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Life Begins at Contraception and Ends at Honduran

Or something. When the right wing started caterwauling about the hordes of undocumented immigrant children, I asked “Where Do We Want Honduran Children to Die?” and referred to Barbara O’Brien: Unfortunately I don’t see a real solution that wouldn’t require … Continue reading

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Republican Rep. Paul Ryan Wants to Create Massive Government Bureaucracy

Last week, supposed conservative intellectual heavyweight Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Let Them Eat Block Grants) released an anti-poverty plan in an attempt to humanize both conservatism and himself (good luck with that). It’s essentially libertarian business school dweeb meets compassionate conservatism. … Continue reading

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Opposition to War Is a Feminist Issue

Reading this horrifying story about a Syrian mother who had to choose between marrying off her young teenage daughters or exposing them to the persistent threat of rape, one thing we, in the U.S., never talk about in our numerous … Continue reading

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So Where Do We Want Honduran Children to Die?

Barbara O’Brien nails the hypocrisy surrounding the human catastrophe along the Texas border (boldface mine): What’s driving those children to the U.S. is going on in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, not Washington. And if anybody is “playing politics,” it’s … Continue reading

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The Problem With Fighting Corporations

Madame Wev makes a very good point about some of the reaction towards the schmucks who run Hobby Lobby (boldface mine): …Shaker billerina mentioned that some people were making suggestions like filling up a cart with merchandise and then abandoning … Continue reading

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Buffer Zones and When the Other Side Decides to Fight Back

Of all the decisions made by the Supreme Court over the last couple of weeks, the decision to overturn Massachusetts’ buffer zones in front of medical facilities that perform abortions might very well be the most disastrous. I’m not referring … Continue reading

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All Right We Are Two Nations

Recently, the Russell Sage Foundation surveyed what they called “elites”, people who are at or near the top 1 percent of U.S. wealth-holders and have an average income of more than $1 million annually. As the kids used to say … Continue reading

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