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The Radical Ammosexualists Of The Oregon Cowliphate Are Also Vandals

I realize no one wants another Waco at the the Malheur Bird Sanctuary, which has been taken over by armed radical rightwing militants. But there needs to be a stronger federal response. They shouldn’t be receiving mail–or visitors. They shouldn’t … Continue reading

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They Went Somewhere

Over at Jacobin, there’s an interesting article about 1930s radio personality Father Coughlin, who was widely reviled for his anti-Semitism. It turns out he was quite the open supporter of flat-out fascism (boldface mine): The US hasn’t seen the stirrings … Continue reading

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The Logic of Brute Force

Erik Cameron, a Chicago resident, describes how he was treated by the Chicago PD on his way home from work (boldface mine): A number of Chicago police officers came around the corner from Rush Street running, weapons drawn. They were … Continue reading

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Myths, Palinist Trumpismo, and the Breakdown of ‘Suburban’ Culture(s)

Again, it’s worth noting that the authoritarian impulse is not something Donald Trump spun out of whole cloth (boldface added): While people have described Palin as engaging in identity politics, that sells identity politics short. Palin along with the proto-movement … Continue reading

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A Dump Trump

Observed at the corner of R and 13th Streets NW, Logan Circle, D.C.:

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Cowards With Guns Watch: Fanatics Once Again Attempt to Intimidate Mothers Against Gun Violence

“Hi, we’re just here to share our opinion. Non-violently of course. And it’s not fascism when we do it, bitches!” (from While we’ve discussed cowards with guns who attempt to intimidate political opponents before, let’s review this blog’s view … Continue reading

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The Growing Recognition of the Palinist Impulse

A few years back I wrote this about Sarah Palin’s policy incoherence (boldface added): Palin along with the proto-movement surrounding her–Palinism–practices what could be call ‘politics of the blood.’ It’s derived from Giovanni Gentile’s description of fascism: “We think with … Continue reading

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