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D.C.’s Crime Wave: Deadlier, But Not More Of It

Since D.C. is the nation’s capital, things that happen here have a disproportionate influence on the policy-making class (politicians, pundits, reporters, and policy wonks). While that’s an unfair burden for any city to bear, especially one that has limited control … Continue reading

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Racism, Guns, and Democrats

It goes without saying that any Democratic presidential candidate will be better on gun control than any Republican. But as we often note in the context of healthcare, better than does not mean good. So I have to admit I’m … Continue reading

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Gun Control and Original Intent

I’ve written before about the misunderstanding of the Second Amendment: despite the widespread belief to the contrary, it was not written to enable citizens to protect themselves from a tyrannical government, but to preserve the freedom to hunt your slaves*. … Continue reading

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Every Gun Has A History

Other than to remind readers that guns make everyone stupid, noted without further comment:

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Guns Still Make You Stupid

Philip Gourevich (boldface mine): “Isolated incident” was the preferred verbiage of Ripley Rand, the local U.S. attorney. Rand said that he saw no reason to treat the targeting and assassination of these three Muslims as “part of a targeted campaign … Continue reading

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Security Theater: 153 Guns Got Through Airport Security

This recent failure of airport ‘security’ demonstrates how it’s really just ‘security theater‘ (boldface mine): The authorities say that on Dec. 10, while 1.7 million other passengers were being routinely screened for weapons at security checkpoints in airports around the … Continue reading

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Nocera Gets It Half-Right: On the Freedom to Hunt Your Slaves

Joe Nocera does a good service with this history lesson, but he misses the key point (boldface mine): The surprising discovery is that of all the amendments that comprise the Bill of Rights, the Second was probably the least debated. … Continue reading

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