-year-old victim, who has requested privacy, suffered a broken … Continue reading

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More Conservative Ersatz Poverty Wars

One of the things conservatives are never called on is their predilection for creating large, inefficient bureaucracies. This stems from their unwillingness or inability to directly cut the social safety net, so what they do instead is create ‘morals-based’ testing … Continue reading

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